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Issue 8 2019

If it’s juicy, scandalous, funny or outright outrageous, you’ll find it in NW. We’re the cheeky celebrity weekly with stacks of personality – upbeat and opinionated. NW is bursting with news and gossip, and celeb-inspired fashion and beauty trends without the A-list price tag. We do more body covers than any other weekly – good bodies, bad bodies, freaky bodies, hot boy bodies! And, NW is the home of reality TV – from Real Housewives to The Only Way Is Essex to Jersey Shore.

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hot shots

KEEPING UP WITH THE JONASES Check out these honeymoon grins! “Walking into wedding reception 100047 like... ,” Nick Jonas jokes of his night out at the 2019 Learning Lab Ventures Winter Gala with his new wife Priyanka Chopra. We’d be pretty happy too if our life was one long wedding party! TICKLED PINK The red carpet is laid out for Pink as she receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The singer is flanked by her hubby Carey Hart and kids Willow, seven, and Jameson, two – and they clearly think she’s a star every day! TAKING THE MICKEY! New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady – aka Mr Gisele Bundchen – joins the Mickey Mouse Club during his team’s Super Bowl victory parade at Disney World. We bet…

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jlaw’s joy-ful engagement!

We’d be skipping down the street, too, if we had a babin’ beau like Cooke! Holy Mother ! Check out that rock! The pair were clearly on cloud nine following their engagement. Swoon! Our faith in true love was restored this week, when Jennifer Lawrence and her handsome hunk of a boyfriend Cooke Maroney officially upgraded their relationship status. A rep for the actress confirmed that the couple were engaged after Jen was spotted “rocking a massive ring on her finger” – and we all rejoiced because, as the popular star herself once said, “It’s hard out there.” Now, time for all of us to go find ourselves a man who looks at us like Cooke looks at JLaw. Let…

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mad about mafs!

On a scale of 1-10, how addicted to MAFS are you? I’m guessing with all the drama that’s already unfolded you’re sitting at about an 11 and, like most of the nation, you’re glued to this season. So for those who just can’t get enough, NW is bringing you a mini mag every week full of all the behind the scenes scandals and secrets that don’t make it to air (page 25).In this week’s edition, we have an exclusive interview with The Virgin (Matthew) who dishes on his first time and the baby that’s on the way! And we have the inside scoop on what really went down between Ines and harder Sam , – plus how they really feel about each ’ other and their exes. But…

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trapped in her own face

What has Kim Kardashian done to her mug?! An insider claims that, in an effort to look perfect and ready for the camera at all times, Kimmy has had so much Botox, she can barely move her face! And of course, it’s probably easy to forget what normal looks like when you live life through an Instagram filter... “Kim is obsessed with perfection and she’s got the cash to make sure she’s always looking smoking hot, trying out the latest facials and laser treatments,” a source tells Heat magazine. “But she has long been a fan of Botox and fillers, and thinks nothing of getting them again and again. The problem is, she’s gone overboard with the injectables and can barely move her face. She spends a fortune.” Money…

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sleepy ye all drugged up!

‘She’s so relieved to have him acting more responsibly – even if he does nod off a lot!’ laughs NW’s source Kim is taking control of Kanye in a big way – even if it means knocking him out cold! “[She] stepped in about a month ago,” reveals an insider. “It’s no secret Kanye was off his medication and acting up as a result, so it was a no-brainer for Kim to get him back on it. “He gets sleepy from time to time, but as everyone can see it’s worked wonders,” continues the spy. “Now he’s far more mellow, easier to be around and doing what his wife asks of him. That’s actually a turn-on for Kim.” And it’s also a…

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‘being sober makes me fat’

Sadly, Kelly hasn’t been on a roll lately She’s had some major ups and downs over the years, and it seems Kelly Osbourne is at another low point. Yep, alarm bells rang when the reality star and designer, 34, stepped out looking sad and bloated at a recent event in LA. Unsurprisingly, friends are now expressing concern about her fragile state of mind... “It’s never a good sign when Kelly’s this heavy, because it generally means she’s been comfort eating due to loneliness,” a pal spills to NW . “Everyone knows she’s suffered terrible demons in those areas for much of her adult life. Now they’ve returned in a big way.” Kelly – who’s been single for several months following…