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NZ Performance Car

No 267 March 2019

Since 1996 New Zealand Performance Car has been the voice of the country’s modified import car scene. It was there to see the first import 10-second quarter mile run, there when the first official drift battle ensued, there when the first show trophies were handed out, and there to bring NZ its very first Super Lap time attack event. Each month the very best of NZ’s modified import car scene is served up. It’s New Zealand’s number 1 selling monthly motoring magazine and is New Zealand’s import performance authority and for good reason…it leaves the others for dust.

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the ups and downs of wheeling and dealing

If you’re in the car game, there is one thing you will have to deal with on a regular basis, and that’s buying or selling cars or second-hand parts. It’s a necessary evil. Buying new is never really that much of an issue, as long as you know what you’re buying, it’s quality gear, and you have a good salesman or source. It’s the second-hand dealings that have a tendency to drive you around the bend and then push you off a cliff edge, especially when you’re the seller. Low-ballers, time-wasters, and — the worst breed of all — window-shoppers all seem to pop out of the woodwork when you list something for sale. While the way that we go about these transactions in 2K19 is vastly different from my…

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thrill of the drive

If 2018 taught me anything, it’s that, when boiled down to simple terms, we all find enjoyment from different aspects of what owning a modified car has to offer. For some, there’s nothing better than that challenge of piecing together a package that is the culmination of everything you know and tackling tasks that may be slightly outside of your skill set, using trial and error to get a job done, all towards an ultimate goal that can only be envisioned inside your head. For others, it is the thrill of standing back come show day and seeing hoards of people form a barrier around the car as they praise the fruits of your efforts. There’s even a few who simply enjoy having an excuse to blow their weekly pay…

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FIRST A90 SUPRA SELLS FOR US$2.1MImagine owning the first production Toyota Supra A90 to roll off the factory floor. Now imagine handing over US$2.1M for that honour. Yeah, it is a ridiculous amount of money, but that’s exactly what the ‘20201’ car recently sold for at a Barrett-Jackson charity auction. So, while it’s an eye-watering sum, at least the money is going towards two very worthwhile charities.The car itself was treated to a few exclusive touches for being the first, including the one-off satin grey paintwork with red interior, red mirrors, and matte black wheels. There’s also a small plaque on the inside denoting the car as the first, and Akio Toyoda, current president of Toyota Motor Corporation and great grandson of the company’s founder, autographed the engine cover.As for…

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gig guide

8-10 FEBRUARYROTARY REUNION 2019BRUCE MCLAREN MOTORSPORT PARK, TAUPONo one in the world builds and drives rotangs quite like us Kiwis do! The vicious twang of a spinning Dorito on song and that iconic ‘brap’ on idle has kept us captivated for decades — and there’s no chance of it ever slowing down! When it comes to actually making use of whatever rotary-powered chassis you may pedal, REunion has become the place to be. Now into the fifth year, previous events have consistently drawn the largest gathering of rotaries ever seen on our shores, and, year-on-year, it only continues to grow. REunion is all about the cruisin’, show-and-shining, drifting, and doing on-limiter burnouts — the best part? It’s a purely rotary affair! For more information, search ‘Rotary REunion’ on Facebook.15-16 FEBRUARYD1NZ…

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your shots in print

(BENJAMIN_RAYNER_)Got Instagram? Want print fame on top of all those likes that fly your way each time you post a photo? Want to show us your whip without actually talking to us? Want to see what other readers are up to in their sheds? The answer to all these questions and why these two pages exist lies in the use of the hashtag #nzpc. Search it, use it, and thrash it! We keep a very close eye on it and will be choosing a bunch of hashtagged posts each month to print right here. And that’s not all — the best shot will earn it’s photographer a little prize for their trouble. So remember, next time you’re gram’n’, use #nzpc.(HARRY_SMITH_86)(XGT4X)(TAYLUK_ZZ)(SCOTTYB_ETAKS)(BRAD_CHACHACHA)(LJBPHOTOS)(BATTERY_CHARJER)(TYSON_BROWNIE)(CULLENGRAM)(NATHAN_TOLICH)(BROCK_BLK_DOT_C)(BAJROMANZ87)(JZXDAZ)(SAMY.S2K)(MIKE_JDM_SW20)(GTS30T)(MATHEW.CONNOLLY)(JULIUS_COFFEY_MOTORSPORT) ■…