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SUMMER 2020 PUBLISHER AND CHAIRMAN Scott Brady PRESIDENT AND DIRECTOR OF DESIGN Stephanie Brady CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER Christian Pelletier CHIEF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT OFFICER Brian McVickers CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Andre Racine DIRECTOR OF EUROPEAN OPERATIONS Michael Brailey EDITOR, OVERLAND JOURNAL Tena Overacker CONSERVATION EDITOR Åsa Björklund MEDICAL EDITOR Dr. Jon Solberg, MD, FAWM ARCHAEOLOGY SENIOR EDITOR Bryon Bass, PhD CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Nicholas Bratton, Chris Cordes, Olivier de Vaulx, Rocky Donati, Paul J. Driscoll, Graeme Green, Janelle Kaz, Jennie Kopf, Arden Kysely, Andrew Moore, Graham Naismith, Tom Sheppard, Chris Simon, Lisa Thomas SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER Bruce Dorn CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Isaiah Branch-Boyle, Olivier de Vaulx, Will Mather, Chris McGowan, Greg Mills, Michelle Romeo, Cecile VR COPY EDITORS Jacques Laliberté TECHNICAL EDITOR Chris Ramm CARTOGRAPHER David Medeiros CUSTOMER SERVICE COORDINATOR Miriam Glade…

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CORRECTION In Gear 2020’s “Overland Truck of the Year,” we reported payload for the Chevrolet Colorado Bison as being 1,493 pounds, according to Chevrolet’s data. Final GVWR certifications now list the new payload range at 1,100 to 1,325 pounds. This changed the overall rating of the Colorado down slightly, but not enough to alter the rankings for the test. CORRECTION I [came across] an error on page 137 of the Gear 2020 issue: the photo of the pictured Camel Trophy vehicle is [called out as] a Defender, but appears to be a Discovery. It’s a small error and not consequential to the article, but I know your team [members] are perfectionists. Thank you for the great storytelling. Doug Harakal 2000 100-Series Toyota Land Cruiser It sure is a Discovery. Thanks for pointing out the error…

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JANELLE KAZ Janelle is a biologist and journalist traveling solo on a motorcycle to document the positive actions taken to protect wildlife. The only thing she’s been passionate about longer than riding motorcycles is wildlife. One of her favorite achievements in this lifetime is bridging the two worlds of fueling motorcycle travel with the purpose of honoring the natural world—seeking habitat protection, and fighting against the illegal wildlife trade. These pursuits have taken her from the outlying places in Laos to the mountains and jungles of South America. She’s lived on a motorcycle for nearly five years now, riding different bikes on different continents. You can follow her current journey through Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia under her pen name, Motogypsy. ANDREW MOORE A wilderness emergency medical technician with more than 20 years…

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field tested

Field Tested by Scott Brady The Primus Camp Kitchen Products developed under the pressure of exploration. The year was 1911, and Roald Amundsen had just arrived at the South Pole. Roald was known for his pedantic nature and the extreme lengths he went to in testing equipment prior to an expedition. His stove of choice was the Primus, and it not only helped feed him but saved his life as well. “In deep cold, sweat condenses in its passage through the clothing, forming a deposit of rime, which then melts with horrible discomfort. Amundsen had to sit up late, drying his Netsilik reindeer fur kamiks over the Primus stove.” –Roland Huntford, Scott and Amundsen Primus was founded in 1892 and served notable expeditions from the South Pole to the first ascent of Everest in 1953.…

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inspiring your inner chef

The New Camp Cookbook: Gourmet Grub for Campers, Road Trippers, and Adventurers By Linda Ly ISBN 978-0760352014 This volume is both visually stunning and surprisingly practical. The first 40 pages are a treasure trove of tips and tricks to improve backcountry fare. Chapter 1 is a deep dive into setting up a camp kitchen, complete with lists of essential equipment and a well-stocked pantry. The hack for making an improvised whisk is clever, as is the suggestion to use cheap shower caps as reusable plastic wrap. There are sections covering cooking over a fire and using a Dutch oven, while other pages dig into mains, desserts, and over a dozen drinks. Overall, the recipes are beautiful page-turners, and several piqued my interest. Fortunately, many are truly camp-appropriate suggestions with minimalist ingredients and reasonable…

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protecting the unprotected

They held the parrots out on sticks as I rode by; we made eye contact, the parrots and I. Although I knew the situation would be upsetting, I turned around to see what there might be to learn. The boys selling them were young. Some of the birds had been painted to be more colorful, to look like types of macaws that they were not. The false, acrylic-based hues would have been laughable were they not on voiceless victims of a dark, illicit trade. I understand why people purchase them out of pity. Tethered to one of the sticks was a blue-headed parrot, the same species I had helped to rehabilitate at a rescue center located outside of Cali, Colombia. I had fed the timid but hungry orphan fledgling with a syringe.…