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March - April 2021
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Organic NZ is filled with info to live a healthier lifestyle - for you and the planet! Published by the Soil & Health Association of New Zealand, working since 1941 for sustainable organic agricultural and good health. Topics range from home garden to large-scale success stories; eco-building; urban organics; genetic engineering & chemical issues; food matters & natural health.

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Soil & Health Association of NZ Inc
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mauri ora!

I hope you’re enjoying the bounty of the harvest season, whether it’s garden produce, or harvests in other dimensions of your lives. We have some delicious chilli and tomato recipes for you in this issue, and gardening tips for this time of year. This magazine has a particular focus on plants – and the growing trend for plant-based eating. We’d love to hear your feedback, experiences and thoughts on this – or any of the topics in this issue. Speaking of plants, I’ve just finished reading a fascinating book that’s both scientific and soulful – The Lost Language of Plants by Stephen Harrod Buhner. It’s described on the back cover as ‘a pharmaceutical Silent Spring’. It celebrates plants as the medicines for the world, with a dynamic complexity of healing compounds. Yet…

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transformational change that lasts

The report from the Climate Change Commission was released last week. Although my daughter accuses me of being the family catastrophist (if such a word exists!) I initially felt a real sense of hope after reading the summary. The Commission states that ‘transformational and lasting change across society and the economy will be needed’ and this is indeed the case. Real transformation will require a change in mindset. The current mindset asks how can we maintain our current lifestyles with minimal disruption? But we need to disrupt inequality, we need to take seriously the priorities of te ao Māori and we need to disrupt the assumption that business as usual will help us deliver the changed future we want for our children and grandchildren. So we have a choice – do we…

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your letters

Email: editor@organicnz.org.nz Post: PO Box 9693, Marion Square, Wellington, 6141. WINNING LETTER LEGAL DEFENCE FUND FOR RAW MILK PRODUCERS We switched to raw milk after seeing its benefits. It’s so full of goodness and consuming it never made us sick, not even once. So we were devastated to hear the news about legal charges being brought by MPI against raw milk farmers, who now face heavy fines and maybe even jail time. Some of those farmers are organic. The regulations are not fair. Milk can be only sold at the farm or the farmers have to deliver door to door. This is not possible in practice. Supermarkets aren’t expected to deliver a litre of milk to our door. Then why these farms? Regulations allow for ‘registered’ depots but only at unreasonably huge costs and processes,…

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things we like

Lothlorien Winery The only certified organic feijoa winery in the world (as far as we know) is Lothlorien Winery near Warkworth. The first phase began back in the early ’70s with the planting of fruit trees; later the winery was established, and gained organic certification with BioGro NZ. It also has vegan certification. Lothlorien Winery’s range includes sparkling apple and feijoa wine (medium, dry and reserve), still apple and feijoa wine, poorman’s orange juice, and a smooth and deliciously fruity liqueur (apple, feijoa and mānuka honey). The liqueur would pair well with a sharp cheese, or drizzle it over ice cream or your favourite dessert. The wines are available in standard 750 ml bottles and small 200 ml bottles – refreshing and perfect for lunch, picnics or summer evenings. www.lothlorienwinery.co.nz Naturalea Organic Milk Not a plant-based…

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A year’s supply of Karma Drinks Want to keep the taste of summer going all year round? One lucky winner will win a year’s supply of Karma Drinks’ latest creation, organic Raspberry Lemonade Razza! Enter now for a chance to receive a case delivered every two months. Karma Drinks have taken a classic summer drink and given it a feel-good twist. With all the zest of your favourite lemonade but without any of the nasties, Razza is certified organic by BioGro, made with organic lemons, raspberries, and Fairtrade organic cane sugar. Karma Drinks is a New Zealand company which, through the Karma Cola Foundation, works to produce Fairtrade and organic drinks that support the cola farmers of Sierra Leone. karmadrinks.co.nz REPELEM insect spray Don’t kill’em, repel’em! You could be one of 12 lucky winners to…

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oanz’s unifying organic sector strategy receives funding

Organics Aotearoa New Zealand has gained $212,500 in funding from the Ministry for Primary Industries’ Sustainable Food & Fibre Futures fund. This will go towards developing a three-year organic sector strategy. The total project was costed at $376,000, and the balance is made up of cash and sector in-kind contribution. “The sector’s collective buy-in, along with MPI’s funding for this strategy is instrumental in advancing the sector,” says Viv Williams, OANZ CEO. “The strategy will look at how the organic sector can on one hand increase consumer demand, and on the other increase the share of organic produce, products and supporting the organic sector ecosystem that makes up the economy.” Through its strategy, OANZ intends to identify shared challenges and opportunities; strengthen the evidence base for action; find consensus upon a vision…