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PC PowerPlay is Australia's original and best-selling PC games magazine. Offering a mix of games and hardware coverage, the magazine gives a complete picture for the PC entertainment enthusiast. Inside is breaking news of new games, detailed previews of upcoming games, and advice to help readers make sense of the array of hardware and tech products that hit the market each month. PC Powerplay doesn’t just promote tech, it benchmarks and analyses it to help gamers make the most intelligent purchasing decision they can.

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worlds enough, and time

One of the very best perks of this job is being able to get a glimpse of great games ahead of the curve. It’s also one of the oddly annoying things, too – and in the case of this issue’s cover feature, it’s even worse. Yes, I have gotten to play a bit of Cyberpunk 2077. Yes, it is looking as good as all the hype suggests, and yes, I am now gnawing my own limbs off in anticipation of the game’s final release. I cannot say any more forcefully that five hours simply wasn’t enough, and that I am already deeply invested in this game. But I gotta wait. Thankfully, it’s not as if there’s not a whole mess of games I can sink my teeth into in the meantime,…

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twitch says us army’s fake giveaways violated its rules

We learned last month that the US Army’s Twitch stream was being trolled by viewers who, instead of focusing on the games or players — the Army has its own esports team — insisted on asking about war crimes. The pointed questions put a spotlight on the dubious (some would say extraordinarily unethical) practice of seeking out recruits from among an audience that contains many young, impressionable gamers, and on top of the “UwU”ing being generally objectionable to many, it turns out the Army may have been outright decietful in its efforts. According to a report by The Nation, Army Esports streams on Twitch regularly featured an automated chat prompt with a link that promised a chance to win an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. But Twitch viewers who clicked the…

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a fool for love

Yandere Simulator is the Star Citizen of indie gaming. In development for over six years now, it is a pig’s breakfast of spaghetti code and broken promises cobbled together by an egotistical hack who is demonstrably incapable of realising his vision. On paper, Yandere Sim seems like a winning formula. You control a high school girl who is hopelessly in love with one of her classmates, and who will do absolutely anything to eliminate her perceived romantic rivals. A Hitman clone with the visual trappings of a cheesy anime show – the perfect opportunity to deliver emergent stealth gameplay and black comedy. Heathers for the 21st Century. What could go wrong? As it turns out: absolutely everything. For the first few years of development fans and onlookers were willing to give the…

5 min.
super collider

Most games are about one thing hitting another. A bullet and a soldier’s head; a platform and your foot; a sword and a demon’s arm; a jaw and a Shoryuken. And that means a lot of games are all about hitboxes, the invisible geometry which tells them when things collide. But while they’re ubiquitous, hitboxes also exist in a thorny tangle of hard math and soft player perception. There’s a real art to making them feel great to play with, and there’s real genius in getting them to work right, since computers are surprisingly bad at dealing with collision. The result is that different games take completely different approaches to the ways hitboxes work. In games like Monster Hunter World, your character’s hitbox pretty much matches what you see, so you can…

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bad hitboxes

RYU STREET FIGHTER V When Capcom reduced the length of Ryu’s crouching medium kick they undermined classic Ryu play and the competitive scene stopped playing him. ORNSTEIN AND SMOUGH DARK SOULS A bug causes boss hitboxes to invisibly persist in the world after you kill them. Normally it doesn’t matter, unless you fight two at once… PATHFINDER APEX LEGENDS Pathfinder’s hitbox was originally larger than his body, making him the easiest character to hit. After fixes, his thin legs made him seem one of the hardest. NERGIGANTE MONSTER HUNTER WORLD Nergigante’s palm-slam attack can flummox newcomers who don’t know that when its arm is damaged, it grows spikes which make the hitbox bigger.…

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missing the mark

I was doing OK for the first few weeks of Covid-19 isolation; glad to be teaching from home, helping my younger son with his (rather abominable) spelling, drinking lots of tea. Things got hectic; my older son broke his arm, my day job moved to shaky ground and I gave myself shin splints by jogging too much. Somehow, my fragile peace of mind now entirely depends on whether a guy from work finishes Florence, by Mountains. I know he got to Chapter 8 and I haven’t heard from him since. I can’t quite ask again. I often say that recommending games to people is my raison d’être. In the absence of other things I love, like Thai food and swimming laps, Covid tested this assertion. It holds up, if a little…