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People: Star Wars

People: Star Wars

Star Wars 2018

This May, Han Solo will be the brightest star in the galaxy when Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters May 25. People takes you behind the scenes of this blockbuster with exclusive photos, interviews with the cast and filmmakers, a nostalgic tribute to the character of Han Solo, and secrets from the set. Buckle up for this deep dive featuring the creatures, the costumes, the Millennium Falcon, and all you want to know about the most famous pilot in the universe.

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solo   a star wars story

“In Woody’s character Beckett, [Han] finds something he’s clearly craving… a father figure”—JON KASDAN, WRITER“It was fun doing the new stormtroopers with their magnetic boots. Those were quite complicated. We had an instruction manual made”—GLYN DILLON, COSTUME DESIGNER“They’re in dangerous places, and they’re relying on each other”—WRITER LAWRENCE KASDAN ON HAN AND CHEWBACCA“Solo feels new in the Star Wars universe, yet it’s probably the one closest to the original trilogy”—SIMON EMANUEL, PRODUCER“Growing up, I thought, ‘Who is this guy [Lando]?’ I wanted to know more about him”—JON KASDAN, WRITER PREVIOUS SPREAD, THIS SPREAD: JONATHAN OLLEY/LUCASFILM LTD. (2). CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: ©2018 LUCASFILM LTD.; JONATHAN OLLEY/LUCASFILM LTD. (2)…

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alden ehrenreich as han solo

“You get to watch Han Solo become who he is, get into the details of what his life was like”—ALDEN EHRENREICH You don’t have to tell Ehrenreich, 28, that he has some big boots to fill—he’s already well aware. Star Wars “is a really specific world that has way different rules,” the L.A. native says of joining the franchise as the young Han. How did he get past the intimidation of following in Harrison Ford’s footsteps? “I had to make the role personal.” SEEKING WISDOM Before filming, Ehrenreich met with Han’s older self, avid pilot Ford. “I met him at his airplane hangar in Santa Monica, and we sat with like five planes around us,” he says. “He basically said, ‘Tell them I told you everything you need to know but that you…

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kathleen kennedy president, lucasfilm

In the Star Wars universe Kathleen Kennedy is the Jedi master. As George Lucas’s handpicked successor, Kennedy has grown the franchise while keeping the most devoted fans in the galaxy happy. Now she’s ready to reveal Han Solo’s origin story. “Han Solo is a little bit of all of us”—KATHLEEN KENNEDY HAN’S UNIVERSAL APPEAL “Han Solo is a little bit of all of us,” says Kennedy. “He’s a character whom everyone loves because he’s fearless but flawed, and that allows for great opportunities for endless adventures.” ALDEN’S CHARISMA “We were looking for an actor who could inhabit the character’s lack of cynicism and thirst for adventure,” she says. “Alden’s charm and sense of humor captures that.” THE HARRISON IN HAN “Harrison always brought a bit of himself to the Han Solo role,” she says. “He exudes confidence…

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behind   the scenes

“It’s a period movie that happens to take place in a galaxy far, far away”—SIMON EMANUEL, PRODUCER“The hair and makeup are very tamed….They wanted to keep everyone human-looking”—LISA TOMBLIN, HAIRSTYLIST“We did more costumes for this film than any other Star Wars movie”—DAVID CROSSMAN, COSTUME DESIGNER“They trust each other. Chewie is exactly the creature you want next to you when you’re in a tough scrap”—LAWRENCE KASDAN, WRITER PREVIOUS SPREAD, THIS SPREAD: JONATHAN OLLEY/LUCASFILM LTD.(4). CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: JOHN WILSON/LUCASFILM LTD.; JONATHAN OLLEY/LUCASFILM LTD.(3)…

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ron howard director

Hollywood veteran Ron Howard, 64, had to get up to light speed quickly when he took over as director (replacing Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who departed over creative differences). “I just threw myself into it,” he says. “It was a great sandbox to play in.” MAKING A ‘HEIST MOVIE’ “This is not a sprawling war story,” says Howard. “This is an adventure story. It’s a heist movie in some ways. Han Solo is trying to discover himself. It’s about a lot of young reckless, sexy, dynamic characters who entertain us in various surprising ways.” FRIENDS IN THE RIGHT PLACES A longtime pal, Star Wars creator George Lucas “gave me a nice vote of confidence,” says Howard. And Harrison Ford shared “a lot about Han’s backstory,” he says. “It was really useful to tap…

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emilia clarke as qi’ra

After seven seasons on HBO’s Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke, 31, is used to secrecy, special effects and massive productions. But getting the call that she’d been cast in Solo was a special thrill. “I was boarding a plane, and I think someone thought there was possibly something wrong with the plane because I was yelping so loud!” A MYSTERY WOMAN Qi’ra, a childhood friend who reconnects with Han, is “badass,” says the London native. “She kind of follows a femme fatale arc. She’ll keep you on your toes. Also, Qi’ra exists nowhere else in the Star Wars universe. I got to make her up from scratch, which was exciting.” THE STAR WARS DIFFERENCE “I have dealt with green screen a lot,” she says. “There is a little bit in Star Wars, but what…