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NZV8 No 178 March 2020

NZV8 Magazine was conceived when the passionate muscle car scene was in need of an authority. Thanks to a large population of baby boomers, muscle car and V8 culture is booming in New Zealand. NZV8 is not only riding that wave, but leading the way by providing a world class magazine that features the cars, events, like the annual Beach Hop and people that make the scene so exciting. NZV8 covers an extensive range of high-performance V8-engined vehicles. Wherever the local ground shakes to the beat of a tuned eight-cylinder machine, from a drag race meeting to a car show, NZV8 is there and bringing you all the action.

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bad ideas are awesome!

How good was Muscle Car Madness this year? The number of crazy creations cruising around has to be a new record. I’m not quite sure how some of the guys and girls dream up some of these things, but they’re equal parts absurd and impressive. I guess that there’s a message in that for the rest of us. While we strive so hard for perfection on our vehicles, often it’s the imperfections that make them interesting or enjoyable. We all want more, we all want to be better, we all want what someone else has got — it’s all too easy to get into that mindset. I think it’s important to stop sometimes, take time to ‘smell the roses’, as they say, and appreciate what we’ve got. I know that this comment…

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first c8 corvette sold

Everyone wants to be the first, to claim that small piece of history as their own, and auctioning off the first production model of a new performance car for charity has become accepted practice. It shouldn’t be too surprising to learn, then, that the first saleable 2020 C8 Chevrolet Corvette crossed the auction block, and did so at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale sale. What no one expected to see, however, was the figure on the big screen when the car sold: US$3M. It made for a silence-inducing moment, even in light of the collection of high-value steel being pushed across the stage. Bidding opened at a cool $200K and quickly jumped to $250K then $500K followed by $750K and $1M. It didn’t slow down there but powered all the way to the…

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shelby sells 2.5 times more trucks than mustangs

It’s not the news any performance enthusiast wants to hear, but it is the reality of the world we live in. In what can only be a forsaking of the performance gods, it’s been confirmed that Shelby American sells 2.5 times as many performance-oriented F-Series pickup trucks as it does Mustangs. That’s hard to believe when something as glorious as Shelby’s 825hp Super Snake Mustang exists. However, it does make sense. According to Shelby’s Jonathan Marsh, the Las Vegas–based company builds roughly 300 Mustang variants a year, including the big-power Super Snake, the Shelby GT, and the Shelby Wide Body, as well as the rental-only Shelby GT-S in partnership with SIXT. That figure excludes the likes of the Ford-built GT350 and GT500, which, despite wearing the Shelby name, are not properly…

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simpson performance products founder dies

While his on-track career saw him make 52 starts in IndyCar between 1968 and 1977, and a start at the Indianapolis 500, EJ ‘Bill’ Simpson was better known for his off-track development of safety equipment under the Simpson brand. He passed away in mid December following a stroke, aged 79. After crashing out during a drag race at the age of 18, Bill developed the idea of a parachute released from the back of the car to slow it down, a concept quickly adopted by the NHRA. Shortly after, identifying the need for driver fire protection after a spate of fire deaths, he enlisted astronaut Pete Conrad to help integrate Nomex fire-retardant material into race suits — by 1967, nearly every Indianapolis 500 starter was wearing a Nomex race suit. Bill…

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most expensive pony ever

Back in September 2019, we talked about the Highland Green 1968 Mustang fastback that starred alongside Steve McQueen in Bullitt and was set to be traded for the first time in over four decades. It had been owned by the Kiernan family since 1974. Bearing the 8R02S125559 chassis code, it was used as the hero car in the film, primarily for close-ups. Its twin (8R02S125558) was used as the stunt car. After the movie wrapped, only chassis 559 was in a condition worth selling, with the stunt car being scrapped. Chassis 559 was purchased by Warner Bros employee Robert Ross, who sold it two years later to New Jersey police detective Frank Marranca. It was then sold one more time, to Robert Kiernan for US$6K, the same price the detective had…

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itm auckland super400 venue change

For the first time since returning to Pukekohe Park Raceway back in 2013, the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship ITM Auckland Super400 has been shifted away from its traditional home. Organizers have confirmed that this year’s 24–26 April (Anzac weekend) incarnation will be hosted at Hampton Downs after they discovered that under the Auckland Unitary Plan, “any use of the track [Pukekohe] by motor vehicles, except for vehicles undertaking maintenance” was barred on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Anzac Day. Hampton Downs is situated in the Waikato, so it isn’t subject to the legislation. According to Supercars CEO, Sean Seamer, nothing else is set to change: “Same date, same format, same plans for Anzac weekend. Still working obviously with the army here in Australia and New Zealand, just a change of venue,”…