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NZ4WD December 2020

NZ4WD is for people interested in 4WD vehicles and the lifestyle activities associated with them. It covers a range of topics of interest to the 4WD vehicle buyer and driver. It aims to provide a wide range of information covering vehicle selection (new and used), 4WD destinations both New Zeland and International, accessories and upgrading, 4WD clubs and 4WD sport, lifestyle activities associated with 4WD, adventure and track stories and technical articles

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opening shot

Drones, it’s fair to say can be a bit of a pain in the arse, particularly if you are a spectator at an event when the incessant buzz of the bloody things can really get on your nerves. In saying that, in the right hands, they can add an all-new dimension to the way someone like me can cover a story. Case in point is this stunning image taken by photographer – and drone convert – Cam Henderson (of the Hunters Journal magazine) on occasion of the official local launch of Isuzu’s new D-Max ute line at the appropriately named High Peak Station in the foothills of the great South Island High Country due-west of Ashburton.…

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from the editor

Sometimes I wonder if it is just me, either marching to a different beat to everyone else, or – as I prefer to think of it – travelling in the same direction, and doing so at the same, or at least a very similar pace, just doing so on a (roughly parallel) path of my own choosing, rather than the heavily trafficked main one everyone else is obviously using. Case in point, the way ‘everyone’ these days seems to be talking about electricity being the ‘fuel’ of our vehicle fleet ‘in the future.’ I started out as an arch critic of the whole ‘everything electric’ thing though I am definitely coming around to the idea that electricity has its place. You might have seen (on TV) heard (over the radio) or read (in…

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silverado is first gmsv 4x4 ute to go on sale here

Fans of plus-size US utility vehicles here and across the Tasman can now access some of the biggest and best full-size trucks – beginning with the Chevrolet Silverado – through the newly established General Motors Specialty Vehicles (GMSV) network. The Silverado 1500, remanufactured to right-hand-drive by Walkinshaw Automotive Group, is the first entry in the GMSV portfolio, with the Silverado 2500 and the C8 Corvette to follow in late 2021. Customers can use the new ‘Find a Dealer’ tool on www.gmspecialtyvehicles.com to find their nearest GMSV dealer. North American full-size trucks are redefining the ute market in Australia and New Zealand, and GMSV will offer some of America’s most successful and highest selling vehicles in the segment, said Joanne Stogiannis, Director of GMSV. “We have launched with over fifty GM Specialty Vehicles dealers…

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stadium off-road racing will put manukau on the map

The fastest off-road race cars and trucks going wheel-to-wheel on a custom-designed stadium race track in New Zealand’s biggest city – what’s not to like? The Counties-Manukau International Stadium Race Track at Colin Dale Park in Manukau will host the inaugural Mickey Thompson Stadium Offroad Race Championship over two weekends in early 2021. Racing will take place on 13 February and 6 March. With grids of ten or more in every class and a speedway-style rapidfire race format, the events will turn on some spectacular action in a family-friendly format, according to organiser Tony McCall. He reckons off-road racing is probably the most spectacular loose surface motorsport in the world, but like rallying has been hidden from view. The new championship puts racing on show in a region of 1.5 million people. Formatting…

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toyota’s new hilux sells well

In the first four weeks it was on sale Toyota dealers around the country sold more than 1900 of its new 2021 Hilux models. Toyota New Zealand Chief Executive Officer, Neeraj Lala said one month does not define success, however, the initial demand has been phenomenal across both fleet and private customers. “Delivering 731 new Hilux to customers was a big effort by our Toyota Stores, however, delivering the additional 1,200 vehicles over the next six weeks will be a challenge given supply and logistics constraints,” says Neeraj. “Demand for Hilux accessories is also exceeding all our initial expectations as customers continue to invest heavily in customising their own Hilux.” So far this year, Toyota New Zealand has sold 4,720 Hilux in both 2WD and 4WD variants. It is proving to be the company’s…

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vw’s mini camper concept

With the move to Tiny Houses and to declutter our lives, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles might indeed be onto something with its new ‘mini camper’ model, the Caddy Beach. The new Mini-camper is based on the all-new fifth generation Caddy and boasts a host of new features. One example is the entirely new bed concept that has been redeveloped to offer greater versatility. Since 2005, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has been selling a compact mobile home based on the Caddy as a standard production model. And from the outset, the aim has been to retain everyday utility and to design the fittings such as storage bags and bed area to be removable. This is also true of the latest generation. The small brother of the California is an absolute all-rounder, intended for all who seek…