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November 2020

Published since 1967, N.Z. HOT ROD is dedicated to portraying every sphere of Hot Rodding. From traditional and modern Hot Rods to Street Machines, Muscle Cars and Race Cars, NZ Hot Rod features them all. Plus there's coverage of many of the 100 or so hot rod events, including Drag meets from around New Zealand and overseas.

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publisher’s podium

No Shows AFTER months and months of no information, or mere scraps of PR the Big Boys Toys/Speedshow has announced its floor layout and a few titbits of show features for its launch on 13th – 15th November. What is confirmed is the hall which used to hold the Grand National Rod & Custom Show is to be the home of D1NZ drift cars. What that spells out is the death knell of NZ’s top hot rod show. I guess that a “no-show” outcome was always a risk and a possibility given there were private independent entrepreneurs presenting the event. The pain stings a little deeper too, given the NZHRA show was postponed with no forward date yet confirmed. The no-show scenarios aren’t the end of the world, just short-term pain…

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review book

Go Fast or Go Home The Garth Hogan Story, by Tim Hanna Review by Paul Grace IT’S said that so many people live their lives at the mercy of fear. They play it safe, and they take no risks, and while they may end up with fewer bumps and bruises their life is often starved of magic. And so it must be said that the person who doesn’t risk anything, risks everything. This is plainly not so with Garth Hogan who has lived a magical life in the fast lane. His childhood years were tough growing up under the generous yet unforgiving wing of his father, Ron. Still, they were also gloriously intertwined in motorsport, starting with Speedway at Western Springs and the NZ Grand Prix at Ardmore. This led to a…

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features & specifications

BODY: 1947 Ford. STYLE: Pickup MANUFACTURER: Ford Motor Company. MODIFICATIONS: 1948 Ford bonus-built rear fenders and custom-made running boards fitted. PAINT: Jet black 2-pack, Arancio Borealis and split with silver with green pinstripes by owner. The orange tangerine paint? Now that’s a bit of a story. Craig spied the colour on a USA website and found its from a Lamborghini formula. Craig is no stranger to the paint industry, and after a few phone calls to persons, you and I aren’t allowed to know. The secret ingredients were revealed by people of Sicilian origins. For the sake of the story, the colour will remain known as Mafia Mandarin! CHASSIS: MANUFACTURER: Ford Motor Company Modifications: Central k-member and a boxed rear crossmember. FRONT SUSPENSION: XJ6 Jaguar independent, Munroe shocks and sway bar. REAR SUSPENSION: XJ6 Jaguar independent…

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kiwi overseas  mike peck – washington

EX-PAT Kiwi Mike Peck grew up in Auckland and went to school in Epsom. It wasn’t until his early twenties that I met Mike through a mutual friend, Dave Loose. Dave had spent time living and working in LA and made friends with the Peck brothers before returning to NZ with a ’57 Chevy 2-door hardtop. One summers night circa 1974, Dave called me and invited me to ride with him to the Peck family home in Auckland. The boys’ father Jim Peck had a business manufacturing New American ice cream. That particular night I visited, the boys were scheduled to unpack a crate of go-fast goodies which had just arrived from the USA for Mike Peck’s ’56 Chev 2-door hardtop. (see feature in this issue) Naturally, I jumped at…

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route 56 the coupe that started it all

SCOTSMAN David Wright imported the ’56 into NZ from San Francisco and it was first registered here in September 1968. Mike Peck had seen it around Auckland a few times and wanting to buy it he followed the car home one day and asked if it was for sale. David said no, but Mike returned to David’s house quite a few times and kept pestering him which ended up with Mike getting the standard answer of no every time. Then one day, two years later, David called Mike and told him he was selling the car and he wanted Mike to have it and the ownership changed in August 1973. At the time there were hundreds of ’56 Chev 4-door sedans in NZ but only three of the highly desirable…

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features and specifications

BODY: 1956 Chevrolet STYLE: 2-door hardtop MODIFICATIONS: Stock PAINT: Aztec Bronze (a 1966 Chev colour) on the bottom and Pearlescent White on the top. CHASSIS: Stock General Motors Chevrolet FRONT SUSPENSION: Stock REAR SUSPENSION: Stock STEERING: GM with a stock column WHEELS / TYRES Front: 15x8 Cragar SS mags shod with 245x60x15 B F Goodrich tyres Rear: 15x8 Cragar SS mags shod with 275x60x15 B F Goodrich tyres BRAKES: Stock master cylinder and VH40 booster. Front: Stock drums, Rear: Stock drums ENGINE: TYPE: 327ci Chevrolet fed by a 600cfm Holley 600 and sparked by a Mallory twin point distributor. COOLING: Stock radiator EXHAUST: New 2-1/2” Corvette rams horn manifolds exiting through a twin 2-1/2” system. COATINGS: HPC. TRANSMISSION: Turbo 400 fully rebuilt with a B&M Z-gate shifter. DIFF: Stock 3.0 ratio with factory GM LSD unit WIRING: All replaced with new original-style factory kit INTERIOR: All interior re-done.1963 Pontiac…