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life’s a drag

You know this feeling…shooting, tracking and dragging out a mature whitetail.The next time you succeed, take an extra moment to drink it in.We love that feeling, too. This issue we’ve focused on the best locations to tag a monster buck. Game & Fish magazine partnered with the venerable Boone & Crockett Club and state agencies to identify what we call ground zero, the destination near you where stud bucks roam. Check out our reports starting on page 20. To accompany you on that road trip, we’ve supplied helpful info: gear to go, tips to pack your truck, guns to bring with you, and even a playlist for the highway. Post a photo to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram from your fall journeys, and we’ll pick a few to…

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in the field

New Public Land Deer Regulations Take Effect FROM DECEMBER 3 through the end of the statewide whitetail hunting season on February 3, only antlered deer may be taken from specific public hunting areas. Antlerless deer include deer without antlers and deer with antlers less than three inches in length. Antlered deer are those with at least one antler measuring three inches or longer. wildohio.gov Jesse Owens WLA Opened THE JESSE Owens State Park and Wildlife Area in Morgan County has been opened. The area was created through an agreement between the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and American Electric Power (AEP). The property obtained by the state is 5,720-acres that were previously part of the AEP ReCreation Land. ODNR has agreed to purchase additional acres over the next two years which will…

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we want to hear from you

Game & Fish readers are hardcore sportsmen, and don’t all sportsmen have an opinion? You bet. We want to hear your thoughts on our fishing and hunting stories, our gear coverage and how the magazine is laid out. Is there something we’re missing? Can we do a better job? We know you have an opinion. Let’s hear it... CONTACT US EMAIL: todd.kuhn@outdoorsg.com INSTAGRAM: @gameandfishmag FACEBOOK.com/gameandfish TEXT: 404-934-8928 MAIL: Todd Kuhn / GAME & FISH 3330 Chastain Meadows Pkwy., Ste. 200, Kennesaw, GA 30144…

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ohio calendar

DECEMBER 2 DEER FIREARMS SEASON CLOSES The regular statewide deer firearms season closes 30-minutes after sunset. wildohio.gov DECEMBER 3 PUBLIC DEER HUNTING REGULATIONS IN EFFECT Through the end of the deer hunting season, only antlered deer may be harvested from public hunting areas. wildohio.com DECEMBER 15-16 BONUS DEER SEASON OPEN The “bonus” deer firearms season opens statewide. wildohio.gov JANUARY 1 LAKE ERIE LIMITS INCREASE The daily bag limits of walleye, sauger and saugeye in Lake Erie and its tributaries increases to six. wildohio.gov JANUARY 5-8 PRIMITIVE ARMS DEER SEASON OPEN The deer muzzleloader season opens statewide. wildohio.gov JANUARY 31 SMALL GAME SEASONS END The hunting season for squirrel, fox, grouse, skunk, opossum and weasel, and the trapping seasons for fox, raccoon, skunk, opossum and weasel close statewide. wildohio.gov…

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hit the road again

SOME GEAR IS made for the road. In our travels, we found that truck-bed storage that organizes gear and yet still lets you throw a deer or two in there is a welcome addition to our hunts. Tents that pack down tight but set up into a comfortable home-away-from-home, tough gun cases, coolers and backpacks round out the new road gear we want to share with you. TRUCK GEAR TRUCKIN’ IT Having everything organized makes a huge difference in the field. How often have you said, “Crap! I left my knife sharpener (or knife, or chokes, or shells) in my garage.” No more. Here are a few options to bring organization to your chaos. TRUCKVAULT They are the original storage system and have a great reputation among sportsmen. TruckVault specializes in next-level security with their…

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truck guns

THE RISE in popularity of long-range hunting and competitive shooting have spawned a new generation of hunting rifles that are outfitted with heavy-contour barrels, muzzle brakes and adjustable stocks. And while features make shooting at long distances simpler, there are disadvantages. In many situations, hunters and travelers are better served by shorter, lighter firearms — guns that are maneuverable, packable, yet accurate enough to make the shot. Known collectively as truck guns (or, for those who still prefer four-legged transportation, saddle guns) these short, lightweight carbines are ideal for a broad range of situations. The term “truck gun” is something of a misnomer, though. Sure, these rifles are perfectly suited for ranchers looking for coyotes during calving season in their pickup, but they’re also excellent for hunting in treestands or blinds,…