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a word from the editor

Tahrmageddon! Most of you will be aware by now that the Minister of Conservation has Himalayan tahr well and truly in her sights. Make no mistake, if she has her way, it will be the end of tahr hunting as we know it! Read Joseph’s article on page 34 for more background around this issue. After DoC met with the representatives from a new Tahr Liaison Group in August, they have now released their revised control plan to satisfy her objectives (since Joseph wrote his article). The main take home message expressed by the TLG was, while they acknowledged tahr numbers needed reducing to some extent, DoC must not cull bulls - the NZDA has since publicly stated this is their bottom line. DoC acknowledged that at the TLG meeting. However,…

1 min.

Hi Greg and team, Not sure if I have come through the right channel but was hoping someone would be able to shed some light on this. I have a Sako 85 Finnlight and am about to have a Hardy Gen 6 compact suppressor fitted. The suppressor will add 80mm to overall length. Most of my shooting is 50-200m, however I do stretch out to 400m at times. I use standard factory Fusion 130 grain ammo which never seems to let me down; • Do you think it is OK to shorten the barrel by 80mm? • Will it retain accuracy? • Am I going to lose much velocity? I am quite happy to leave as is since it is only 80mm. You are all doing a great job especially with the TV series and NZ Hunter…

12 min.
sea to summit

Well, we didn’t quite start at sea level, and come to think of it, we didn’t quite get to the summit. I’m not a liar – it’s just hard to put ‘not quite’ in a title – takes away from the effect a little. Plodding my way up the valley, I got a sore neck from looking up to find the tussock; walking to the tops is a lot easier on the other side of the divide! After a typically wet, knee-jarring West Coast boulder hop followed by a typically brutal climb to the tops, Jake, Emma, Tom and I collapsed in the snowgrass significantly later than we should have got there. We cast around for a low-level campsite on the ridgetop as Emma and Tom had to be in Rotherham by…

7 min.
summer double

A weather window opened at last so I headed for the hills for five days of alpine hunting. My plan was to head up a main valley and then branch off up a side creek to make the tussock – or ‘heaven’ as I call it. After a day and a half, I got to the tussock and here is the story of what happened on the way… Kaboom! What was that – a rifle shot?! Then I heard tumbling rocks, which confirmed there’d been a slip in the direction I had just come from. I’d just got back to my pack in the creek bed after shooting a chamois on the tussock slope above. I decided I’d better not use that creek as my route out in case more rocks came…

1 min.

Adam; only 27 years old, intelligent, gentle and with a huge love of the outdoors, took his life on 25th October 2017, only 8 months after this fantastic hunt. My wife, Adam’s siblings and I joined those 680 other families throughout New Zealand who lost a loved one to suicide in these past 12 months, so our grief, our heartbreak is unfortunately far from unique. I wish I had some answers to share as to how to prevent it but I don’t. Love alone plainly doesn’t cut the mustard. Adam’s love of the outdoors and hunting have no doubt stemmed from my own, but his solo high alpine forays far surpassed anything I did because from the late 60’s through to the late 90’s, when I did most of my hunting,…

6 min.
monarch of the alps

With a few places on the hit list after a fair amount of scouting through summer, I knew it was going to be a serious trip with less beer and yarns than most… With an alright weather forecast, I planned a 4/5 day loop, covering huge ground from the truck where I’d parked a long way up a Canterbury riverbed. Before leaving, I put a fouling round through my custom Rem 700 300 Win Mag, which blew a clean hole in the star of a Speights box at a hundred-odd yards. All loaded up, I set off from the truck around noon, making my way up a picturesque valley. It didn’t take long to run into deer sign, which was pleasing as I had scouted out the general area a lot recently…