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ALWAYS IMPRESSED As a commercial photographer for over 40 years, I always look forward to each issue of the magazine. The cover photography is always amazing, but the issue [with] Greenland is truly amazing. Thanks for such great images and editorial excellence. Scot Zimmerman 2008 Land Rover LR3 HANDS-ON LEARNING I enjoyed the Spring 2019 issue, especially Dr. Solberg’s article addressing some of the common causes and manifestations of shock. Medical emergencies are something we should all prepare for, and the control of life-threatening bleeding is something that anyone can do. The American College of Surgeons, along with the Hartford Consensus has developed a course to teach just that. Readers can find a class in their location by going to bleedingcontrol.org. The course is practical and hands-on, and in most locations they’re free. You can…

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EMILY SHEFF Emily Sheff is an avid traveler who enjoys exploring lesser-known destinations. The more challenging the adventure, the more rewarding the experience. She’s traveled to over 40 countries on four continents, and since 2016 has been overlanding through Africa (18 countries to date), partially from the passenger seat of a Jeep Wrangler, and the rest with nothing more than a 75-liter pack on her back. When she’s not busy exploring the mountains, rivers, and oceans of her home country of Canada, Emily works as a content creator, photographer, writer, and marketing and communications consultant. She is also the creator of the cross-cultural multimedia series Face of Africa Today, which will be published into a hardcover book in 2019. BRENDON AND KIRA HAK Brendon has been behind the wheel his entire life, his…

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the true cost of knockoffs

As an overlander, I am always surprised to see knockoff products bolted to the side of a vehicle that is destined for the backcountry. That small amount of money the purchaser saved will ultimately leave them stranded and cost the industry they love dearly. Per the 2018 report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the global counterfeit business represents as much as $461 billion in lost revenue to the original intellectual property owners. In our market, it is not just blatant infractions, but also companies that push the infringement right to the edge to avoid lawsuits. At Overland Journal, some of our primary concerns are the safety of our readers and the overall health of the overland community. There are a shocking number of safety or recovery products that…

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The iOverlander app is made for overlanders by overlanders, with an extensive database of campsites, fuel stations, and mechanic shops all within easy reach of your dominant thumb. Finding your next great campsite requires nothing more than the same effort that goes into searching Google Maps. Thanks to the diligent input from fellow users, you can download the app and leave on a trip immediately with almost zero planning. Even if you’re one of those people that plan a trip in extreme detail, something will inherently go sideways on the road. A campsite will be closed, local roadblocks will force a backtrack, or a mechanical breakdown will require a last-minute detour—iOverlander is invaluable at times like these. To be honest, we’ve driven past more than a few iOverlander camp spots that were…

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countycomm’s maratac peanut xl titanium lighter

Machined from 6AL4V Grade 5 titanium, the same used in medical and marine applications, the Maratac Peanut XL lighter by CountyComm is a high-quality piece of field and survival gear. The Peanut XL’s advantages over the Split Pea and Peanut sizes are not only the larger, easier to manipulate flint wheel but also the exceptional fuel capacity. The XL is 2.75 inches in length, with a .75-inch diameter. It’s waterproof, and the housing’s O- ring also prevents the cap from inadvertently loosening. The removable flint wheel and fuel cell unit is solid brass. Spare flints and O-rings stash between the fuel wadding and felt. Zippo or Ronsonol lighter fluid (naphthalene) is the requisite fuel but white gas (Coleman fuel) for camp stoves also works. Stick to these fuels. With the cap…

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mymedic, myfak basic

The MyFAK Basic is 4 x 7 x 8 inches, contained in a heavy-duty, 600-denier soft case, and accessed through two large, easy-to-pull zippers. It has a limited quantity of consumables to treat minor injuries, scrapes, and sunburns and would make a good bug-out or backpacking kit—the Mylar blanket is a nice touch. But travelers with a vehicle’s payload at their disposal owe it to themselves to carry a kit with more robust capability. For those traveling beyond the reach of traditional emergency medical services, you’ll want something that also includes a full-sized SAM splint, a full-sized elastic bandage, an oral or nasal airway, and more than two packets of Tylenol. MyMedic does have more complete choices suitable for backcountry travel, and kits are available in four sizes from wallet to…