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Travel & Outdoor
NZ Today

NZ Today No 81 Aug-Sept 18

NZ TODAY is unique in New Zealand. It features real stories, captured off the beaten track, set in amazing locations, coupled with human elements stories, supported by incredible photographs that capture the real spirit & core elements of the writers’ experiences at the time.

New Zealand
RNR Publishing Ltd
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In this issue

4 min.
big buddy shout out

Today as I write this we are near the end of July. Although the weather has been wet across the country, with flooding in many areas and early snow for the skiers, it is a beautiful day outside. The blossoms have come out on one of the hedges out the front, usually a sign of the weather settling down; fingers crossed – we are nearly out of good dry firewood … We are morning-breakfast-show watchers in our house (and motorhome), with me often flicking between TV1 Breakfast and TV3 AM show, depending on what pathetic poll is being run that drives me mad with its drivel level – Who has stolen from an honesty box? Do you think homework should be banned? or Do you wash your hands every time you…

9 min.

DEAR ROBYN I was recently flicking through the June/July 2018 issue of NZTODAY, which I thoroughly enjoy, and saw a photo of the St Marys Road fire station, so had to stop and read that article first. Peter Williams states that, “Around the time Pugin & Pugin’s design was being constructed another building destined to be a landmark in the area was commissioned for use. It’s the original Ponsonby fire station at 13 St Marys Road.” This is not quite correct, as although there has been a fire station on that site since 1889, the building to which he is referring was only constructed in 1902. The original building was the first station in its original location (refer attached list) and the third after being moved to St Marys Road and the…

4 min.
style never sleeps

September/October 2018 marks 30 years since local sculptor Suzie (now Dame Suzie) Moncrieff first came up with the concept of wearable art in a marquee at Wakefield, just south of Nelson. Torrential rain did nothing to dampen the spirits of that inaugural show’s audience, many of whom came along in gumboots. In fact, the punters loved the event so much that it continued there for several years before moving to Nelson, where it proved to be a great boon for the city. But the production eventually outgrew Nelson, and the annual show is now held in Wellington, in front of an audience totalling 60,000. We were staying in Stoke, Nelson, and driving by, the trademark red ‘WOW’ (World of WearableArt) logo outside the building hit us in the eye. Inside the…

8 min.
going green

After taking a wrong turn at the top of town, being redirected by helpful road workers and finally huffing up the last hill to Conical Studios in the company of its charming CEO, Alejandro Davila, there was no hiding my demographic. As it turned out, I’m the perfect age to trial new augmented reality and virtual reality technology aimed at revolutionising the way children receive content: I’m a grandmother. And like many of my generation for whom the world seems to be moving too fast, I’m in danger of missing out on incredible shared experiences with my grandchildren if I fail to keep up with the changes. Fortunately for all of us, the news is good - and getting better. Thanks to a bunch of wildly creative millennials, New Zealand is poised…

1 min.
follow the green fairy

• AR TV Show – a world first. Download five AR episodes and use The Fairy Ring and an iPad or phone to bring them to life • Virtual Reality movie – a 10 minute VR experience using a special VR headset • Augmented Reality book – use an iPad in conjunction with the specially-designed book • Video On-Demand Episodes (VLOGS) – Follow The Green Fairy and The Red Fairy through their separate social media channels and HeiHei TV • Augmented Reality T-shirt with AR Wings can be used with the app • Virtual Reality Viewer – watch a 360-degree video version of the movie using the app and special cardboard VR goggles • AR Fairy Door Toys – three different versions provide a portable portal to fairy fun you can take into the garden • The…

16 min.
mountain kings on the milford track

Images of the Milford Track adorn posters and billboards the world over. Thousands of people from all corners of the world book months and years in advance to hike the famous four-day, three-night, 53.5km Great Walk. I approached the expedition with some trepidation having heard stories of the legendary storms that Fiordland is capable of unleashing at any time of the year, but we had the rare good fortune to walk with the track in warm sunshine under clear blue skies. We have tramped in magnificent alpine terrain before, but the Milford Track is on another planet for spectacularity. From the time we set off from Glade Wharf my senses were overwhelmed by astonishing panoramas. There was so much to absorb, I was in perpetual sensory overload. THE TRAMP The first day was…