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a word from the editor

Starting off with the good news, we have been flat out filming and editing the last few episodes of the new season of the TV Show due to go to air on February the 17th. Despite the Covid restrictions limiting our roar hunts to private land, since then we have managed to complete some amazing expeditions and seen some amazing country and animals. I promise you your Wednesday nights will be busy watching TVNZs Duke channel for some time! The process for compiling the tahr control operational plan for 1 July 2021 to 30th June 2022 is still ongoing. The next TPILG meeting is scheduled for the 16th March and we should have more information on the shape of the control plan following that meeting. There is no more culling inside…

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main divide beauty

My good mate Blair and I did a couple of pre-roar scouting missions and on this particular trip we bounced our way up the riverbed on a Friday after work and walked in the dark to our campsite. The next morning we were up bright and early, full of anticipation of finding a big stag. We were glassing away and I spotted a deer way up high on a steep scrubby face. I could see he had antlers but in the low light it was hard to tell how big they were, so Blair got his spotter set up and had a quick look. Pretty quickly he said that he might be bigger than we think, so I had a look and said “far out that’s a ripper!”. Straight away we began…

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west coast war of attrition

Regan and my sister Stacey had recently purchased a lodge in the West Coast of the South Island and after venturing there for a visit on holiday in 2019 I was adamant that I had to move away from the usual South Kaweka missions and get into this epic backcountry paradise in 2020. Quick plans were made and a rough date range was set with Regan doing some quick scouting missions to check animal numbers before the trip. As we got closer, my mate Josh mentioned he was keen to join us, as he had missed the last Kaweka trip because of a shoulder injury. Fast forward to the morning of February 18th and we were frantically repacking and checking over all our gear before starting our journey into the wild-lands that is…

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my nz hunter rifle build

SCOPE – LEUPOLD VX6 3-18X44MM TMOA RETICLE BARREL – HARDY TIKKA CONTOUR BLANK, 1:8 “ TWIST– CUT TO 20” AND FLUTED STOCK – NZ HUNTER CARBON FIBRE BIPOD – SPARTAN JAVELIN PRO HUNT TAC SUPPRESSOR – DPT CUSTOM MAGNUM SS RINGS – TIKKA STAINLESS STEEL OPTILOK But first, a little more about the base rifle. I’ve been fortunate enough to be using a Tikka Strata for over a year now, beginning with the tasty wee hind Greg and I shot in the Kawekas for the original Testfire in January 2020. Since then I’ve used one in 300 Win Mag on several hunts including my biggest stag to date (a story yet to come!) When we spoke to Niccolo from Beretta New Zealand about a base rifle for this build he volunteered a 7mm-08 Strata that had been…

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bushnell® live animal gallery

The prize for this issue is... Bushnell Prime 10x28 Binoculars With an RRP of $299! WINNER Send in your photos of live game animals to to go in the draw to win an exciting product each issue.…

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roar tips from the nz hunter team

1. Mature stags that are holding hinds will not always come into a roar until you get right into their territory. When right in close, turn your head away when you roar to make yourself sound further away or even just break the odd stick and stay quiet and watch and wait. 2. Cover the ground at a steady pace roaring regularly into catchments. Let your voice do the walking. Always be aware that a stag could come in to you silently while doing this so keep your eyes peeled. 3. Gain a bit of height to help hearing and so your roars carry further. Keep away from rivers and streams and any noise that will stop you hearing roaring stags. 4. Big stags can turn up on river flats at first and…