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New Zealand Rugby World is the premier authority on our national game; with sharp analysis and irreverent humour the two key components. In both style and content the writing is award winning and provides an unparalleled depth of insight into the people who play the game and the issues that matter to the fans. The cast of contributors is world class as is the photography and lay-out. Pick this magazine up and you won't want to put it down - rugby has never been so much fun.

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editor’s letter

THE ALL BLACKS’ STORY is not fully appreciated. Certainly not in New Zealand. Which is a bit odd, but that’s how it is. New Zealanders find it hard to realise the enormity of what the All Blacks have achieved and what they continue to do on the world stage. That might just be because as a nation, there is not a natural disposition to be overtly celebratory. The prevailing culture, perhaps because of the Celtic influence, is to be a little hesitant about embracing success. No good will come of it is the implication. It’s almost as if everyone worries that if they enjoy the moment, they will jinx it. If they stop to pat the All Blacks on the back, the team will stop winning. So what has happened is that New Zealanders…

13 min.
masters of the universe

Rugby, if everyone is honest, doesn’t quite have the sort of global presence or recognition it would like. New Zealand, tucked away in a far-off corner of the Pacific Ocean, isn’t necessarily a nation that many of the world’s seven billion people know much about. But the All Blacks – the point where New Zealand meets rugby if you like – are a different story. They have recognition even in countries that know nothing about rugby. They are known by people who have little idea where or what New Zealand even is. And as a result, the All Blacks have in essence become almost separated from both rugby and New Zealand. They exist in their own right as the embodiment of sporting excellence. They encompass many of rugby’s most virtuous qualities and…

3 min.
a winning formula

The All Blacks played their first test against Australia in 1903 and have played another 551 since. They have won almost 79 per cent of their tests, a record which is vastly superior to all of their rivals. The only country that comes close is South Africa – the Springboks having amassed a win record of 65 per cent since they played their first test in 1891. HOW THEY COMPARE Overall Records of Top Nations [FAST FACTS] The All Blacks have played almost 25 per cent fewer tests than England and France and yet they have amassed, respectively, 41 and 27 more test wins than both. While the All Blacks have a win ratio of 79 per cent, they are actually, when draws are included, unbeaten in 81 per cent of their tests. South Africa’s win ratio…

2 min.
through the years…

ALL BLACKS TESTS BY DECADE [FAST FACTS] SOARING 60s The 1960s are the most successful decade in All Blacks history. They posted a win ratio of 87 per cent – a number boosted by what was at the time a world record of 17 consecutive test victories. The All Blacks only lost four tests in the entire 10- year period. ON TRACK The current decade is on course to surpass the 60s and post an even better win ratio. The All Blacks have only lost seven tests since 2010 and have also won two World Cups and claimed a world record 18 consecutive test victories. FADING 40s The 1940s were a decade to forget for the All Blacks. They only played 10 tests because of the war and also found themselves in the peculiar position…

3 min.
all time records

BIGGEST VICTORIES 10 Biggest Wins of All Time Biggest Wins Against Major Nations [FAST FACTS] PROFESSIONAL JOB With the exception of the record victory against Japan – and it was achieved as the game was on the verge of transition – the All Blacks have posted all their record wins in the professional era. WORLD CUP WALKABOUTS Perhaps not surprisingly, six of the All Blacks’ biggest victories have come at World Cups. Interestingly, they also posted their biggest wins against France and Wales respectively in World Cup years, but not at the actual tournament. IRELAND ZERO The 60-0 defeat of Ireland in Hamilton in 2012 is the only time the All Blacks have posted a record score against a major nation and kept their opponent scoreless. DURBAN DEMOLITION The only major nation to fall to a record defeat to the All…

12 min.
champion of champions

The All Blacks have been the most dominant rugby side in the world. Be it their overall record or their performance in the professional era – they have no peer. But what about when they are compared with other great sporting teams? How does their legacy look when put up against the best teams from other codes? We have created an entirely unscientific formula for assessing teams across a number of criteria to try to determine just how impressive the All Blacks have been. WEIRD SCIENCE – OUR CROSS CODE JUDGEMENT PANEL These are the criteria on which we are judging the great sides. Each teams receives a mark out of 10 in five areas for a total score out of 50. LONGEVITY How long did the team dominate their sport? Is their legacy…