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NZV8 No 179 April 2020

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NZV8 Magazine was conceived when the passionate muscle car scene was in need of an authority. Thanks to a large population of baby boomers, muscle car and V8 culture is booming in New Zealand. NZV8 is not only riding that wave, but leading the way by providing a world class magazine that features the cars, events, like the annual Beach Hop and people that make the scene so exciting. NZV8 covers an extensive range of high-performance V8-engined vehicles. Wherever the local ground shakes to the beat of a tuned eight-cylinder machine, from a drag race meeting to a car show, NZV8 is there and bringing you all the action.

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a little gratitude

The old saying of “a little bit of gratitude goes a long way”, may sound corny, but it rings undeniably true. Don’t worry, I’m not going all hippy and saying everyone deserves a cuddle — let’s not get carried away here. What I’m getting at is that there’s a lot to be thankful for in our scene. The most obvious one is that we’re lucky enough to be in the position where we can import, buy, build, and modify the cars that we’re into and drive them on our roads. Our poor cousins across the ditch in Australia don’t have nearly as much freedom as we do in this respect. Other countries are even tighter, with old cars being forced off the road, or vehicles with larger engines being taxed…

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world news

GM ANNOUNCES END OF HOLDEN BRAND After 72 years of operations in Australia, the Holden brand will be retired at the end of 2020 — an announcement confirming the massive news was made by parent company, GM, in February, citing a downward trend in sales and a retreat from right-hand-drive vehicles internationally. A statement from the company reads: “General Motors (GM) is taking decisive action to transform its international operations, building on the comprehensive strategy it laid out in 2015 to strengthen its core business, drive significant cost efficiencies and take action in markets that cannot earn an adequate return for its shareholders. “GM announced today that it would wind down sales, design, and engineering operations in Australia and New Zealand and retire the Holden brand by 2021. The company will focus…

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local gossip

SILVERADO 1500 IS COMING HSV successfully introduced the Silverado 2500 heavy-duty truck into the Aussie market back in 2018. Now, the Victoria-based company has decided to double down and bring the smaller and more versatile Silverado 1500 LTZ to both Australian and New Zealand roads. This is a truck that really doesn’t need an introduction — the Silverado is an icon of American motoring that, for 2020, promises to be more advanced, comfortable, and powerful than ever before. Under the football field–sized bonnet you’ll find a 6.2-litre EcoTec3 V8 putting down 313kW (419hp) and 624Nm — good enough for a mid-five-second sprint to 100kph. This impressive figure is achieved in part thanks to the loss of about 200kg in comparison with the previous model, despite it having a longer wheelbase and…

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wayne smith 1930 model a pickup

That’s a cool-looking pickup, Wayne; how long have you had it? I’ve had it for close to four years now. Did you build it or purchase it? No, I didn’t build it. I bought it off a guy called Russell Sherwin. He had it built in the USA in about 2004 and drove it across the continent. Then he stopped driving it. It had done less than 8000 miles in 10 years. So, how did you manage to score it? I was lucky enough to be Johnny-on-the-spot and buy it off him. I heard from my cousin Morgan that it was for sale. I messaged Morgan one night — it was the day before my birthday — and said I was looking for a hot rod. Morgan came straight back with photos. I thought it…

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in the build

WE KNOW THERE ARE SOME FANTASTIC CARS BEING BUILT OUT THERE, SO DON’T BE SHY — FLICK US AN EMAIL WITH A BIT OF A BLURB AND A FEW HIGH-RESOLUTION PICS OF WHAT YOU’RE UP TO EMAIL YOUR BUILDS TO EDITOR@V8.CO.NZ MORE BOOST As the owner/operator of Mikes Engines, Steve Walker has been involved with more than his fair share of tough engine builds. While churning out horsepower is the main game, he’s also been known to build the odd engine combo for himself. Having long since sold his twin-turbo Ford Galaxie, Steve has recently shifted his attention to the shop truck, a Ford F1 built over a 2001 Toyota Hilux chassis. The solid Toyota underpinnings have made the build far simpler than it would have been had he messed around with strengthening…

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events guide

19–22 MARCH 2020 CAROLINE BAY ROCK AND HOP It’s all on at Caroline Bay in Timaru for 2020! After another successful event last year, organizers have set aside four days (19–22 March) instead of the regular three to keep the party going. Thursday will be warm-up day, with a cruise south to Riverstone just north of Oamaru, while Friday’s programme will include the Geraldine cruise during the day and a night cruise down the main street. Saturday is the day of the show and shine, with stalls, live music, and refreshments. Tekapo is Sunday’s cruise destination, with a barbeque lunch on the lakefront. The whole event is a fundraiser for the Hospice South Canterbury. For a full event schedule and any other information, please visit carolinebayrockandhop.co.nz. 21 MARCH 1ST AUTO PARTS BURNOUT NATIONALS One of life’s…