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3 min.
a word from the editor

It is with great sadness we have to report the accidental death of our great hunting and climbing mate Caleb Jennings. For more information see page 86. Caleb will be sorely missed and always on our minds on big wilderness expeditions. Our thoughts are very much with Caleb’s partner, family and friends at this incredibly sad time. Spring is here, and by the time you read this we should be seeing a little growth in the high country. It’s been a bit of a mixed bag weather wise so far, with some calm periods between the Norwest fronts giving brief weather windows for alpine trips. Last spring produced continual Norwest/Souwest wind patterns with their associated fronts with very little respite until well after Christmas. We have a couple more big TV…

13 min.
mt tanilba bush bull

Well that’s what I thought the attitude was. My mate managed to shoot a Wapiti bull on that trip, not quite up to today’s standards though. Five years later, I drew the same block. This time my brother came with me and we flew into the southern tops of the block. We glassed those tops high and low, heard stags roaring and the odd hybrid bugle, but we did not actually lay eyes on a deer in the three days of fine weather we had. We then spent the next four consecutive days lying in our tent in torrential rain. In between these big rain storms, we ventured out to the edge of the bluffs above a valley. In the head basin below, we could hear the roar of a stag…

10 min.
old man mountain

Like the great 40x40 Red stag trophies shot during the 1920s, the big tahr horns of 13, 14 and even 15 inches shot during the 2010s will become legendary When I first cast my eyes towards the lofty Southern Alps, a trophy tahr head was widely regarded to be one with a shortest hook of 12 inches in length. An exceptional head was 13 inches. The trophy needed to have two needle-sharp points, big bases and strong ridges or keels. Of course a blonde mane, which makes up half (or more) of the value of any trophy, is vitally important. A large head that does not attain these features is known as a ‘character bull’, a term coined, I think, by the editor of this magazine. To be an NZDA record book…

10 min.
up high almost heaven

He features not only in this article but others before it. For me, this makes the writing of the remaining tales of our 5-month hunting trip that much more important but also a little harder. I had the privilege of getting to know Baden over the past seven years as we shared countless hunting trips over that period. He was an extremely loyal, passionate and ethical hunter, and a good bugger to have by your side in the hills. For every memory, I am grateful. Everyone who had the privilege of getting to know Baden for however long knows how great this young man was. His quest for the perfect 10” chamois buck and the almighty 50” Wapiti bull was cut far too short; however his passion will live on in…

7 min.
dad , i beat you by 10

I’d just been told not to take the shot unless I was 100% sure I was going to make it count. And I was. We’d spent several hours getting into this location, waiting out the fog and getting set up comfortably. The rifle was resting on a pack against some scrub and it felt snug in my shoulder. “I’ve got this” I repeated to myself this time, and as Dad had taught me, squeezed back gently on the trigger. The 270 roared. “Is it down Dad, is it down?” I called. “Mate, that’s a chamois down” Dad replied proudly. There were high fives and hugs all round as we celebrated my first big game animal, a majestic chamois from the mighty mountains of South Westland. simply couldn’t believe it! Dad had been 20…

7 min.
new year hunt

I’d had a massive year of guiding and we’d taken some amazing animals. I had done a fair bit of hunting for myself but didn’t pull the trigger on anything apart from a few meat animals. Maybe I’m getting too fussy… I had four days to myself to see in the new year and had a few plans I’d been tossing up for a while. The weather was not perfect for the alpine crossing I had been aiming for, so I headed into some more eastern tahr country instead, where I hadn’t been for a few years. This area always holds reasonable animal numbers but it also attracts a lot of hunters. Finding a mature animal would be difficult so I had planned to cover as much country as I could,…