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Best Present Ever I had been a subscriber to Overland Journal for several years, but had to stop for budget reasons. I relied on my well-loved collection until my wife gave me a surprise Christmas present of another subscription. Just before we were married last August we decided to make a camping goal and travel to my wife’s favorite place: Yosemite National Park. While not the rugged, austere desert camping I’m used to, we found a way to challenge ourselves by visiting the park in all four seasons. In this photo I’m enjoying one of my favorite past issues of the Journal in one of the most beautiful places on Earth during (in my current opinion) its most beautiful season. Now for spring and fall! Andrew Valdez 2010 Toyota Tacoma Alpine Loop My son…

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BRYON BASS For Bryon, overland travel is often vocational necessity rather than a purely adventurous pursuit. To accomplish his PhD field research in archaeology, he frequently rode a gear-laden BMW R100GS/PD round-trip from Scotland to Croatia. He then worked as a contract archaeologist, taught field survey and excavation, and collaborated with the Department of Pre-and Protohistory, University of Zürich, before starting his own consulting company. Work has led him to the Middle East, South Pacific, Americas, Africa, and Europe. Besides authoring articles on archaeology and photography, he’s a pilot, scuba instructor, and wilderness EMT. He conducts specialized safety courses for members of the workforce deployed to isolated locations, is on a search and rescue team, and serves in a law enforcement diving unit. TOM SHEPPARD Tom’s overlanding experience spans over 50 years and…

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hat tricks

Since taking the editorial helm of Overland Journal in 2011 I’ve had several people make tongue-in-cheek comments that I now needed to acquire the compulsory overland garb of an olive drab green shirt, khaki pants with lots of pockets, and wide-brimmed safari hat. These proclamations always make me smile as those who share them simply haven’t known me very long—I’ve been wearing this “uniform” for decades. Although my shirts and pants become stained by grease, mud, blood, or fish guts, and are eventually tossed in the bin, my hats hold the chronicles of my travels and are preserved as coveted artifacts in my office. In this issue, the Overland Journal staff elaborates on some of our favorite gear, the stuff we have come to rely on when the world turns pear…

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big agnes hog park 20 sleeping bag $190

Growing up we had a policy of “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” which is why up until last month I still used the same sleeping bag my father bought me when I was 10 years old. Clearly, a lot has changed since then. The first thing I noticed was the difference in comfort level. Unlike the inner liner in my Kelty, which tends to stick to you at night, the Hog Park’s cotton/polyester blend feels just like sleeping under your sheets at home. It is roomy enough to roll from side to side, which is saying something for my 240-pound, 6-foot 4-inch frame, and the heat retention is phenomenal thanks to simulated down filling and no-draft wedges. As wonderful as the size and materials are, it was the extra features…

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clothing arts cubed travel jacket $380

Travel is often filled with compromise, and we can find ourselves sacrificing style or performance for utility and portability. The focus for outdoor gear has been on weight and packability, the result being that our clothing options are frequently fragile and frumpy. This is never more evident than with a jacket—often an afterthought when planning fairweather destinations, or a significant space hog during colder, wetter forays. Industry trends in recent years have leaned toward effective layering with a high-quality shell, but most make you look like an ice climber or a fishing boat captain. Enter the Cubed jacket by Clothing Arts. Intended for four-season use, it incorporates elegant styling, utility, and an advanced eVent DVStorm membrane for complete weatherproofing. The entire garment is seam taped, and the hood is removable. Core to…

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1up usa super duty quik rack $369/single, $569/double

Overlanding with bicycles is becoming increasingly popular, but transporting them presents unique challenges. Many bike racks are underbuilt and not up to the task of carrying bikes on bumpy back roads. After a comprehensive evaluation of the leading bike haulers on the market, we concluded that the Quik rack is one of the best. Constructed exclusively of machined aluminum and without a single plastic component, the Quik rack is robust and capable of enduring the rigors of overland travel. Dual ratcheting wheel clamps hold securely and only contact the bike’s tires, not the more delicate frame. A modular system, this rack can be configured for one, two, or three bikes, and can accommodate virtually any width or diameter wheel. A wedged quill insert in the receiver hitch assembly keeps it from…