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Organic NZ July - August 2020

Organic NZ is filled with info to live a healthier lifestyle - for you and the planet! Published by the Soil & Health Association of New Zealand, working since 1941 for sustainable organic agricultural and good health. Topics range from home garden to large-scale success stories; eco-building; urban organics; genetic engineering & chemical issues; food matters & natural health.

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build kindness & forge new alliances

Kia ora e hoa mā. Wow – we made it all the way from Level 4 – panic, fear of the unknown and uncertainty – through to Level 1 – unlock all doors and restore all hugs! And along the way we heard more birds sing, talked more with our neighbours, discovered new recipes, called up all our friends – and had time for our gardens. Above all we were kind to each other, led by the example of our Prime Minister. So wouldn’t it be wonderful if we now turn that kindness into our business dealings, into our politics and into the way we treat our environment. For Covid-19 has shown everyone how forgiving the earth can be when we allow it to breathe, rather than filling it with pollutants. And…

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breathe and contemplate

I felt proud and humbled watching so many people in the organic community making oral submissions on the Organic Products Bill recently. There was much common ground among the messages people were giving to the Primary Production Select Committee. Some submitters expressed the view that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ – that we have a good system working already. Many agreed with the aims of the Bill but had fairly major concerns about how it was written, how much it had strayed from organic sector feedback as part of the consultation for the bill, and the potential negative impacts on organics overall – read more on page 10. The overwhelming sense I got from the submitters was one of passion and dedication to this thing we call organics. The…

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your letters

WINNING LETTER THE MATHS BEHIND THE HARVEST I grew these 15.5 kg of New Zealand yams (oca) and 10 kg of potatoes, organically, on eight square metres of land. The total number of hours that went into sowing, growing and harvesting the crop was six. I could sell these tubers, wholesale, for $80 (which would pay me $13.30 an hour for my work), or use them to fuel me for 10 days (an average woman consumes around 1600 calories per day). Sometimes, the maths of self-sufficiency is fun to do. But if I was an organic grower, selling vegetables for a living, these figures might seem a little grim. Diana NoonanPapatowai Thank you Diana – we love receiving photos of people’s organic gardens, farms and food, plus any tips and experiences to share. – Ed. This…

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things we like

Daily Organics kombucha Several of the Organic NZ team recently tried out Daily Organics Summer Kombucha. It’s a lovely, crisp, gut-nourishing health drink. The ginger and lemon flavour is light on the palate with a tart refreshing aftertaste that leaves your tongue feeling clean. The one-litre size was great at our luncheon, but 200 ml bottles are probably easier if you’re going to go for a hike. We loved it, and loved knowing we were being good to ourselves while we drank it too. Daily Organics Kombucha comes in three flavours, Summer (ginger and lemon), Winter (chai spices and ginger), and Original, the living probiotic tonic, all certified organic by BioGro. www.dailyorganics.com Wholefoods Handbook 2020 From the indigenous karengo to the exotic cañahua, there are 270 healthy wholefoods listed in this handy little 108-page A-Z…

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Green Trading We have an amazing 18 prizes on offer from Green Trading! Up for grabs are three $50 vouchers to spend in their online store, and 15 organic neem soaps. Rohan and Komal Patel founded Green Trading to source natural alternatives for human health, gardening and pet care. “A major health-related illness in the family helped us question how our simple lifestyle choices have an effect on our health and wellbeing,” says Rohan. Green Trading has a wide range of BioGro certified products for people, pets and plants. They sell New Zealand-made neem oil products under the brand Native Neem. Another brand, Meals in Steel, offers stainless steel lunchboxes and water bottles – healthy, durable and plastic-free. Green Trading also has a range of organic Ayurvedic health supplements. www.greentrading.co.nz Kokonati Three lucky winners will each…

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organic bill rewrite coming

The Organic Products Bill is expected to be rewritten substantially after dozens of critical submissions to Parliament’s Primary Production Select Committee. Organic producers and distributors who fronted at committee hearings on 11 June (via online video link) took the draft legislation to task for failing to clearly define ‘organic’, adding unnecessary bureaucracy and cost to certification processes, ignoring kaupapa Māori approaches to organic food production and potentially stalling growth in the whole sector. Committee members acknowledged the bill’s failings as successive submitters raised the same concerns, some in strong terms. Committee Chair David Bennett (National, Hamilton East) said the bill had “a totally different appearance from what the sector was looking for”, and its regulatory approach was “overkill”. As the hearing progressed, Mr Bennett said he would push for a legislative rewrite,…