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Inspired I wanted to say that I really appreciate all you guys do. It is so cool to see the many people inspired by what you share. Four years ago, the day I graduated from college, my friend Robin and I took off for a short overland trip to the Arctic Circle, Norway. When we returned home a few weeks later his dad introduced me to Overland Journal and it opened my eyes and sparked a huge desire to see more of the world. Thank you for playing a big part in the inspiration for our trip to Mongolia. Milo Zanecchia EXPEDITION PORTAL contributor 2000 Toyota Prado J95 Love it So far I’ve received my first two issues and I love Overland Journal. I really enjoy the adventure stories. I usually flip through and casually read…

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NEALE BAYLY With 37 years in the saddle, Britain-born Neale Bayly has ridden motorcycles in 47 countries around the world. For the past 15 years he has worked closely with America’s top motorcycle magazines and websites as a writer, photographer, and video producer. As motorcycle editor for the Speed Channel, Bayly was the star of Neale Bayly Rides, a reality series documenting a charity ride he captained through the wilds of Peru. The series culminated at a Peruvian orphanage, which his charity Wellspring International supports. When not traveling on assignment or working with his philanthropic projects in Peru and South Africa, he spends time with his sons, Luke and Patrick, riding dirt bikes near his home in Charlotte, North Carolina. TRAVIS BURKE Travis Burke’s diverse and creative approach to outdoor adventure photography stems…

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diamond in the rough

Climbing in behind the wheel of a new Wrangler reveals the soul of a stalwart warrior and character of a weathered woodsman on the hunt. The year 1941 began on a Wednesday. In the predawn hours a three-quarter moon crept toward the western horizon, casting silvery hues across Toledo, Ohio, as it yielded to New Year’s Day. It would be a day of joyous celebration for some, a day of hopeless despair for many. In the months that followed, Citizen Kane, The Maltese Falcon, and Dumbo would grace the big screen, Glenn Miller recorded “Chattanooga Choo Choo,” and sculptor Gutzon Borglum struck the final chisel on Mount Rushmore. But beyond the protected borders of the United States, the world was unraveling at a frightening pace. Germany had invaded much of Europe…

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msr guardian $350

Some of you may remember the water filter and purifier test we published in the fall of 2009. It was one of the most comprehensive evaluations of its kind, and is still relevant more than six years later. If we had to do it again, however, we might have to declare a different winner—the new Guardian from MSR. Commissioned by the U.S. military and released to the public after six years of development, the Guardian has redefined expectations of what a small and portable water purifier can achieve. Capable of filtering out harmful bacteria and protozoa, it also removes viruses like Norwalk, rotavirus, and hepatitis A. What is equally impressive is the Guardian’s efficiency. It can produce up to 2.5 liters of purified water per minute, and due to advanced technology…

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arb ckmtp 12 twin mobile $875

Last year we tested air compressors, an essential piece of overland gear. The evaluation included inflating tires, reseating beads, lab testing for airflow, amperage draw, thermal management, and running air tools. When the dust settled, ARB’s CKMTP12 twin mobile received the coveted Editor’s Choice award. It has become a permanent part of my kit and been used everywhere from Moab, Utah, to Mexico. Its Pelican-style case is tough and easy to tote from one rig to another, and the air hose, gun, and hardware are holding up well. Although current draw is on the high side (53.4 amps) and it is a bit noisy, the unit functions as a mobile shop. Air-up times are fast and the 4-liter tank has been a great asset when running pneumatic tools. I do need…

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mac’s utility mat $30

A few years ago the guys at Mac’s gave me one of their new utility mats. At the time I wasn’t in need of a mat, nor did I want any more clutter in the back of my truck. But I accepted graciously, said thank you, and slipped it onto a shelf in my garage when I got home. A few months later I was under a rig on the Fordyce Trail with differential parts in my hands and rocks in my back. I said to myself, “I sure could use that mat right now.” Mac’s Utility Mat has been a go-to piece of gear for me ever since. It is cut from .75-inch, ultra-tough foam pad (the same material used to make life jackets as it doesn’t retain water and…