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Old Bike magazine is a must for those who ride as well as the dedicated enthusiast and rebuilder, covering everything from Vintage to early 1980s bikes - marvel at the restoration of machines that could still sit proudly on the showroom floor. Each issue brings you the latest news and results from recent events, race reports and Rally Roundup, along with new and old bike news and reviews, readers letters, Club Directory, What’s On and much, much more.

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a silver lining

By the time you read this, there will be less than 100 days of this wretched year left to run; a year none of us will ever forget. Not that there will be any magic transition from January 1st, 2021, but one can only hope. Amid the lockdowns, downturns, employment crisis and of course, health issues, good news has been in short supply, but one group has been enjoying something of a boom. I am talking about motorcycle dealers, who, prior to early 2020, had been coping with an environment of stagnant sales and little in the way of optimism. Then along came COVID-19, and something happened. Customers began streaming through the showroom doors. Used bikes that had been languishing on the floor suddenly found new owners, and as the supply…

13 min.
blow your own

Tough customer Great article in issue 87 on the Honda SS125AE. I became the third owner of an SS125 after the first two got sick of falling off it. The front brake was minus the cable and after refitting it I found out why they fell off. The cast iron sleeve had been moulded off-centre in the alloy hub, locking the brake solid at the softest touch of the lever. A machining job fixed that. Every comment in the article was spot on, the mufflers being unobtainable by 1970 (locally), mine looking very tired after a series of laydowns. The bike had low bars with scuffed ends, not the high risers on the featured bike. Over seven years it was used as a road bike in original trim, learner bike for wife…

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classic cob

Further to possible fires caused by ignitions Cam Douglas from Tasmania has sent me his views on the possibility of motorcycle fires being caused by various ignitions. I quote his information as follows. “It’s certainly true that an ignition system in which the coil is energised when the engine is not running can fire the spark plug when the key is turned off. But this is not just a phenomenon peculiar to electronic ignitions. Exactly the same thing can happen with a points type ignition for the same reason. It’s quite logical when you think about it. If the ignition switch is on and the points are closed, then the coil is energised. Switching the key off has exactly the same effect as the points opening. The collapsing magnetic field in…

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festival of motorcycling restructured

Rob Elliot, Secretary of the Vintage & Veteran MCC of South Australia advises, “The event originally conceived as The Festival of Motorcycling 2020, has had to be restructured due to the COVID-19 restrictions, which stops us holding all indoor activities. We hope to resurrect the original concept around the same time in 2021. Instead, Motorcycle Ride Week 2020 has been conceived – Six days of riding around some of the premier areas of the Fleurieu peninsula, a display of veteran and vintage bikes by The Murray and a Motorcycle Only Swap Meet. The week is crowned by a track day at the Mallala Motor Sport Park, arranged in conjunction with the Historic Motorcycle Racing Register, SA. We hope to attract all motorcyclists in South Australia for the week’s rides and events, and…

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queensland says “let’s race”

Bucking the current trend forced by COVID restrictions, the Queensland Early Motorcycles Sporting Club (QEMSC) will be promoting the State Historic Championships on 10th and 11th November – a Tuesday and Wednesday no less – at Morgan Park Raceway in Warwick. Club President Peter Searle says the program will include all popular classes, including Period 5 and 6 Unlimited bikes, and that the meeting will go ahead regardless of border closes that may or may not be in place at the time. “While we would love to have interstate riders on the grid, we realise that under present conditions this may not be possible, but we are confident that the local (Queensland) riders will be out in force for this event.” Monday 9th November will be a practice day courtesy of Champion’s…

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matt’s husky heads to goma

The latest motorcycle to be nominated for the upcoming exhibition, “The Motorcycle. Design, Art, Desire’, which opens on 28th November at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art, is the Australian Championship winning 250 Husqvarna formerly raced and still owned by Matt Daley. The Swedish machine, which was the first 250 Husky to be raced on the Australian East Coast, won the 1967 250cc and 350cc Australian Scrambles Championships at Mount Kembla, Wollongong, and was the subject of a feature story in OBA 64. Matt completed a stunning restoration of the Husky last year. Tickets to the exhibition are now on sale at www.qagoma.qld.au/themotorcycle.…