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North & South March 2019

North & South is New Zealand’s premier monthly current affairs and lifestyle magazine, specialising in long-form investigative journalism, delivered by award-winning writers and photographers. North & South also showcases New Zealand ingenuity and creativity, explores the country and profiles its people. It is a touchstone of New Zealand life.

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think tank

UNIVERSITIES ARE dusting down their dreaming spires about now, preparing for returning students and a wave of “freshies”. Arguably, a fair few first-years shouldn’t be there at all. About a third will never complete their bachelor degree. Equally disheartening is just how many school leavers pile into our universities with only a modicum of the basic skills required for analytical thinking, even coherent essay writing. Our Nerd Nation columnist, Jenny Nicholls, had an email exchange recently with Auckland University’s Dr Paul Ralph, a senior lecturer in computer science. She was researching her January piece on fake news – how quickly “digital health misinformation” spreads and how to counter the online onslaught (Noted.co.nz/health/misinfodemic). Among her questions to Ralph was whether schools could do a better job teaching kids to be “more media-savvy…

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behind the story

BEN FAHY Bauer Media’s new current affairs editorial director Ben Fahy (right) grew up in Invercargill, making him North & South’s most “southerly” team member. A post-grad journalism diploma from Massey Wellington and scholarship saw him dispatched to Cambodia’s Phnom Penh Post: “I received a death threat from a politician, so was ahead of my time, really.” A calmer three years followed as a feature writer at the Otago Daily Times. For the past 10 years, Fahy has worked in media in Auckland, where he lives with his wife and four daughters. In January, he MC’ed Bauer’s first Noted Live event, featuring 5:2 diet guru Dr Michael Mosley (centre, with interviewer Sarah Lang). Fahy champions the “patio diet: food in one hand, drink in the other, standing up... Mosley didn’t…

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nature and nurture

GENE GENIES I was delighted to read The Good News and the Bad News (Nerd Nation, February) about the strong influence of genetics. I have long blamed my mother for my double chin, my father for my snub nose and my alcoholic grandfather for a predilection to a glass or three of wine at weekends. Now I can add to the list of things-that-aren’t-my-fault: my woeful map-reading skills, a less than satisfactory BMI and regular failures to identify former close colleagues I haven’t seen for, well, months! Thank you, Jenny Nicholls. I am, however, hiding North & South from my son. E. GRAHAM, WHANGANUI *LETTER OF THE MONTH FOOD AND EMOTIONS I read with interest the February stories on diets and weight issues (Fast Food) and liver health (Looking After your Liver). I'm very interested in…

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the italian way

History courses through Italy’s veins — venture around any corner in the glorious European nation and instantly, you’re told a story. Thousands of years’ worth of stories are all around you as you make your way over ancient cobblestones, down quaint little alleyways and through bustling town squares — everyone seems to have a tale to tell. It’s a country of history and art lovers’ dreams, and more and more Kiwis are jumping on board and falling in love with all that Italy has to offer. It’s your time to create your own Italian love story — so check out our guide to experience Italy in one of the easiest, most immersive and magical ways possible. ONE FOR THE HISTORY BOOKS Caesar, da Vinci, Galileo — so much of the world’s past…

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whiz quiz

1. Who became president of Brazil in January? 2. Daniil Trifonov is an acclaimed master of which musical instrument? 3. Which four New Zealanders have addressed the famous Oxford Union? 4. Which company recently acquired the Orient Express? 5. What are all the factors of 52? 6. The names of which three US states start with O? 7. Of Rolling Stones Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood, who is the oldest, and who is the youngest? 8. Abuja is the capital of which country? 9. Whose portrait appears on our $10 note? 10. What is the minimum age to join the New Zealand Police? 11. The term “Matamata” in New Zealand is synonymous with Hobbiton, but in South America it refers to what? 12. What gives retsina wine its distinctive flavour? Answers to Whiz Quiz on page 110…

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from facebook

A sneak preview on Facebook of our story Mama’s Boys in the February issue on veteran prison officer Pasimaca Osment – known as Mama Pam – triggered an unprecedented response. Here’s a small selection of the tributes that poured in: Possum Russell Mumma Pam taught so many valuable lessons to so many people, including myself. I would walk beside you any day, you are an inspiration, a strong powerful woman respected by all. Shareen Burton April Mama Pam you have the heart of a lion, peace that surpasses all understanding and love for all you meet. Fiona Innes I had the pleasure of working with her at MECF [Mt Eden’s remand prison]. She is a no nonsense, have a go at every thing type of person. Pam took the lead instructing the new…