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the feed

THIS AND THAT I find the new map format difficult to read. Although the routes are nice and contrasty, the map layer is so dark as to almost completely obscure features, which gives the route zero context. If the routes were given more pop, it would be a better update than the new version. A photography department is a great idea. I hope Chris Collard’s “mind behind the viewfinder” [“Think on Your Feet”] won’t just be a topic for the first installment, but part of the department’s framework. Galen Rowell’s Inner Game of Outdoor Photography is a wonderful model. For the first time since I started reading the magazine, I saw a typo—in Spring 2017, page 29, 2nd paragraph in Luminoodle, “defuse” is written where I would have used “diffuse.” Actual feature, spell-checker…

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GARY AND MONIKA WESCOTT Gary and Monika Wescott have spent the last 45 years globetrotting around the world, from the arid desert of Turkmenistan, following the Silk Road, to the jungles of the Amazon, and across Siberia in the dead of winter. The couple’s travel adventures have been published in 10 countries and eight languages. Their in-depth knowledge of the problems and joys of overland travel in remote areas is incomparable. Gary and Monika’s meticulously prepared travel/research trucks, from their original Land Rover to the current Ford F-550, The Turtle V, have been an inspiration for many. Their experience and photography encompass what Overland Journal is all about. From the beginning, The Turtle Expedition’s motto has been, “Don’t take the trip. Let the trip take you.” DEREK CROWE Derek Crowe is a Yukon-based…

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sixth sense

As travelers to remote parts of the country or world, we tend to think we plan for the unexpected. We gather information on regions to be visited and learn a few phrases in a foreign tongue. After preparing our vehicles mechanically for the long haul, we then stuff every nook and cranny with the provisions we think we will need: tools, spare parts, recovery gear, extra food and water, etcetera. I’ve been through the drill hundreds of times, yet every so often I realize I’ve overlooked something—occasionally a very significant something. Earlier this year I revisited a camel trek I did through eastern Morocco a decade ago (“Walking With Mohamed,”Summer 2017). I referenced an accident I was involved in while covering the Outback Challenge prior to my time with Mohamed; I…

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aerostich combat touring boots

All the gear, all the time (ATGATT) is an important mantra, but let’s be realistic for a moment. There is a difference between looking like the Michelin Man stuffed into one of Stark’s Ironman suits, and the gear that actually works and endures riding in the wilds of overland travel. Protection must be balanced with durability and wearability. In the case of riding boots, this also includes all-day ergonomics and walking comfort. Aerostich Combats were designed 25 years ago in the classic “engineering” style, with much of the support and protection of the MX (motocross) models, including a Sidi sole. These full grain, all-leather boots are manufactured by Sidi in Romania and feature Scotchlite reflectors and generous ankle and heel padding. The front enclosure is wide to allow for quick entry,…

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arb digital tire inflator

Reducing tire pressure for a given terrain is standard practice for those who venture off the tarmac. While slight variations might not seem like a big deal to some, depending on the tire, rim width, vehicle weight, and surface, a few psi will make a significant difference in the way a vehicle handles, rides, and performs. ARB has addressed this issue with their new digital tire inflator. As with all gauges, its NPT air chuck clips on the valve stem. However, the base unit, which is encased in a sturdy rubber housing to protect it from drops, also attaches to an air supply, thus turning it into a shop-style inflator. Depressing the rubberized thumb trigger cuts airflow and registers pressure with calibrated accuracy to +/-1 psi in the 25-75 psi range.…

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nikwax tx.direct and tech wash

An age-old quandary for outdoor enthusiasts has been what to do with our beloved and once-waterproof jackets, windbreakers, and parkas when they soak up water (wet out) like a salt flat on a hot day. Fortunately, Nikwax has been perfecting solutions for this dilemma for decades. Founder and outdoors-man Nick Brown began with boot wax (Nick’s Wax) in 1977, and has since expanded the company’s lineup to include products to clean and weatherproof garment materials ranging from cotton and leather to down and Gore-Tex. In preparation for the winter season, I picked up a package of Tech Wash and TX.Direct to revive my now-thirsty Mountain Hardwear parka. The process was as easy as running the jacket through the wash twice, first with the former and again with the latter. Tech Wash…