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Old House Journal November/December 2019

The Original Restoration Magazine for people who are passionate about old houses to repair, rehabilitate, update, and decorate their homes; covering all classic American architectural styles,—from the earliest Colonial-era buildings to grand Victorians of every variety to Arts & Crafts bungalows and mid-century ranches.

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our favorites issue

In this year-end issue, we bring you reader favorites and extra pages filled with beautiful and helpful products. The issue was put together interactively: All year, social-media views, Likes, and comments weighed into what we decided to shoot and ultimately feature. The design story (p. 24) takes us back to a kitchen we first published in 1997. It hasn’t changed significantly … you might say it’s been retro-dated instead of updated. Now, even the appliances date to before 1930. And, this being the kitchen of wallpaper maven and English Arts & Crafts historian David Berman of Trustworth Studios, stunning wallpapers are on view. Find out how a vintage Glenwood stove (that came with its own cookbook), and a refrigerator from which plastic is banned, have changed his life. The restore section (p.…

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mellow gold and yellow

1. GOLD-ON-WHITE Hand-printed with warm metallics in a lustrous “white silk” finish, Kunio and Terumi are in a collection of wallpapers based on traditional Japanese design motifs. They’re sold in 30-square-foot rolls for $83 per roll. Bradbury & Bradbury, (707) 746-1900, bradbury.com 2. GOLDEN CROCUSES Sculptor and writer Carol Alleman casts limited-edition bronze vessels like "Golden Promises," then writes a poem to accompany each piece. Lavish with crocuses, the vase measures 6¼" tall x 4½" in diameter, $2,200. Alleman Studios, (520) 622-6377, allemanstudios.com 3. COY KOI Goldfish swim in “Waterlilies I,” a recent triptych from Yoshiko Yamamoto. Each of the 19 colors is block-printed on acidfree, all-cotton paper. Framed, it measures 20¾" x 41": $240 matted, $470 matted and framed. Arts & Crafts Press, (360) 871-7707, artsandcraftspress.com 4. OPEN WIDE This decorative fish boot fits over the…

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gifts for home

1. CREATE A SCREEN A historically accurate shutter kit may be used to create a porch screen. Made from PVC that resembles wood, Shutters In-a-Box are ready to assemble with a few cuts on a miter saw, and come with hardware. One pair goes for $243 and up. Aeratis, (888) 676-2683, aeratis.com 2. COOL CATS The Brayton Laguna cat is a Midcentury Modern classic introduced by the namesake pottery in 1960. Revived by one of California’s legacy ceramics works, the Siamese-like kitty comes in half a dozen period colors. It stands 16” tall; $95. Bauer Pottery, (888) 213-0800, bauerpottery.com 3. TULIPS ALL YEAR Treat parlor or dining room to an artistmade lamp. The blossoming tulips in this Art Nouveau-inspired lamp get their shape from Anne’s expertly cut metal overlays. About $1,000. Anne Ryan Miller Glass…

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mail-order houses

WASHINGTON, DC / $1,460,000 The Sears ‘Westly’ plan was offered between 1913 and 1929. This restored version is remarkably intact on the exterior, with its through-tenon porch posts, a cutwork balustrade, and original siding. Much of the interior woodwork remains. FAIRMONT, WV / $165,000 The ‘Alhambra’ was one of Sears’ most popular kits. This 1920 stucco survivor retains much of its interior woodwork, including plate rails in the living and dining rooms, a built-in buffet, and original staircase. CAMBRIDGE, WI / $525,000 This 1916 Foursquare from Gordon Van Tine retains its classic lines, along with period “ready-cut” elements like the staircase newel, French doors, window and door trim, and hardwood floors. CARLINVILLE, IL / $79,500 This 1918 transitional ‘Whitehall’ Queen Anne is one of 154 remaining Sears kit houses ordered by Standard Oil for its workers. The…

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a victorian saved

This house in Summit, New Jersey, was built in 1878, but now it is virtually new construction replicating the original. Neglected and abandoned for many years, it had significant structural damage as a result of disastrous roof leaks: there was no question that this would be a gut renovation, down to the lath. Besides structural work, the house needed its porches put back, new roofs, new mechanicals and systems, new cedar clapboard siding and exterior paint, a new kitchen, and new bathrooms. Nevertheless, the point was to save this bit of the 19th century, so we kept the house’s historical details. The porches were rebuilt as they had been. Originally there were around 50 exterior corbel brackets, massive in size: 6" wide by 12" deep by 26" tall. Only a few were…

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to the last detail

INSPIRED WALLPAPER Berman’s ‘Laborate et Amate’ paper was cued by English designer Voysey’s tile series depicting craftspeople. The green chosen echoes the Jadeite. ‘Bird & Rose’ is the Voysey pattern on the curtains. THE ISLAND STORY The island was a school laboratory table from the 1920s–’30s. It was stripped and refinished. The swing-out seats are original to the piece, which is now on modern dolly casters.…