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NZ Performance Car No 271 July 2019

Since 1996 New Zealand Performance Car has been the voice of the country’s modified import car scene. It was there to see the first import 10-second quarter mile run, there when the first official drift battle ensued, there when the first show trophies were handed out, and there to bring NZ its very first Super Lap time attack event. Each month the very best of NZ’s modified import car scene is served up. It’s New Zealand’s number 1 selling monthly motoring magazine and is New Zealand’s import performance authority and for good reason…it leaves the others for dust.

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Engines: they suck, they bang, they blow, right? It’s what we have all grown up with; it’s what we’ve known for our entire lives. They brought us home from the hospital; took us to school; we learnt to drive using one; probably got lucky a few times because we could drive to the lookout; and, if you’re reading this, then they are clearly a passion shared. But life is changing, and the performance of electric motors is now at a stage that’s threatening the old gas burner’s time as king of propulsion. It’s something that I find both exciting and a little sad, as I make no secret of the fact that noise is a big part of what attracts me to cars. While I have no doubt that, inside a…

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praise the leftovers

I want to take a second to thank the unsung heroes of the car scene. I’m talking about a group of people who go all but unnoticed by the majority of us, yet play one of the — if not the — most crucial roles in the pecking order that forms the very basis of this great community. Without them, we’d simply not have any fodder to work with, and we’d be forced to resort to terribad home creations such as those that appeared in the later stages of the Soviet Union (worth the Google if you’re bored). These people’s willingness to flash the cash despite the certainty of value depreciation they will eventually incur and take that hit like it’s no bother is honourable, and they deserve far more…

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toyota replicates nurburgring

Car manufacturers have been using the Nürburgring for product testing since the dawn of time. The track offers just about every situation you could possibly need to test your car, on a single lap. If it can do well at the ’ring, there’s a good chance that it will go into production — or, at least, some part of that car that was being analysed for real-world data will. However, for the likes of Japanese automakers, constantly sending cars back and forth to Germany can prove not only costly financially but also burn up valuable time. Toyota’s answer to that was simple: the company has built its own Nürburgring. Imagine being able to walk out your back door and see your personal, obscenely winding, high-speed testing and race course; that’s the…

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targa nz turns 25

Undoubtedly, the dream for most of us is to treat some of the best roads in the country like our own personal playgrounds without the risk of harm to the general public and with Johnny Law giving you the thumbs up from the sideline. That’s exactly what Targa is; it’s said to be the ultimate road race, and it’s celebrating 25 years of doing it! Targa is a five-day tarmac road race with a focus on serious driver’s skill. At the head of the pack are full-competition highly modified rally cars piloted by driver and co-driver teams, racing against the clock and offering no quarter to the competition. The second category is the Targa Tour. These cars are generally unmodified, high-performance road cars, and MotorSport New Zealand (MSNZ) safety rules prevent…

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firing on all eight: teng tools muscle garage

The smash-hit TV show from our sister title NZV8 is back for a fourth season! It will have already started by the time you read this, but you can catch episode two on Sunday, 26 May on Three’s CRC Motorsport. That’s 10 sweet, sweet episodes of New Zealand’s coolest V8-powered cars, events, sheds, and workshops, airing back-to-back every Sunday. Don’t sweat it if you miss an episode, because we will upload the full episodes to The Motorhood once they’ve aired, so you can catch up on any episodes you weren’t able to see — all you need to do is visit themotorhood.com and click through the Teng Tools Muscle Garage post. While you’re at it, make sure to enter yourself into the running for the prize giveaways. Not only will this…

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new governing body for motorsport

With the launch of the new Auckland-based Australasian Auto-Sport Alliance (AASA), there is now a choice of permitting, licensing, and insurance authorities for New Zealand motorsport event organizers, competitors, and officials. Set up by Dr Jacob Simonsen, the face behind the Kiwi arm of the 24 Hours of Le Mans event, which is currently run under the Australian Auto-Sport Alliance, the new Australasian counterpart is 100 per cent New Zealand owned. It operates as an agent of the Australian organization, with the goal of providing a simpler, more cost-effective service, with streamlined systems and processes — primarily online — and friendly, commonsense practices. The AASA can issue permits for events, issue competition licenses for competitors and officials, and offers event organizers public liability insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London and safety…