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Test Exhaust Jacks I’m a new reader and enjoy the magazine immensely. If possible could you do a review/test on real-world use of exhaust jacks and inflatable jacks? This is a fairly new technology to many, but seems very useful for lifting heavy vehicles with ease and care. Axel Bauer Bimobil EX 480 Milestone Birthday My husband had a milestone birthday this year (50), and wanted to drive across the Arctic Circle on the Dempster Highway; the only place in Canada where you can drive to the Arctic Circle. As a family of four we spent nine weeks last summer driving our truck and camper from southwest Ontario, up to Inuvik, back down and around to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and then meandering our way around Canada through the prairie provinces on our way home. We…

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Jimmy Chin Few photographers will attempt Pakistan’s precipitous K7 or ski from the summit of Everest just to frame a shot. So when world-renowned mountaineer Ed Viesturs pushed for the summit of his final 8,000-meter peak, and when alpinist Conrad Anker planned to put up a new route in the Himalayas, they called Jimmy Chin. Arguably one of the most sought after expedition photographers and cinematographers working today, the Minnesota native is himself a professional climber, skier, and 10-year veteran of the North Face Athlete Team. Chin is a regular contributor to National Geographic and Outside Magazine, and has received numerous honors including the Rowell Award for the Art of Adventure commending his philanthropic work and the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award. When not on expedition, which is seven to eight…

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the price of freedom

There’s something about stepping off a plane after a trip and setting foot on the soil of my native land…it’s an intangible that is hard to define. It may be the emotions raised by being home, seeing Old Glory, or reflecting on the sacrifices of the countless souls whom have insured the liberties I enjoy. We in America are not alone with our liberties; dozens of nations around the globe are free from the tyranny of dictator-led governments, and each is beholden to soldiers and patriots who have risked life and limb. I recently had the honor of meeting a few of these selfless benefactors of freedom while en route to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica, with the Expeditions 7 team. We were one of two expeditions on the eastern…

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mobile office

What I need in the backcountry are products that are 100 percent reliable. I’m not the type of person who feels the need to have every bell and whistle on the planet, nor do I believe that a higher price is necessarily indicative of higher quality (although Wal-Mart-cheap items are often exactly that, cheap…crap). My Coleman stove is 30 years old, has been sand blasted and repainted, and still works fine. It fits my needs so why send it to the landfill? However, I am willing to pony up sufficient sums of dinero to acquire the best gear available when necessary. I hold the same philosophy when it comes to modifying my vehicles. I may listen to an inexpensive stereo but I won’t buy a sub-standard recovery strap. What I need…

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james baroud evasion evolution rooftop tent $2,700

With its advanced design and premium materials, the Evasion Evolution is in a league of its own. Twenty years is a long time to develop, test, and refine a product line, but that’s how long James Baroud has spent creating what many believe are the finest hard-shell roof top tents in the world. A native of France and an avid over-lander, he felt that many of the roof top tents on the market were simply inadequate. They were either too delicate to endure the rigors of true overland travel, or lacked the features and appointments overlanders deserved. The culmination of his experience on the road, and the manifestation of his vision, the Evasion Evolution roof top tent is nothing short of exceptional. Constructed of fiberglass-fortified polyester with a high-gloss finish, the shell…

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eezi-awn shade 2.0 $295

As we would expect of Eezi-Awn, the quality of the materials and execution of design are unsurpassed. One of the more useful additions to any overland vehicle, an awning can provide welcome respite from inclement weather or an escape from punishing sunlight. Their negligible weight and diminutive size make them all the more attractive, though there are a few negatives to overcome…most commonly price and the complexity of setup. With the release of the new Eezi-Awn Shade 2.0 Bag Awning, even those two reservations are readily dismissed. At a touch over 18 pounds and with a sleek stowed size of just 84 by 3 by 5 inches, the Shade 2.0 occupies minimal space along the roofline and is ideal for most overland vehicles. Its heavy-duty anodized aluminum framework facilitates easy mounting to…