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SPARE PART PUZZLE Thank you for your recent podcast on overland expedition campers; it was very interesting. One question that I don’t think you addressed is how suitable for international travel are campers based on American trucks (F-350, etc.)? Some people seem to think that getting spare parts for them in Zambia or Mongolia would be difficult compared to, say, a Fuso-based vehicle. Jeff Kinney RESPONSE The original Fuso is an excellent choice for international travel, as the chassis and drivetrain were shared with global offerings. Unfortunately, newer Fusos now use domestic engines and transmissions and no longer benefit from that worldwide serviceability. In general, most large expedition campers of any make suffer from parts obscurity and often require parts and even technicians to be flown in for significant repairs. -Publisher and Podcast Host…

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KIRK WILLIAMS Kirk Williams is an adventure photographer, overlander, dreamer, and quadriplegic. He has traveled the entire United States of America numerous times, making his way as far north as Fairbanks, Alaska, and as far south as Ushuaia, Argentina. While traveling, Kirk sets an example for other wheelchair users to learn from. He uses photography to showcase the high moments as well as the challenges faced with being on the road while being a quadriplegic. In 2018, Kirk founded Impact Overland. Impact Overland’s goal is to teach others about adaptive overlanding while also raising awareness and fundraising to help bring mobility to those who can’t afford such equipment as a wheelchair. GRAEME BELL Graeme Bell was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Together with his wife and two children, he has spent much of…

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livsn designs flex canvas pants

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Flex Canvas pants from Livsn Designs have quickly become my go-to apparel choice for just about anything other than winter sports. They are made from 7.3-ounce EcoFlex duck canvas which is 58 percent GOTS certified organic cotton, 40 percent recycled polyester, and 2 percent spandex. The name Livsn comes from the Swedish saying livsnjutare, which basically means one who loves life deeply—an enjoyer of life. While I certainly feel like this phrase describes me well, the bigger story here is the sustainable approach and smart features behind the Flex pants. Starting with a mix of environmentally conscious stock materials, Livsn creates garments that are designed to last. Their prices are not what I would call inexpensive, but they reflect a more responsible supply…

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fireside outdoor go anywhere pop-up fire pit

As overlanders, we are determined to leave little physical evidence of our interaction with nature. We seek to preserve the beautiful spaces we are fortunate enough to visit, and hopefully, leave them better than when we arrived. Fireside Outdoor, founded in 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona, shares these goals and aims to help others Leave No Trace. For heat, cooking, or just for ambiance, the Pop-up pit lets you add fire to your adventures while leaving no impact on the ground. This attractive fire pit is designed so you take the remnants of your fire away, ashes and all. Once your fire is extinguished, the innovative materials of the pit cool quickly, making fire dispersal hassle-free. It can be used with an existing fire ring or in places without access to a…

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dryad cookery titanium spatula, leather skillet handle cover

When I think about ways to add enjoyment to my cooking experience, it’s nearly always about a new recipe or a fresh set of knives. Maybe even some new pans, but a spatula was never on the list. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to test out Dryad’s lightweight titanium spatula, and I was pleasantly surprised at the experience. The off-centered design seemed slightly odd at first, but it quickly became apparent this was a purpose-built tool. The flat tip slices right under food when stirring, and the offset 20-degree ergonomically designed lift handle provides access to a whole new way of scooping food onto your plate. When you are really going at it on a cast-iron pan, the spatula has the perfect amount of flex. It’s available in…

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mystery ranch women’s stein backpack

I am not an experienced backpacker, but I enjoy high-alpine I fishing, and if my truck can’t get me sleeping next to water for prime-time dawn strikes, out comes the inevitable. Like any new hobby, I often allow the (not so accurate) influencer interpretation of myself to buy gear for its never-used fancy features, but not this time. I recognized that I was never going to be Cheryl Strayed tackling the PCT; I only wanted 35 pounds to feel like 25 pounds. So here is my self-proclaimed pro take on why Mystery Ranch should be every woman’s trail life genesis. Because no two ladies’ curves twin, the hip belt is the sole make-or-break attribute. Cushy is crucial to prevent hot spots and minimize pressure points, but only a custom-tailored fit can…