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Old Bike Australasia Issue 83

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Old Bike magazine is a must for those who ride as well as the dedicated enthusiast and rebuilder, covering everything from Vintage to early 1980s bikes - marvel at the restoration of machines that could still sit proudly on the showroom floor. Each issue brings you the latest news and results from recent events, race reports and Rally Roundup, along with new and old bike news and reviews, readers letters, Club Directory, What’s On and much, much more.

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editor’s letter

For whom the bell tolls For us left-side-of-the-road users, travelling in Europe means abandoning many fond tenets, not least of which is coping with riding on the other side of the road. V12 BMWs being propelled at warp speed down autobahns mean you’ll almost be sucked off the motorcycle lest you keep to the correct lane. Trucks in a seemingly seamless convoy, with bare millimetres separating the nose of one from the tail of another, require plenty of forward planning should you wish to take an exit, which involves penetrating this caravan. However despite the velocities achieved, the autobahns are not the most stressful aspect of the journey. The Netherlands is the domain of the bicycle – at current count, 23 million of them in a country of just 17 million people,…

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blow your own

Better late than never Thumbing through my back copies of OBA in spare time is a rewarding pastime, even if only to relish at the magnificent photos or follow the life experiences of Edgar Jessop. Blokes of my vintage can remember when young fellows like Terry Dennehy were burning up the bitumen at Bathurst on his first Honda 250 twin while the rest of us contemplated dropped valves, broken rings or ogled at back copies of Playboy centerfolds in the pits. So, to my reason for writing. OBA issue 50 Letters, has one entitled ‘The Bronze Age’, in which Bruce Anderson Qld. asked for some feedback. I am now many years retired, but as a consulting metallurgist on metal castings, particularly defect analysis I had a close connection with the motorcycle fraternity…

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classic cob

Ryans of Parramatta I had the opportunity recently of meeting up with Patrick Ryan and getting some background on the family’s years in the motorcycle trade. His grandfather, Paddy Ryan raced a Chater-Lea before 1925 at both Penrith and Maroubra speedways. In 1939 Paddy formed a partnership with Roy Honey in a motorcycle business, Ryan and Honey at 4 Hunt Street, Sydney. Paddy is attributed as being involved in the founding of the Vintage Motorcycle Club. When the Transport Department released a special series of ‘vintage number plates’ Paddy received number 001. He was also patron of the Auto Cycle Union (ACU) until the time of his death in 1971. Patrick’s father, Barry Richard Ryan did his apprenticeship as a Fitter and Turner at P. & R. Williams, the Velocette and AJS…

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buzz box old bike news

Cannonball Classic set for 2021 Named after the legendary American Erwin “Cannonball” Baker, who in 1915 rode an Indian twin from Sydney to Melbourne in 18 and a half hours, a Cannonball Run traditionally is a transcontinental event, and has been a feature of US veteran and vintage activity for many years. The Indian-Pacific Cannonball Classic is scheduled to take place in 2021, beginning at Busselton Jetty, Western Australia, and running east to Eden, on the NSW South Coast – a distance of 5,000 km. From Indian Ocean to Pacific Ocean. Open to motorcycles of 73 or more years of age, in other words, built in 1948 or earlier, to be presented in a condition close to original from the factory. More information will be published as it comes to hand. For…

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under the chequered flag

Graham Stewart Motorcycle racing lost one of its best known National and International officials with the passing of finishing flagman GRAHAM “CHECKERS” STEWART at the age of 55. Graham suffered several serious health issues over the past few years and finally lost his battle with brain cancer in June. Graham’s funeral was very well attended by riders past and present, other officials and a host of friends he was involved with during a virtual lifetime in the sport. In 1982 Graham joined Bankstown Wiley Park MCC and raced Short Circuit for a few years. On retiring from racing he decided to continue as an on-track finishing flag official. He waved his flags on a host of Club, State Titles and National Open race meetings and went on as an International Official at…

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wes brown

WALTER WESLEY WILLIAM “WES” BROWN was born in Melbourne on 22nd August 1922, and as a 10 year old began playing his father’s cornet in a local band – the beginning of a life-long love of music. In 1940 he met Leila, who became Mrs Brown in 1944. During WW2, Wes enlisted and serviced as an ambulanceman and bandsman, much of this around Townsville, Queensland. It was while in the service that he became interested in motorcycles, particularly the Air Force’s 600cc Indians with their maroon paintwork. Post war, he worked for a time as a delivery driver for Coca Cola and was a keen consumer of the product, which he insisted never did him any harm. He soon joined the State Electricity Commission (Vic) at Fishermans Bend as a driver…