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HI GREG I emailed you a while back and you said that you guys shoot the 145gn ELD-X over a starting load of 58gns of Superformance out of your .270 SuperPig. What would be a comfortable range for this load? I normally shoot inside 400 yards but would like to stretch that out if possible. Also would this load be ok for closer range shots, should I be shooting in behind the shoulder for those to avoid hitting bone? Would I be better off with a 140gr SST or would they not perform well past 400 yards? If so what starting load with the Superformance would you recommend for these? (or other powders, preferably ADI?) Sorry for all the questions, but I know you guys know your stuff. I appreciate your help. THANKS, GRAYDON HI GRAYDON Stick…

10 min.
advice from a hunting newbie part 3

In 1918 the owners of the station where Scott now works were forced off the place by a plague of rabbits. They literally dropped tools and left the stock to fend for themselves. Some of the hardy Merinos survived and bred in the harsh conditions to become the wild Clarence Merino flock. Eventually, keen new owners came in and farming operations resumed, with small groups of wild Merinos continuing to survive in sheltered pockets near the Clarence River. From the moment I’d first heard about this rare flock, I was intrigued by the history. Coupled with the fact that wild mutton is quite tasty, a Merino made for the perfect objective for my first animal. One weekend Scott and I went in search of the wild woollies, notably a mature ram. It…

4 min.
spring opportunities

And besides, not all of us are interested only in trophies; there’s always a few extracurricular activities that can be included around those morning and evening hunts during warmer days. In the low country, the longer days are the start of growth on the river flats, and if you have your timing right, these flats are magnets for deer. November and December is prime time to fill the freezer, with hinds kicking off the yearlings as their new fawns drop. Now on their own and lacking life skills, these yearlings often make an easy and delicious addition to the freezer, with the added bonus of being a great way to keep your local deer population in check. It’s also a great time to get the kids out hunting, given that the higher…

6 min.
part two: bush hunting with a bow and arrow

The thought of a big Sambar stag or Whitetail buck giving me an opportunity for a shot in the bush definitely gets the mind racing. These two species live at separate ends of the country; one is originally from India and the other from America but the same base skills can help you get an opportunity at these deer and all the others in between. Before I tighten up the laces on my boots or head away on an extended trip, I always check the wind direction. When you have to get extremely close, knowing the predominant wind is paramount. A while ago, I discovered an app called ‘Windy’. This has a mapping function that shows airflow in the specific area I’m intending to hunt. This definitely gives me something to work…

7 min.
recovery strategies for the hunter

Having the right recovery strategies can help us to hunt stronger for longer, recover faster and get ready for the next mission. If our training simulates what we will be doing on ‘game day’ our body becomes ‘conditioned’ or familiar with those movements. Doing this preparation before we venture out is ‘money in the bank’. Enhancing recovery times is not just about strategies we can put in place DURING or AFTER a hunt, but also how we prepare BEFORE the hunt. Something as simple as hydrating and fuelling the body on your way to your hunting block can be a great easy win first up. Let’s look at what we can do during and after the hunt to recover faster. FACTORS DURING THE HUNT Carrying heavy loads over variable bush terrain is sure to…

5 min.
my tararua hunting trip

He mentioned going up to a farm out of Whanganui where we used to hunt regularly when we were younger but the weather wasn’t looking flash for that. After a few ideas floating around in my head, I finally hatched a plan and gave him a call back. The plan was to walk into a spot in the Tararua Ranges for an overnighter where I had seen a few deer in the past. It would be my first hunting trip I had organised on my own. I could finally put my firearms licence to work and I was confident that I could bring something home to fill a small gap in the freezer. I checked the weather and it mentioned a bit of rain overnight but it didn’t actually come until…