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PRINT ISNʼT DEAD I just received my first issue of Overland Journal today, and while I haven’t dug into many stories yet, I must say this is an impressive magazine. The photos are amazing. There are ads, but it doesn’t feel overrun with them, [and the] paper quality is great. It’s a compelling argument for print. Chad Kirchner 2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro CLOSE, BUT WRONG PROVINCE We love getting the Overland Journal; it’s a fight to see who gets it first in the house. I was thrilled to see Moraine Lake in there—it’s one of our favourite places to take a friend when they are in town. Disappointing to see you give the credit to British Columbia though, as Moraine Lake is in Alberta. The far side (unseen) of the mountains at the back…

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EMMA ROGERS Emma is a freelance graphic designer and keen photographer who is most at home in the mountains. Any of her free moments are spent traveling, hiking, and adventuring. Emma and her partner, Ben, spent three years driving a Toyota 4Runner from Deadhorse, Alaska, to Ushuaia, Argentina. On the way, they collected Kaylee (a Guatemalan street dog) and a lot of road stories. Now all three are back in New Zealand, saving and preparing for the next big overland journey. In the meantime, there are plenty of wild places to explore close to home. With a mixture of local alpine adventures and short overseas trips planned, the camera won’t have time to gather dust. HEATHER LEA In the spring of 2014, Heather Lea thought her boyfriend’s suggestion to ride around the world…

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red wing iron ranger

When it comes to boots, there are few names that garner as much nostalgia as Red Wing here in the United States. They’ve been outfitting our country’s workforce with quality footwear since 1905, but have expanded their line to be fashion forward as well, with heritage options like the Iron Ranger. Just like the boots made over 100 years ago, the Ranger is made from oil-tanned leather, which is water, stain, and perspiration resistant. It’s extremely durable and forms a natural patina over time that’s stylish and attractive.The leather is triple-stitched for longevity, with double layers in the toe cap and heel pocket, and laces that tie through metal eyelets and hooks. The soles vary based on the model chosen and are available with smooth bottoms for the office or Vibram…

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extreme outback extremeaire magnum compressor

When I purchased my first air compressor, speed was all that mattered.The faster it was,the less time I had to spend on the side of the road.After it failed twice in the field though,my priorities took a hard left.I wanted simplicity and reliability in any conditions along with fierce durability—the Kalashnikov of compressors.Thorough research and countless recommendations pointed toward the ExtremeAire Magnum, and last summer I made the order. The Magnum is Extreme Outback’s flagship compressor,a 12-volt beast designed for reliability and speed.It uses a replaceable air filter instead of flat wafers, stainless steel hardware to prevent corrosion, and a special coating around the cylinder which dissipates heat.Most importantly,the compressor runs on sealed bearings that prevent the breakdown or contamination of grease due to water and dust.This means you can reliably…

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alpacka forager raft

Overlanders love 4WDs, but we also tend to explore the earth by other means. Though I’m a fan of the water, carrying a canoe is rarely an option, which is why I borrowed a Forager packraft from Alpacka Raft last year. The Forager is a heavy-lifter, expedition-grade craft equipped to haul two people and 500-plus pounds of gear. Originally designed for big game hunting in the remote reaches of Alaska, it is ideal for a weekend paddle or a journey around Iceland’s coasts. This packraft isn’t your kid’s Sevylor. Its standard hide is 420-denier nylon coated with a UV-resistant heavy polyurethane film; an optional 400-denier, five times stronger-than-steel Vectran fabric spun from liquid crystal polymers is an optional material. The Forager is self-bailing and includes ingenious features like the Cargo Fly, an…

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primus campfire table

The quest for the right camp table has always been a struggle for me and is ongoing. I want something compact to save space, but that doesn’t take forever to set up. Since I store it inside my vehicle, it can’t rattle like the roll-up aluminum models, but needs to be sturdy enough for practical use. It’s a delicate balance to strike, and last year I found my almost perfect match, the Primus Campfire. This table is less than 3 inches thick when stored, but spans 22.8 x 29.5 inches when open. That’s an ideal amount of space for kitchen tasks like meal prep, cooking, and eventually eating, but things can get a bit tight with a large stove, pots, pans, and ingredients. Setup is measured in seconds thanks to the tri-fold…