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August 2021

NZ4WD is for people interested in 4WD vehicles and the lifestyle activities associated with them. It covers a range of topics of interest to the 4WD vehicle buyer and driver. It aims to provide a wide range of information covering vehicle selection (new and used), 4WD destinations both New Zeland and International, accessories and upgrading, 4WD clubs and 4WD sport, lifestyle activities associated with 4WD, adventure and track stories and technical articles

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govt. stumbles over ev rebates scheme

Like so many other Kiwis, I had high hopes for Jacinda Ardern and her new-look Labour government. Freed, at the last election, of the twin policy hand brakes of both the tyrannical NZ First and doctrinaire Green Parties, the Robin Hood-esque figure of Ardern and her bunch of ‘merry men;’ finally had both the mandate and the means to govern… and govern well. So… when, where and perhaps most importantly, how (come) ‘things’ have turned pear-shaped so quickly? Case in point, the Clean Car Standard and Clean Car Discount programmes which both came into force on Thursday July 01 this year. The Clean Car Standard and the Clean Car Discount are, according to the New Zealand Transport Agency... and I quote, “The central pillars of a range of government initiatives to tackle…

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toyota disappointed in misinformation around electric utes

Toyota New Zealand confirmed to NZ4WD magazine late last month that it has no plans to bring in an electric Hilux any time soon. “I’d like to reiterate that we do not have any plans for a battery electric Hilux in our line-up in the next 18 – 24 months,” says Neeraj Lala, Toyota New Zealand Chief Executive Officer. “It is irresponsible to suggest that customers stop buying non-electric vehicles immediately until there is an electric option available. The range and volumes of EVs needed to meet demand is simply not available, and many customers still need a vehicle to transport their family or operate their business.” There have been 5,296 EV sales over the last five years, and of these 45 percent fall into the luxury market. In comparison, there have been…

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stop the lag with hulk professional series

HULK Professional Series has launched its latest product to enhance a vehicle’s driving performance – Quick Response Electric Throttle Controllers, available through HULK 4X4 distributors nationwide. The Quick Response Electronic Throttle Controllers are suitable for modern vehicles that use “fly-by-wire” technology, specifically vehicles without an accelerator cable. Many of these vehicles may experience a delay from the moment the accelerator pedal is pressed to the time the signal gets to the throttle, otherwise known as “lag”. The HULK Professional Series Quick Response Electronic Throttle Controllers reduce, and in some applications eliminate, this lag by shortening the response time between the accelerator and throttle. Six switchable modes – Comfort, Sports, Performance, Automatic, 4x4/ Eco and Standard – and 36 settings are offered within each controller, delivering individual characteristics and adjustability for different driving conditions.…

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protect ute seats with tradies covers

Protecting the seats on a hard-working ute or SUV has never been easier with the latest range of Tradies seat covers now available in New Zealand. Designed and made especially for Ute and SUV models sold in our market, the Tradies covers are described as the “ultimate protection” to keep seats looking like new. And now there are two colour options available; the ever-popular standard grey and a new black that is offered on certain models to better match vehicle interiors. “Tradies seat covers have been very popular in New Zealand and now with the addition of black covers to the range we can satisfy almost any tradie looking for vehicle specific canvas seat covers,” says Tim Paterson, National Sales Manager for Griffiths Equipment, which distributes Tradies seat covers throughout New Zealand. Tradies covers…

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total rope worx

Total Rope Worx NZ Ltd (www.ropesupplies.nz) is your one-stop-shop for all your 4x4 rope and/or recovery requirements. The company was set up back in 2015 so that rope specialist Steve Middleton could better share the knowledge he had picked up working in the marine industry for close to 30 years. Total Rope Worx NZ ltd is the New Zealand distributor for specialist British rope manufacturer Marlow Ropes UK Ltd.’s range of Dyneema Truck Tow Ropes 4x4 Winchline products, as well as specialist rope products used for the Arboriculture, Commercial Marine, General Industrial, Forestry, Mining, Safety and Access and Sports and Recreation sectors. Steve says that synthetic fibre ropes for winching and vehicle recovery offer significant strength, handling, and safety improvements over traditional wire products. To that end Marlow’s range of specially designed Dyneema® ropes…

5 min
there can be only one... toyota highlander well, that was the original plan…

“A beautiful SUV, but... and “Wish it came in a diesel.” were comments which have dogged the Highlander through its previous three generations. Toyota was listening and for generation four, promised hybrid technology for its popular SUV and – right up to the 11th hour – this was what we expected, a complete range of hybridised Highlanders. This being in keeping with Toyota New Zealand’s drive for a cleaner and greener product portfolio. The Highlander hybrid GXL, hybrid Limited and hybrid Limited ZR have all landed as promised – but right alongside them are two ICE (for Internal Combustion Engine) V6 petrol models in GXL and Limited grades. “The decision to retain a V6 option in the 2021 Highlander line-up was driven by consumer demand – mainly from fleets,” says Toyota New Zealand’s…