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PHYSICS HAVENʼT CHANGED Why always the behemoth motorcycles? I blasted through the desert in the Tucson area in the early ’70s on a 125cc Yamaha. I understand technology has changed but physics hasn’t. Handling a 600-pound bike off-road is still more work than a 300-pound (or less) bike. It’s understandable if you spend significant time on highways getting to and from your off-road destinations or if you plan to haul a lot of gear for extended adventures. But for a few overnights in the desert exploring, give me a lighter bike, one that won’t take Herculean effort to upright if I drop it. Your contributor Lois Pryce has traveled the world on a 250cc, am I not correct? Give some thought to showcasing some smaller bikes. Mark Schwochow 1989 Land Cruiser FJ62 ON…

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BRYON BASS For Bryon, overland travel is often vocational necessity rather than a purely adventurous pursuit. To accomplish field research for a PhD in archaeology, he frequently rode a gear-laden BMW R100GS/PD roundtrip from Scotland to Croatia. He then worked as a contract archaeologist, taught field survey and excavation, and collaborated with the Department of Pre-and Protohistory, University of Zürich, before starting a consulting company. Work has led him to the Middle East, South Pacific, Americas, Africa, and Europe. Bryon is a photographer, scuba instructor, pilot, wilderness EMT, and certified public safety off-pavement vehicle operations instructor. He also conducts specialized safety courses for workforce members deployed to adverse locations, is on a search and rescue team, and serves in a law enforcement diving unit. JAKE QUIÑONES Jake is a New Mexico native who…

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if you fall from here, you will die.

Around the turn of the last century I was standing on the edge of the Batoka Gorge in Zimbabwe, witnessing one of the miracles of geological formation, Mosi-oa-Tunya, better know as Victoria Falls. Similar to Iguazú Falls, which lies between Argentina and Brazil, and Niagara Falls, shared by Canada and the United States, Victoria Falls creates its own weather system—one that blankets the area in a perpetual state of mist. Beyond my boots, the algae-covered layer of basalt that forms the cataract dropped some 300 feet into a tumultuous collection of house-sized boulders. In contrast to Niagara, there wasn’t a manicured walkway, triple-slat guardrails, or boundary between visitors to prevent them from slipping to certain death. Rather, a simple sign read, “If you fall from here, you will die.” A few…

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seven-slot overhaul

During the last 30 years we’ve seen an onslaught of sport utility models flood the world’s automotive markets. In an era where age 50 is the new 30, family station wagons have been exchanged for vehicles that can ferry snowboards and skis to the slopes, kayaks to the river, and camping gear to the backcountry. The Willys wagon led the charge back in the ’50s, and Jeep has been on the forefront of the SUV’s evolution with the introduction of a plethora of models. With a continued push to expand its presence as a global brand, the company went back to the drawing board to develop a compact platform that not only possessed seven-slot grille capability, but also the fuel economy, comfort, and price point required to compete in the…

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eezi-awn stealth

Everything about this tent exudes quality, from the welded and press-bent panels and recessed ladder storage, to the ultra-plush mattress. Everyone loves the idea of a tree house, and for the overlander, few things resonate as much with this concept as the roof top tent (RTT), a comfortable and elevated retreat from the creepy crawlies and uneven terrain below. I ordered my very first RTT from Eezi-Awn in South Africa in early 2004—a green canvas number. Now, over a decade later, these innovative Afrikaners have recently released their first hard-shell solution: a black aluminum model with angles reminiscent of a jet fighter. In the 30-year history of their brand, Jack and Jess Stuhler never fully embraced the idea of a hard-shell, flirting briefly with their Alu-Cap design, a hybrid folding style.…

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bfgoodrich all-terrain ko2

Back in the fall of 2014 I spent 3 days in Baja, Mexico, testing the newest iteration of the BFGoodrich All-terrain, the KO2. The region was being hammered by the tail end of a hurricane, which allowed us to put the KO2 through a variety of terrain ranging from sloppy mud and sandy beaches to rocky hill climbs and high-speed drifts on hard-pack two-tracks. I was impressed with the tire and within a few months had a set on my long-term Tacoma. Since that time the odometer has clicked off 35,000 miles and the KO2s have carried me back to Baja numerous times, as well as on dozens of backcountry treks around the West. The company’s tagline for the new All-terrain was Traction, Toughness, and Tread Life, and I can…