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ALL LIT UP I’m wondering if the new 2020 Defender (Winter 2019), with many of the same design features as the Discovery, will have the same “problem” that makes our 2018, 3.0 L turbo-diesel Discovery less than ideal as a platform for camping, overlanding, or use as a mobile office. The problem is when you’re having to open and close the doors constantly; each time, all sorts of systems boot up, and the vehicle lights up like a Christmas tree. Before long, the battery gets discharged to the point where a warning on the dash tells you to start the vehicle. It’s even come on when I’ve been loading the vehicle for a trip. I don’t want to be running the vehicle unless I’m actually driving it. [We were] very unhappy…

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LYN WOODWARD Lyn Woodward is an award-winning Los Angeles-based writer whose automotive and adventure work has appeared in such publications as Automobile Magazine, The Drive, Truck Trend, and Autoweek, among others. Currently, Woodward writes and hosts automotive video reviews for Kelley Blue Book. A car enthusiast, she owns two classic vehicles: a 1966 Datsun 1600 Roadster, and a 1987 Mitsubishi Montero that she’s currently restoring. Woodward spends her spare time traveling and wheeling off the grid, but of all her off- and on-road accomplishments, competing in the Rebelle Rally—a 10-day, off-road, map and compass navigation competition—remains one of her most proud. In addition to her automotive work, Woodward answered Hollywood’s call and has had several television projects produced. KARIN-MARIJKE VIS COEN WUBBLES Freelance writer Karin-Marijke Vis, along with her partner, photographer Coen Wubbels,…

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garmin overlander

Last summer, Garmin released the first GPS unit designed specifically with the overland community in mind. Appropriately named the Overlander, it touts features like a rugged dustproof case, preloaded offline maps of North and South America, offline databases from iOverlander and Ultimate Public Campgrounds, InReach integration, and offline turn-by-turn navigation. The Overlander is one of the most enjoyable GPS devices I have ever used. The menus are easy to navigate, the screen is bright enough to see during the day, and the magnetic charging mount makes pulling the device on and off the windshield a snap. Because the topo maps and campground databases are preloaded, you don’t have to worry if you have the right map regions downloaded for your destination. I liked the optional forward-facing trail and backup cameras, but…

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garmin drive gps with open street maps

Garmin has been at the forefront of vehicle-based GPS systems for over two decades, and it shows in their latest flagship range, the Drive series, available in 5- or 7-inch screen sizes. The touch screen is bright and responsive and automatically dims to a high-contrast night mode to preserve night vision. Garmin’s mature route-finding algorithms make turn-by-turn navigation a snap. The remarkable feature of this compact and durable unit is the flexibility provided by the micro SD card slot. The free Open Street Maps can be legally converted for the Garmin, opening up a world of possibilities. These maps are extremely accurate and detailed, containing not only all roads but also walking tracks, gas stations, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, campgrounds, rivers, lakes, mountains, and borders—to name a few categories. I have…

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2020 land cruiser heritage edition

The Land Cruiser is nearly synonymous with overland travel, being far and away the most common model for remote or foreign journeys. Its success in this regard has been the ideal blending of reliability, capability, and capacity. From NGOs in Africa to cattle stations in Australia, the venerable Land Cruiser has driven humanity forward. As a way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the model, Toyota has released a Heritage Edition for 2020. And while most consumers view this low-volume premium SUV as a luxury vehicle, it is actually the quality of construction and robustness of components that drive most of the cost, this platform being produced on the same manufacturing line as the 70 Series. Mr. Koyari called this vehicle “the strongest Land Cruiser we have ever made,” during a…

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pelican 1535 air carry-on case

Founded in the mid-1970s by a husband and wife team working from their California home, Pelican products have since grown to range from ruggedized shipping cases and ancillary scuba equipment to outdoor scene lighting and more. The company also expanded overseas with numerous manufacturing, distribution, and subsidiary business concerns. Undeniably, Pelican’s Protector Case is their most recognized item. The original polypropylene cases, with their signature pressure equalization valve, stout handles, and an O-ring between the lid and case, are arguably the industry’s gold standard. Water and dust resistant, it’s hard to imagine either entering once a Pelican is sealed. If a water crossing is deeper than anticipated, a colleague leaves the case outside overnight, or an unexpected sandstorm kicks up, Pelican Protectors will keep gear dry and dust-free. I’ve used them on…