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the feed

KUDOS Your magazine rocks. I really enjoy the articles on overland vehicle builds. Thank you for quality photos, writing, and publishing. I first came across your publication at Sports-mobile in Fresno, California, while visiting the factory. I [had] seen the advertisement in your magazine. Let me tell you, they were the friendliest group of folks—from the office staff to the installers/technicians to a guy from Seattle who dreams of a Sportsmobile every day. Overland Journal reminds me of National Geographic with fun toys for folks to enjoy life. John Lynn 2017 Toyota Tundra THEFT IS THEFT I saw your [Letter from the Publisher] in the Summer 2019 issue about knock-offs, and it really hit home for me. Having been a life-long innovator, I have also been the victim of this type of theft more than…

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PHILIPP AND KAROLIN WÜLFING Karo and Phil have always been passionate about traveling. But they stepped it up in 2015 when they bought a Mitsubishi Pajero in Australia and converted it into a campervan. The freedom to explore the country on their own and to drive in the Outback in relative solitude made them want more. They found an old Land Rover Defender in Germany, and within a year, the vehicle was rebuilt into a go-anywhere motorhome. Since March 2017, Karo and Phil have been traveling through North America and are loving every minute of it. They are heading to Patagonia next and are eager for this next adventure. Much of their travels, nature explorations, and experimental culinary delights are chronicled on YouTube. KYRA SACDALAN Kyra Sacdalan is an author, photographer, and cultural…

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general grabber x3 mud-terrain tire

Nigeria is a volatile country, and her neighbour Cameroon is suffering a civil war. There are a few small border crossings, but due to the threat of banditry and guerrillas, the most direct route is closed and not worth attempting even if the border is open. The only viable route (as found on our journey across West Africa) is through the rolling hills and mountains of the central highlands. There are no paved roads for a hundred miles, and rainy season thunderstorms pound the red African soil into thick, slippery mud. I can think of no greater test of a mud-terrain tire in an overland application. We have been running mud-terrain tires for 10 years because we enjoy driving off-pavement routes in our Defender, and have driven through East and West…

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redarc bcdc charger

The Australian Outback is one of the most abusive environments for overlanding on the planet, with soaring temperatures and endless corrugations. The deserts of the island continent will find the weak link in almost any product. These conditions, combined with the way that Aussies typically camp (i.e., weeks in the bush, off-grid) prompted RedArc to design and manufacture electronic solutions highly suitable to the overland traveler—in particular, their in-vehicle dual battery chargers. The 40-amp BCDC is quite different than typical dual-battery systems in the North American market, including the extensive lineup we tested in Summer 2017. The traditional approach is to use a robust solenoid to connect the starting and house batteries once the starting battery has achieved float voltage. This does have advantages like high amperage capacity (80-400 amps), and…

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trail-gear creeper breather

We troubleshot for at least 10,000 miles to address oil spewing from the rear axle housing vent on our 2010 Ford E350 4WD.This oil really smells when dispersed, and can permeate the vehicle’s interior. When splattered all over the undercarriage, including the rear brakes, it also attracts dirt and is a cleaning nightmare. Sources suggested tapping a new vent hole, rerouting the axle breather vent hose, changing the axle oil weight, type, and volume, or installing different jiggle caps and breather filters on the hose. There wasn’t an obvious solution, and all attempts to mitigate brought no joy. Finally, while discussing the issue at a diesel performance shop, I heard a shout from deep under a weathered farm truck’s hood, “Just get a Creeper Breather.”A what? Trail-Gear’s Creeper Breather attaches to the…

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the new defender

The Defender, at least for me, has always been about emotion, freedom, and heritage. In a world of facts and figures, specifications, and awards, the Defender has somehow transcended all of it, and for over 35 years. The shape of the Series Land Rovers has continued essentially uninterrupted since 1948, which represents generations of explorers, farmers, and royalty behind the wheel. I can still remember the moment I saw my first NAS 110 in Colorado. And I recall every feeling that came when I drove a Defender over the Andes Mountains in Chile, or around Iceland in the depths of winter. Admittedly, emotions can be deceiving and may not reflect reality, but I am grateful for them. And the emotional component is precisely why the 2020 Defender will be one…