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banquet bankruptcy

FUNNY how wildlife conservation slips our minds right when we rely on it the most. It’s the meat of the season. If you’re like me, you have a laser focus on what and where you’re hunting this coming weekend. Sure, conservation might briefly cross your mind as you pass by that Pheasants Forever sign posted at the local walk-in area or when you see an RMEF sticker on your buddy’s hunting truck. But otherwise, you’re concentrating on how to kill that big buck that showed up on the trailcam last week. I don’t blame you. I trust many, if not most, of you belong to one or more of the well-known wildlife conservation organizations. You pay your dues and, hopefully, serve as a board member or, better yet, spend a few…

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instant hunter ed

In “Is Hunter Education Failing” (August), the author equates the importance of [hunter education] class to buying a hubcap or gutting a deer. He states you can pull these activities up on You-Tube instantly. The implication is maybe you should be able to do this with a hunter education class and still be a safe knowledgeable hunter. The author suggests diluting the class because it may not be all that important anyway. There is no mention most state on-line courses take the average student six to eight hours to complete. An in-person field day of three to four hours is required. Sounds like an instant YouTube few minutes could handle this, right? There is no implication in the article whatsoever the parent could have done better. The article is questioning and…

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banquet blues

Greg Popichak was looking forward to attending his first Friends of the NRA banquet this spring in his hometown of Lima, Ohio. He had an entry ticket and a stash of cash he had saved for months—somehow kept unspent and unknown to his spouse—to spend on gun raffles. But the April 25th banquet was postponed due to mandatory statewide prohibitions on gatherings of any kind as the COVID-19 virus spread across the Buckeye State. The Lima event was rescheduled for the fall, but as the virus continues to spread, it’s unclear if Ohio’s social-distancing restrictions will cause banquet organizers to scrub the event altogether. If they do, Friends of the NRA will join a growing list of nonprofits that consider 2020 a financial disaster, even a threat to the continued existence of…

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cartridge corner

HISTORY Made legendary almost single-handedly by President Theodore Roosevelt, who famously called it his “medicine gun for lion,” the .405 Winchester cartridge was designed specifically for the Model 1895 lever action and introduced in 1904. To this day it is the most powerful factory-introduced .40-caliber (actually 0.4115) lever-action cartridge available. The traditional load pushes a 300-grain bullet at 2,200 fps. Hornady produces excellent ammo loaded to that spec and sells 300-grain InterLock bullets in component form, too. Winchester currently makes Model 1895 rifles, and Ruger has offered No. 1s in .405 Win. APPLICATION While many Cape buffalo, water buffalo, and even pachyderms have fallen to the .405 Winchester, the cartridge is—as Roosevelt knew—at its best when used on thin-skinned dangerous game of medium size. It’s splendid for African lion and leopard and, as…

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another kind of spike

Visits to Montana’s state parks were up 60 percent this spring, as the pandemic closed most indoor recreation venues and Montanans sought outdoor spaces in which to distance from their neighbors. In Colorado, visits to state parks in the Denver metro area were up 48 percent in the first months of the pandemic, and use of state forests in North Carolina was up a whopping 200 percent this spring. Federal facilities, including national monuments and parks as well as recreation areas managed by the Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and BLM, are also seeing spikes in visitors. Detailed data isn’t yet available, but some have speculated that the BLM is on track to double the 67 million trips made to its facilities in most years. Some sites were overwhelmed…

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tools job for the

When you find yourself needing to clear brush, split wood, or chop some kindling, a good axe is a necessity. The WOOX AX1 features an Appalachian hickory handle and a C45 tempered, carbon-steel head, finished with Cerakote to ensure it stands up to the most rigorous abuse. Weighing in at only two pounds, this lightweight, tomahawk-style axe punches well above its weight class. It also sports a stylish finish, making it a timeless tool. $199; Processing your own game can be intimidating and buying the right tools can be expensive. The Outdoor Edge JAEGER PAK gives you all the tools to break down your game like a pro. The eight-piece set has quality blades for gutting, skinning, and boning made from heat-treated 420J2 stainless steel that retains an edge well.…