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North & South March 2020

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North & South is New Zealand’s premier monthly current affairs and lifestyle magazine, specialising in long-form investigative journalism, delivered by award-winning writers and photographers. North & South also showcases New Zealand ingenuity and creativity, explores the country and profiles its people. It is a touchstone of New Zealand life.

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the magic of wool

Witnessing melted plastic in the aftermath of a fire was enough to convince architect Stephen McDougall (left) that wool was the way of the future. “Everything was petroleum-based, from the curtains down to the furnishings and it was all just dripping. But the woollen carpet was only a bit charred.” McDougall is a founding director of Wellington firm, Studio Pacific Architecture, which promotes the use of wool for everything from insulation to furnishings. “Sustainability is now at the heart of all conversations. Wool is not just the best fibre in the world… it’s also the best fibre for the world.” Wool is natural, durable, renewable and biodegradable. In terms of healthy living, wool is non-allergenic and breathable. It soaks up pollutant gases and has naturally high UV protection. Furthermore, it’s a very effective insulator…

4 min.

HOUSE PRICES are on the move again. Upwards, of course. The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand had to dip back into its bag of superlatives for its December report on the residential market: “Wellington was a standout region… Southland, Manawatū/Whanganui and Gisborne again saw really strong uplifts in price…” To cap these tidings of comfort and joy, a bunch of people on the North Shore became millionaires, again, when a 7.1% annual uplift saw the median house price hit $1,050,000. Barely had the REINZ put away the party hats when Demographia released its 2020 international housing affordability survey. The US-based urban consultancy takes a much dimmer view of housing statistics. Based on its house price-to-income ratio data, each of New Zealand’s eight surveyed local areas is now classified as “severely unaffordable”. “Severely”…

1 min.
amy williams

Even while on holiday, Amy Williams is bound to pick up a story idea or two. This January, she returned home from a summer break at Cooks Beach with some local intel that she crafted into a piece for Radio New Zealand, where she freelances in the Auckland newsroom. But some stories pop up uncomfortably close to home, forcing writers to open a window to parts of their lives they’ve kept private. When her son was given an unexpected medical diagnosis, Williams turned to the only way she knew to make sense of it: writing. The process was cathartic, tears were shed, and she kept the story to herself for almost two years before deciding to share it. She hopes her candid account will help others understand what it’s like to be…

17 min.
planetary problems

BIRTH CONTROLS I wish to applaud Sharon Stephenson for writing an excellent and much-needed article about the issue of a rapidly increasing global population and its impact on our planet (Saving the World: One Less Child at a Time, February). We need more people who are willing to voice the facts. We are not pointing fingers; we are not eco-fascists. It is the most privileged of our planet who put the heaviest burden on it. SELINA GRASSE, WALES/AUCKLAND WESTWORLD? Given that European people represent well under 10% of the current world population, it is ironic your February issue features an obviously European baby, accompanied with advice to have fewer children in order to “save the planet” from global warming. North & South appears to be part of a wider trend of media juxtaposing population control…

1 min.
whiz quiz

1. In 2019, who won the Tom French Cup, awarded to the Tom French Memorial Maori Player of the Year in rugby? 2. And which player holds the record for winning the cup six times? 3. Tiger Woods reclaimed his place at the top of the golf world with his April 2019 win at which major event? 4. Scott Morrison was preceded as Australian prime minister by Malcolm Turnbull, but who held that office before Turnbull? 5. What do Hal Blaine, Tommy Tedesco and Carol Kaye have in common? 6. What names were bestowed on the Gemini twins in ancient mythology? 7. What would a medical professional do with an otoscope? 8. Tanalised timber is given the CCA treatment. This involves which three chemicals? 9. Who is our Minister of Police? 10. Trichotillomania is a disorder involving what? 11. Which…

1 min.
vale, liz light…

Long-time North & South contributing writer and photographer Liz Light died in January. The stories she wrote for the magazine from 2007 reflect her passion for New Zealand – “my homeland, a place that I love with all my heart” – her enthusiasm for our landscapes and people, and her curiosity about the natural world. Some of her North & South features earned her writing and photography prizes. She once hitched a 220km ride with the Wairarapa South Coast postie; her beautifully illustrated feature Coasting with the Post won Best Story about a Journey at the 2015 Travcom Cathay Pacific Travel Media Awards (she also served as president for the Kiwi travel communicators organisation). Last December, we reviewed her delightful, information-packed guide The 50 Best Birdwatching Sites in New Zealand.…