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June 2019

North & South is New Zealand’s premier monthly current affairs and lifestyle magazine, specialising in long-form investigative journalism, delivered by award-winning writers and photographers. North & South also showcases New Zealand ingenuity and creativity, explores the country and profiles its people. It is a touchstone of New Zealand life.

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shop till we drop

I WENT SHOPPING on Anzac Day. Apart from a stroll to the dairy for milk, I can’t remember ever going shopping on Anzac Day. It felt wrong. The problem was I’d been invited to a good friend’s wedding on Saturday; Anzac Day was Thursday, I had work on Friday, and a quick flick through the wintry end of my wardrobe showed I had nothing suitable to wear.You’d be right to question why I left this to the last minute. I’m not a natural procrastinator, but nor am I a natural shopper. Besides, all of my mother’s snappy dress sense double-helixed itself into one of her four daughters – and it wasn’t me. So listened to Radio NZ’s Anzac coverage in the morning, and decided I’d hit the mall right…

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simon farrell-green

Along with compiling the food pages for North & South each issue, food director Simon Farrell-Green also manages food stories and events – including Restaurant of the Year – for our sister title Metro. And when he’s not doing that, he’s the editor of HOME New Zealand.Food and architecture, Farrell-Green reports, make for an enjoyable mix: the two disciplines are both a personal and professional obsession, and have been a constant in his career. “My wife likes to say I don’t actually have a job,” he admits. “Apparently getting to tell people about the two things I like most doesn’t count.”Farrell-Green’s first job out of university was at Metro, where he finished up as food editor before leaving for London via eight months’ eating in Southeast Asia and Europe;…

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north & south

EDITORIAL EDITOR Virginia Larson EDITOR-AT-LARGE Donna Chisholm DEPUTY EDITOR Joanna Wane SENIOR WRITER Mike White SUBEDITORS Bevan Rapson, Mary de Ruyter FOOD DIRECTOR Simon Farrell-Green FOOD WRITER/EVENTS EDITOR Jean Teng ART DIRECTOR Jenny Nicholls COLUMNISTS Phil Gifford (Music), Rebecca Hayter (High Heels & Gumboots), Paul Little (NZ Books & Last Words), Jenny Nicholls (Nerd Nation), Bevan Rapson (Politics), Margo White (Social Studies), Ray Prebble (Grammar), Graeme Wilson (Crosswords & Whiz Quiz) SALES AND MARKETING COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR Kaylene Hurley SALES DIRECTOR Stuart Dick, ph (09) 308-7439, sdick@bauermedia.co.nz COMMERCIAL BRAND MANAGER Joshua Williams, ph (09) 308-2738/027 351-6950, jowilliams@bauermedia.co.nz BRAND & COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER Katie Ward ph (09) 308-2870, kward@bauermedia.co.nz DIRECT ACCOUNT MANAGER Krista Lange, ph (09) 308-7420, klange@bauermedia.co.nz DIRECTORY SALES MANAGER Kim Chapman, ph (07) 578-3646, classifieds@xtra.co.nz PRODUCTION…

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supercharge your kiwisaver

As a nation we need to learn to save more so we can maintain our lifestyle in retirement. Those steps include utilising online tools and advice to learn more about maximising your savings. It’s about making sure your money is working every bit as hard as you do, now and in the future, ANZ’s Managing Director Wealth Craig Mulholland says. HARNESS THE TOOLS ANZ’s KiwiSaver Account Calculator and Risk Profile Tool can really help you delve deeper and power up your savings.The Risk Profile Tool supports you in deciding which fund might be right for you by assessing your tolerance for risk. It aids in understanding how much volatility (ups and downs) you want to accept.The KiwiSaver Account Calculator lets you test out scenarios to highlight the sum…

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fraud squad

Fraud investigator Bronwyn Groot (KEN DOWNIE) “If New Zealanders knew there was one central agency that could help them, we would know how big this problem really is.” ONE CLICK AWAY Thank you for your May cover story The Power of Persuasion, putting the spotlight on the explosion in frauds and scams, and the misery this form of crime wreaks on families. As one of the people interviewed, working in fraud investigation and prevention at the Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC), I was stoked to see you highlight the fact that no one is immune from these criminals’ increasing sophistication, and we are all just one click away from becoming their next victim. We need to shift the blame from the victims to the offenders, and acknowledging…

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whiz quiz

The car ferry from Scotland heads into the North Sea. (GETTY) 1. Who is the patron saint of police officers? 2. And who is the patron saint of aviators and air travellers? 3. Who did Jacinda Ardern replace as leader of the Labour Party? 4. What did Alice Robinson achieve in March? 5. How many times have the summer Olympics been held in the US? 6. What are the two main island groups off the east coast of Scotland? 7. What was Sri Lanka formerly called? 8. In which literary work would you find the characters of the King of Lilliput and the Queen of Brobdingnag? 9. Dino Crocetti was better known by what name? 10. Which nation endured violent protests after the collapse of widespread, government-supported Ponzi…