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a word from the editor

The whole hunting sector put a huge amount of effort into presenting facts, population modelling and options to the Department, but unfortunately it largely fell on deaf ears. We could not save the bulls in the National Parks, and DOC intend to continue to do all the hours they originally planned in their initial farcical consultation. Outside the NPs the GAC has been able to sit down with DOC and make suggestions based on the GAC’s submission including population modelling showing areas DOC should spend their hours on and the areas they should leave alone - areas where the population is already low, or are very popular and accessible places for recreational hunters. There was no opportunity for any further input into the culling inside the NPs, which is a…

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HI GREG I emailed you a while back and you said that you guys shoot the 145gn ELD-X over a starting load of 58gns of Superformance out of your .270 SuperPig. What would be a comfortable range for this load? I normally shoot inside 400 yards but would like to stretch that out if possible. Also would this load be ok for closer range shots, should I be shooting in behind the shoulder for those to avoid hitting bone? Would I be better off with a 140gr SST or would they not perform well past 400 yards? If so what starting load with the Superformance would you recommend for these? (or other powders, preferably ADI?) Sorry for all the questions, but I know you guys know your stuff. I appreciate your help. THANKS, GRAYDON HI GRAYDON Stick…

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no good yarn starts with a salad

I had a couple of beers down at the local to catch up with Jaycob, a mate who had also done a season in Canada. The beers turned into shots and an all-nighter with a whole lot of bullsh*tting. We woke up to find that we had booked the ferry in a week’s time to go and chase tahr, a first for both of us. We figured that if we could travel across the world to chase ‘goats’, then surely we could do it here. After a mad rush to find all my scattered gear, I had the D-Max packed ready for the trip south to Levin to pick up Jaycob. With an early start the next morning, we made it to the ferry for the boat ride across the strait. With…

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twilight twelve

It’s a lot of fun at this time of year, especially if you’re into saunas and perspiration. Some of the Otago/Southland tussock high country gets temperatures into the 30s, which when you have a pack full of camping and hunting gear and sundries soon gets your attention on the steep bits. The sweat blurs your vision, which is good as it’s harder then to see how far you still have to go. Over the last ten years or so the ‘full pack’ idea has had the Jenny Craig treatment in a big way and the lightweight theme is definitely the go these days, including the boots and rifle. They say there’s no point in getting older if you’re not getting wiser and at 51 years of age, the ‘older’ feeling seems more…

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fiordland chamois

With the entire world facing a pandemic and NZ going into full lockdown, our dreams of finding a mature Fiordland Red stag in the roar were cut short. The first few weeks of lockdown were stunning here in Fiordland and the bluebird days just seemed to go on and on. Knowing the hills were full of roaring stags made that time especially hard for keen hunters, so it was then and there that my good mate Aaron and I started working on a plan for as soon as lockdown lifted. It was mid-May and the chamois were in rut mode so we decided to target them first as there was a resident mob we had been watching some months earlier. Then we’d hit the bush for a feeding stag. With that decided,…

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few and far between

This one was about me and the Mountain Goat himself, Jason Thomsen heading into some West Coast scrub country in late November in search of a big, mature bull tahr for Jase. With trips few and far between these days however, it’s more about catching up and if a mature trophy ends up in the cross hairs, that’s just an added bonus. With one of our good mates Mikey based at Franz Josef to do some pilot training, I shot down from Nelson the night before Jase and I were due to head in to our hunting location, to catch up with him, have a feed and a yarn about hunting. The next morning dawned with patchy drizzle coupled with the standard coast low cloud blanketing the nearby tops. With only three…