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Indiana Jones I was rereading the Summer 2014 article about all-terrain tires and want to thank you for such an intensive test. I think, however, that some of the tire selections may not have been quite apples-to-apples. It seems that the Cepek is much closer to a mud-terrain tire and was a bit out of place. Maybe next time if you compared the more aggressive all-terrains such as the Goodyear DuraTracs, Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx, and others, along with the Cepek, it would be a more “fair” test. Also, I really enjoy Dr. Solberg; his writing is killer. I hope you are able to keep him around for a while. He really seems like the Indiana Jones type, except with a silver Rubicon and a receding hairline. Derek Hanson 4-door Jeep Wrangler La Cucaracha We’re…

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Pablo Rey Pablo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He moved to Spain in 1992, where he enjoyed an extraordinary life…but just on weekends. In 1999, during a trip through Africa, he committed never to buy a return ticket again. Shortly after, he moved into a 1991 Mitsubishi L300 4WD van with Anna Callau, his adventure partner. The goal: overland for four years through Africa, America, and Asia while making as many turns as possible. After visiting more than 50 countries and spending 14 years on the road, it seems they have succeeded. Pablo is an “ex” creative ad writer, “ex” illegal immigrant, and a master of getting into trouble in faraway places. Their website, viajeros4x4x4.com, has become a source of information for Spanish-speaking travelers and overlanders. His latest book, Around…

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buyer beware

Though I’ve been a photographer and journalist for many years, accepting the position of editor-in-chief at Overland Journal was my first run at managing a magazine; I called it the earn-while-you-learn program. Prior to that I’d reported on international events such as the Dakar Rally and Australasian Safari, peddled my adventure yarns to magazines around the world, and written technical reviews on new products. I limited my promotion of products to those I’d used in the field and felt comfortable suggesting to readers or friends to spend their hard-earned dollars on. On occasion an editor would query if I would like to write an article on the product of a new advertiser. This is a bit of a pay-to-play scenario: run an ad and get some ink (editorial space). Though…

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rancho rs9000xl

In nearly every category, from yaw response and damping, to body roll, traceability, and feedback, the 9000 received maximum points on our internal scoreboard. Rancho, which began in 1955 in Long Beach, California, as Rancho Jeep Supply, is the undisputed granddaddy of the four-wheel drive shock and suspension world. And while most shock manufacturers claim that their product is the best thing since the invention of peanut butter, we were quite surprised last year when Rancho’s RS9000XL drove away with the Editor’s Choice Award—they do have a bit of a reputation as a vanilla brand. The test was what I consider to be one of the most comprehensive shock comparisons to date, and included track, field, trail, and dyno analysis. Evaluators were professional test driver and Baja 1000 champion Joe Bacal, and…

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nitto terra grappler g2 and the exo grappler awt

It seems that we are in the midst of a revolution (no pun intended) when it comes to the number of new all-terrain tires on the market. It makes sense though. After two decades of technological advancements with regard to tread design, rubber compounds, and carcass construction, any tire that has more than 10 years under its belt is probably going to get left in the dust. Tread designs are now generated by the newest CAD software and finite element analysis (FEA); void spacing, angle, and shape has become a science of its own. In the lab, chemists labor to create a cocktail of synthetic and natural rubber, carbon black, silica, sulfur, and other whizbang ingredients that will outlast and outperform their previous work. Engineers toil over carcass and ply…

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filson oil tin cloth vest

Over time, oil tin cloth products will take on a handsome, weathered patina like any fine tool that is lovingly used and kept in service for years. During the past two decades, the quality and style of Filson products has earned my respect. From shirts to socks to hats, I’ve purchased and used a variety of Filson gear. They know how to make rugged outdoor products, which is not surprising since they’ve been doing it since 1897. About 20 years ago I purchased their oil-finish tin cloth cap in Ouray, Colorado. I wore it daily for several years until my wife thought it far too soiled for public display, though the fabric was holding up just fine. For the past 15 years, Filson moleskin and wool vests and wool socks have…