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Old Bike Australasia Issue 92

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Old Bike magazine is a must for those who ride as well as the dedicated enthusiast and rebuilder, covering everything from Vintage to early 1980s bikes - marvel at the restoration of machines that could still sit proudly on the showroom floor. Each issue brings you the latest news and results from recent events, race reports and Rally Roundup, along with new and old bike news and reviews, readers letters, Club Directory, What’s On and much, much more.

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old hat editor’s letter

The great Joel Robert In this issue you will find the news of the passing of one of the world’s greatest motocross riders, the Belgian legend Joel Robert, aged 77. As strong as an ox and with an appetite for his country’s national drink (beer) that knew no bounds, Joel was the man that bought the sport to the attention of the masses, and particularly to the Americans, who subsequently commandeered the sport in the usual American way. Robert was six times World Champion, with 50 Grand Prix wins, which is an incredible feat, and stood for more than 30 years until it was broken by another Belgian motocross legend, Stefan Everts. Moreover, he was a motocross machine that brought a new, spectacular style to the sport and captured the imagination of…

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blow your own letters to the editor

Square Four search I am doing some research on an old Ariel Square 4 that I owned in the 1960s and also incorporating some details of it in memoirs that I am writing for my family. I have a vague recollection of taking it to the Kangaroo motorcycle rally at Lake Burrumbeet, near Ballarat during Easter, 1969. The trip was as part of the Melbourne University Motorcycle Club. The Ariel also took out the ‘Best Ariel’ prize at the Southern Cross Rally at Mount Barker, South Australia at Easter, 1968. I am looking around for photographic evidence that I actually took it to these events. It had a distinctive screen which would make it easy to identify in photographs, although, there were a few occasions when I removed the screen. I…

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raritee best letter

Tilbrook tales I read, with great interest, the article in ‘Out & About’ OBA 90, about the Tilbrook sidecars. My parents had a double Tilbrook sidecar, attached to a Mk1 Square four Ariel in the early 1950s. I have attached a not very good photo of it from the rear. Dad made a windscreen and hood to weather proof the outfit, which was very effective. Back then, you only got two weeks annual leave, and we used to travel from Sydney to Labrador, Gold Coast, Queensland. Three days on the road, seven days there at the camping area, and three days on the road back home. Atrocious weather, bad roads, driving rain and potholes – many, many potholes. Everything was packed into the sidecar and saddle bags; the only thing outside was…

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blow your own!

If you’ve got something to say, why not write to Old Bike Australasia and get it out to those that might be interested. Send your letters to… Blow Your Own Old Bike Australasia PO Box 95, Kellyville NSW 2155 Ph: 02 9672 6899 E-mail: scaysbrook34@bigpond.com Letters to Old Bike Australasia must carry the senders name, address and/or an email contact. By submitting your letter for publication you agree that it may be edited for legal, space or other reasons. The letters printed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the editor or staff of this magazine. Letters may be shortened or abridged to fit the space available.…

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classic cob out in the shed

Villiers A name not to be forgotten Sometime ago Ken Goodman sent me photos of a pushbike fitted with a Villiers engine. He advised me that the engine was made in Australia. I was not aware that they had been made here. Those photos and a short story appeared in issue 90. The small Villiers engines are not usually everybody’s cup of tea but they have a special place in motorcycle history. During the 1890s John Marston was producing Sunbeam machines but was unable to find good quality parts such as pedals. In 1898 he purchased a small “Japanning” works in Villiers Street, Wolverhampton. His son Charles managed this plant producing quality pedals and free-wheeling pushbike rear wheels. He purchased it from his father in 1902. In 1912 the first engine, a…

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buzz box old bike news

Townsville progress Gary Ellem, President of the Road Racing Association of Townsville, reports that the new Townsville Circuit is progressing satisfactorily. “We have completed Stage one; this is the Driver Education portion with 6 Acres of bitumen down, with high speed entry road, central road within the precinct, administration building and WC’s with the Admin car park. The dam is completed and now full. Track construction starts at the end of the wet, which should be end of March, Stage One initial length will be 2.75km.”…