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GET A HOLD ON THINGS I purchased the Fiskars hatchet that you featured in your Spring 2018 edition. I made one small modification that may interest you. I wrapped the handle with tennis racquet grip (ends secured with a little J-B Weld). Head makes a padded, tacky grip called Softac Traction which has many uses for different gear for overlanders [and is] under $10. Thanks, Ken Hyne 2004 Jeep Rubicon SO DELIGHTED I am employed by the company that prints your fabulous magazine, so of course, I’m always waiting for the next issue to arrive. I live vicariously through the stories of Overland’s brave and amazing travelers, wishing it were me. I was especially touched by Jake Quiñones’ tale of little Luka. I too have a rescue dog, but her story isn’t as compelling…

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DAVID BRADEN HORN David was that kid staring out the window of the classroom, daydreaming about exploring outdoors. He grew up as a military nomad, developing an insatiable curiosity and sense of wonder that continues to this day. After bouncing between jobs as varied as construction work in Alaska to firefighting in Arizona, he began a two-decade career in the express shipping industry. David then returned to an early passion for vintage overland vehicles by sourcing and importing them, documenting the search for these iconic trucks in words and images. Still fighting off the occasional urge to pull up stakes and move again, he currently makes his home in Texas. A traveler, photographer, writer, equestrian, aviator, and cook, David recently added fatherhood to his list of life’s adventures. TOM SHEPPARD Tom’s overlanding experience…

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general tire grabber x3 long-term review

Two years ago, we introduced you to General Tire’s new Grabber X3, a hybrid of an all-terrain and mud-terrain tire. During development of the X3, GT’s goals were to produce a tire that would perform well in mud, dirt, and rocks while keeping highway noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) at bay. Since that time, we’ve mounted a set (285/75R16) on our project Tacoma and have rolled over 25,000 miles on many surfaces. They have seen numerous trips to the slickrock of Moab, Utah, the snowy Sierra Nevada, and sandy two-tracks of Mexico. I’ve spent a lot of time on the tarmac reaching these locales, which provided a solid foundation for this long-term assessment. ROAD AND TRAIL The X3’s multi-pitch tread block and shoulder are designed to minimize highway noise at speed. As…

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klim artemis

As a full-time location independent rider, I require a suit that employs excellent protection and comfort, whether riding on pavement or off. Over day-long stretches, the Artemis articulates well with my joints and limbs, allowing excellent manoeuvrability. The prototype tested isn’t a production colourway although like the grey and tan offerings, remained practical in the heat. Optimal ventilation employed, I stayed sweet-natured in 85°F temps. The jacket boasts 10 vents for optimum airflow, including two unique cross-core ones that ventilate the chest—in searing temperatures, they permit aeration with a “comfort-mapped ventilation” system which is sublime. As expected, the Gore-Tex, two-layer shell kept me bone-dry through Oregon’s winter rains—without pesky liners. The pants possess storage on each thigh, with ample compartments running through the jacket. Cutting-edge components such as Karbonite ripstop feature…

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element e50 professional fire extinguisher

Fire often happens when you least expect it and without your consent. When it does, it’s important to control the flames quickly. If it’s out of control, you probably should have already called 911. If you are in a remote location or on the road, quick containment of fire can be the difference between little or no damage and a disaster. We should all carry at least one fire extinguisher in our vehicle. The Element from Italy is very effective when dealing with the major classes of fire, is light (.60 pounds) and compact (11.75 x 1.2 inches), non-pressurized, leaves no residue, and never needs recharging. It uses an ingenious aerosol-like potassium powder jet that vaporizes into the target area, creating a gas that acts as an oxygen block to the…

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sena momentum

Sena is a leader in the motorcycle communications market, and they have released a line of helmets with fully integrated noise control, radios, and device connectivity. I found the Momentum to fit true to size and be particularly comfortable, although not lightweight (nearly 4 pounds).The noise-canceling system does help, particularly with general road riding, but I still resorted to ear plugs at interstate speeds. It is well-insulated for warmth in cold conditions but needs more ventilation for really hot days. All of the typical Sena features fall easily to hand via the incorporated buttons, speakers, and microphone. Colors are black and white with an optional HD action camera. $549 | SENA.COM PROS Quality construction Excellent value Noise control effective at most legal speeds Fully integrated connectivity and communications CONS Weak ventilation Lack of sun visor…