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NZ Marketing November 2017

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stop signs

A 2007 analysis of top football goalkeepers published in the Journal of Economic Psychology found the best strategy to save a penalty was to stay in the centre of the goal. If they could avoid the urge to lunge left or right, they had a 33 percent chance of making a save. And yet, the goalkeepers in the study stayed put only six percent of the time. The reason being that they felt compelled to act, even when they knew it wasn’t necessarily the best strategy. Lunging at least felt as though an effort was being made. Work is also like this. It’s easy to get pulled into the daily grind, poring over details on a glaring computer screen for hours on end without addressing any of the problems you initially…

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on the mind

SHAUN ROBINSON | Mental Health Foundation chief executive What’s the Mental Health Foundation doing about it? Talking about mental health can be a challenge, and that’s only heightened when it’s in the workplace. Mental Health Foundation chief executive Shaun Robinson offers some insight into mental health problems and what employers can do to help their staff. Are mental health problems becoming more common among workers? In New Zealand, one in five people over 16 years of age experience a mental health problem in any year and almost two in five adults have experienced a mental illness over their lifetime. In any workplace, there will be a range of mental health experiences across employees and this will change over time. In the past few years, we’ve seen a high level of interest and commitment from…

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what’s it like living with anxiety?

What does anxiety feel like? Anxiety is a different beast for everyone. Some people become anxious after being triggered by specific stimuli; for others (like me) the culprit can strike at any given moment, even when in a relaxing situation— though it’s more likely to hit when stressed or under pressure. Anxiety often comes hand-in-hand with other mental illnesses, such as depression. Anxiety is essentially our ‘flight or fight response’, designed to protect us when we are faced with a threat. So, my body responds the way it would when I feel fear. I normally experience a racing heart and heightened senses. Sounds that you’d normally think of as ‘white noise’ suddenly become louder, colours or reflections of light appear uncomfortably bright. I get tingling sensations and I often get a metallic…

3 min.
what’s it like being an agency boss in the anxious age?

Why do you think these issues have become so prominent in recent years? I think the increased prominence is definitely tied to education and awareness – we are starting to think and talk differently about our inner worlds. But these are very complex subjects and for me to offer the written equivalent of sound bites is not only inadequate but a bit unsafe. I’d kick off by saying if you are reading this because it strikes a chord rather than it being of interest, then please reach out to get some help. What is it about the modern world that affects our mental health? We live in a tough world. We operate at such a remove from the connectedness and balance we need for good mental health. Context elicits behaviours - and I…

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by the numbers

$13 millionmore was spent oil, gas, energy and utilities advertising between FY2016 and FY2017, making it the fastest growing product category. $15 million less was spent by airlines, travel agents and websites between FY2016 and FY2017, making it the fastest declining product category. 1200 is the number of locations Giggle TV plans to roll out its screen-based advertising business. $431.1 million is the revenue reached by the interactive advertising in the first half of 2017. 58 percent of interactive advertising revenue comes from search. 5 percent of interactive advertising revenue comes from smartphones. $1.4 million was TVNZ’s net profit after tax for FY2017, down from $12.7 million in FY2016. $8 million is the profit achieved by NZME in the first half of this year.…

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reputation, resiliency, and results

The Ipsos Global Reputation Centre recently undertook a massive study of the reputation of more than 100 of the world’s largest companies to examine the factors that contribute to reputational success and resiliency in the face of crisis. The research ranked companies into Trust Tiers, and explores what makes companies in the top Trust Tier different, how they perform financially, the impact of trust on resiliency in the face of crisis, and the inter-relationship between trust and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on a company’s core business performance. WHY BUILD TRUST? Why trust? In our view, if you are building trust you are building reputation. Careful management of one’s reputation is a key generator of value for companies. Value is unlocked both as stored reputation equity in times of crisis as well as in creating…