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North & South January 2020

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North & South is New Zealand’s premier monthly current affairs and lifestyle magazine, specialising in long-form investigative journalism, delivered by award-winning writers and photographers. North & South also showcases New Zealand ingenuity and creativity, explores the country and profiles its people. It is a touchstone of New Zealand life.

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THE POLITICAL buzzword of 2019 was surely “wellbeing”. At North & South’s editorial pod, we’re a bit scoffy about words like “wellbeing”. Our cynicism, though, is mostly reserved for the wellness industry of the crystal-waving variety, which is never busier than at Christmas, pumping out books and merchandise on the healing powers of essential oils, amazing and unexpected uses for turmeric and, inevitably, some new spin-off from Rhonda Byrne’s awful The Secret. In contrast, the Coalition Government’s 2019 Wellbeing Budget parked an overused word right where it belonged. For the first time, we had a Budget that promised to set its sights beyond GDP growth; it would encompass indicators such as mental health, child poverty, water quality, the cost of housing, even voter turnout. These so-called “softer” indicators would be grouped,…

7 min.
picks of our literati

Sarah Lang: It’s a toss-up between the Anne of Green Gables series and the Little House on the Prairie series. I’ve read all the books in both series perhaps a hundred times, often right before bed. They remind me of hiding in a giant toy box so my father couldn’t see me through the window and make me come and work on our “lifestyle block” (gulag). I associate the books with terrible hay fever, which got me out of a few outside jobs (but not all!). I liked the high-spirited characters of Anne and Laura, and seeing how they had to edit themselves (sometimes unsuccessfully) to fit the “seen and not heard” criteria of their time. Paul Little: Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. It’s exceptional in many ways, not least…

11 min.
diet drama

“AFTER READING THE HEADLINE, I EXPECTED TO FIND PROFILES ON ETHICAL PRODUCERS...” THE BORING TRUTH I wonder if North & South would consider a follow-up article to December’s In Defence of Meat and Dairy, which would highlight how recognition of the high nutritional value of meat and dairy products is in no way incompatible with recommendations to reduce meat and dairy consumption. Such an article could help us to go beyond the superficial and adversarial “for and against”, “all or nothing”, “either/or” frame in which these conversations about nutrition so often take place (and that your article claims to take issue with). The title might be something like “In defence of a balanced and global approach to food and nutrition”. Cover catchphrases might include “The boring truth – why healthy eating is influenced…

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whiz quiz

1. Who is the 2019 World Rugby Men’s 15s Player of the Year? 2. The Silver Ferns won the Netball World Cup in 2019. When was the last time they held this title? And who captained them to victory? 3. Who won the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize? 4. Which venerable New Zealand institution goes by the abbreviation of the ODT? 5. Where is Koitiata? 6. How did the butter get into “butterfly”? 7. What are xylem and phloem? 8. What do the abbreviations ICBM and MIRV stand for? 9. Which Greek island was home to Homer’s Odysseus? 10. Musician David Robert Jones is better known by what name? 11. What is allspice? 12. How is “Trump” rendered in the phonetic alphabet? Answers to Whiz Quiz on page 136 13. Air New Zealand will start non-stop flights to which US city in October 2020? (For…

2 min.
from facebook

ANGELA HOGG: I thought [In Defence of Meat and Dairy] was an extremely good piece of journalism, thoroughly researched, evidence-based and written in a way that is accessible. I’ve read many pieces over the years and, as a non-farmer who chose agriculture as a career and lifestyle, I think I’ve developed an objective view. This article shared that objectivity and I’m pleased you pointed out one of the superior qualities of New Zealand grass-fed beef vs grain-fed: “You simply cannot compare industrial, grain-fed beef production with our low carbon-emission, grass-fed system, on land that is mostly only suitable for grazing [or trees].” HUGH M. GOOD: Sound analysis, North & South, you can’t have a sustainable, regenerative agricultural system unless you have animals within the system to fertilise the land – crop,…

3 min.

ON TOUR FLAMENCO FEVER Kiwi flamenco guitarist and composer Paul Bosauder heads home to tour his debut album Tierra y Mar, accompanied by flamenco dancer Triana (23 January-14 February). Known for combining traditional and innovative elements into his original compositions, Bosauder “recreates Spanish landscapes through sound”. Summertime favourites Fat Freddy’s Drop also take their latest release on tour, from Thames to Queenstown, with a revolving roster of international and local special guests (28 December-8 February). AUCKLAND WATER WORLD Crowds of boats sail across the Waitematā Harbour and Hauraki Gulf for the Ports of Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta (27 January). Come early for the tugboat and dragon boat races; stick around for the classic fleets. Then the Tāmaki Herenga Waka Festival (31 January) – hosted by the 19 iwi of Tāmaki Makaurau – takes to the…