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NZ4WD March 2021

NZ4WD is for people interested in 4WD vehicles and the lifestyle activities associated with them. It covers a range of topics of interest to the 4WD vehicle buyer and driver. It aims to provide a wide range of information covering vehicle selection (new and used), 4WD destinations both New Zeland and International, accessories and upgrading, 4WD clubs and 4WD sport, lifestyle activities associated with 4WD, adventure and track stories and technical articles

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spare me days!

It used to be truck drivers I really felt sorry for. Imagine, for instance, trying to be a professional in a world (our roading network) now dominated, or at least it seems that way to me, by poorly trained, ill-disciplined – and increasingly vindictive – amateurs. Sure, as an amateur myself, I’ve had the odd run-in with a truckie - but in general I work on the assumption that if I keep out of their way they will keep out of mine! Who would have thought then that I - as a qualified professional (journalist)- I would find myself in the very same position as a truck driver as I barrel along the ‘information’ super highway each and every day. Where once ‘the news’ was the province and responsibility of a relatively small group…

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subaru reveals ‘greatest outback ever’

An all-new version of New Zealand’s most popular Subaru model – the Outback – is in showrooms now – and Subaru of New Zealand’s Managing Director, Wallis Dumper reckons it is just what your local doctor, dentist or other suitably well-heeled yet independently-minded professional will be looking for in a new car in Aotearoa/NZ in 2021 and beyond. “Outback has outperformed all other Subaru SUV models over the bulk of the last 25 years in New Zealand and we expect the evolution of our largest model will continue this momentum. “Subaru has made a conscious decision to take the Outback considerably upmarket, confirming its status as the flagship in the Subaru range. In fact, this entirely new Outback is fondly referred to as the greatest Outback of all time. It’s certainly the…

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audi’s emission-free vision of a 4wd future

Looking for all the world like an extra in a 21st century remake of the War of the Worlds movie, Audi’s AI:TRAIL quattro, is nevertheless a ‘comprehensive concept for sustainable mobility off the beaten track,’ which apparently works and works very well! One of four ‘visionary case studies’ created by Audi to stimulate debate about the ‘cars’ we will be driving in the next 20-50 years, the four-seater AI:TRAIL quattro combines the capacity for automated driving with serious off-road capabilities. The glass surrounding the cabin extends all the way to ground level, providing unrivalled all-round visibility, while what Audi describes as ‘ample’ battery capacity ensures sufficient range even away from dense networks of charging stations. The Audi AI:TRAIL quattro is the fourth entrant in the series of concept cars with electric drive systems,…

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deep cycle batteries – atomic batteries helps you choose

The power and performance of Recreational Vehicle off-road accessories is dependent on the capacity and reliability of your auxiliary (deep cycle) battery. Power capacity is the amount of energy stored in the battery. The size of this storage capacity is described as the Amp Hour (AH) rating of a battery. Amp Hour refers to the battery’s storage capacity and is defined as the current a fully charged battery will deliver over a 20hr period before the voltage drops to 10.5V at 25 Degrees Celsius. It is uncommon to find an off-road vehicle not loaded with accessories like winches, fridges, or RTs to name just a few. To run the accessories efficiently for the duration intended, a reliable and constant supply of power and correct battery chemistry is essential. This makes the selection…

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moawhango safari a sell-out again

“Twas the night before Christmas…OK it was a bit earlier than that – the night of Friday November 27, 2020 in fact - yet it sure felt like it as I headed for bed, with the anticipation of being on the road very early, palpable. The annual Moawhango School and Community Scenic 4WD ‘safari’ can do that to a grown man. And, if anything, the sense of excitement this year was even greater than in previous ones, what with the disruptions to our recreation caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The closest ‘main centre’ to the Moawhango area is Taihape; where I headed first to pick up two of my ‘posse’ or ‘crew.’ We then headed to the check-in point at Mangaohane Station’s woolshed where the last member of the crew of 2020…

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If you, your club or anyone you know are planning any events please get in contact with our Event Manager Ashley Lucas. We can assist in promotion of the event and maybe able to offer some assistance in other areas. Email Ashley@nz4wd.co.nz FEBRUARY 27TH 2021 Bay of Islands 4x4 Club Safari 2021; Raising funds for the Northland Rescue Helicopter. A lead group of 10 vehicles. $150 includes driver and passenger. $30 per extra person. Up to 100 trucks per day. we will run a 2nd day if numbers exceed 150 vehicles. Come and travel over many beautiful farms. A full day of off road driving and farm trails for all experience levels. Open to any 4wd vehicle with good ground clearance. Please email boi4x4club20@gmail.comFor further details or to register. FEBRUARY 27TH 28TH 2021 NZFWDA…