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the end is near

AFTER THE tumultuous year we’ve all had, I’m looking forward to a fresh start as we flip our calendars to 2021. Sure, I may be getting ahead of myself by putting 2020 in the rearview mirror, but I’ve always been an optimist, and I think we’ll make it through this last month or two. I’d be remiss in jumping too far ahead and forgetting completely about the possibilities for this fall. As we count down the days to December 31, there are still plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer. To help you squeeze every last second out of this deer season, we’ve assembled a comprehensive guide to the latest and greatest deer hunting opportunities (page 54). Josh Honeycutt, a contributor who’s new to…

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sit or stalk?

I have long insisted that sitting in a little cabin on stilts is NOT hunting. At best it’s hours of boredom and some non-sporting shooting. I so offended one of my favourite nephews by saying so that he will no longer talk to me at all! I am, in my neck of the woods, the last still hunter. Though I do like to drive and spot and then stalk. That is hunting! Charlie Smith Massey, Ontario Mr. Smith – While I wouldn’t say sitting on stand isn’t hunting, or sporting, I do agree it can be boring. But I don’t think a civil discussion over the topic is worth straining a relationship. I suggest you and your nephew go hunting, with each taking a day to experience how the other sees their preferred…

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conservation compass

Two decades ago, as smoke from Western wildfires rolled into the valley, a group of about 60 conservation elders gathered in Missoula, Montana, to figure out how groups with widely divergent interests could work together for the benefit of all species and landscapes. Among them were biologists focused on restoring America’s wild turkey flocks, others working on behalf of elk, waterfowl managers, endangered-species biologists, and policy wonks working on the ecological health of our public lands and access to them. These conservationists represented groups with a common mission: to improve the natural world or to promote participation in hunting and recreational shooting. But over the previous decade, the groups had found themselves at odds with each other when it came to lobbying the government either for federal funds or for legislation to…

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cartridge corner

HISTORY Introduced in 2002, the .338 RUM utilizes a modified .404 Jeffery case that’s been shortened, given less body taper and more shoulder angle, and necked down for .338-diameter projectiles. Propellant capacity is similar to the .338 Lapua, and operating chamber pressure is a relatively high 65,000 psi. It provides from 200 fps to 300 fps more velocity than the popular .338 Win. Mag. Considered by many cartridge engineers and handloaders to be the best-balanced of the Ultra Mag cartridges, it achieves top performance without being overbored to the point of inefficiency. APPLICATION This cartridge is arguably the most powerful .338 magnum that is still practical for hunters. Unlike the larger-diameter .338 Lapua, which typically requires an extra-large action, the .338 RUM fits and functions in standard-size bolt actions. It provides velocity comparable…

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ready, aim, (no) fire

Last September, as wildfires seared much of the West, federal-land managers took the unusual step of prohibiting recreational shooting on two million acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) property in central California. Hunters were allowed to continue licensed pursuit of game animals. Campers were allowed to recreate as long as they followed fire restrictions. But shooters were barred from public land, including BLM properties with designated shooting ranges. The BLM’s Central California office got some pushback for their blanket prohibition, including from some shooters who claim that the most common ammunition types aren’t capable of starting fires. The Reno Gazette Journal in Nevada fact-checked claims that shooters were responsible for some range fires in the state. The newspaper gave the assertion a 4 out of 10 on their “truth meter.” First, the…

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holiday hunting guide

The Kestrel Glassing Systems ULTRA-LIGHT MONOPOD can perfectly balance your optic to give you the same functionality of glassing from a tripod at a fraction of the weight. Made from carbon fiber, the monopod weighs in at six ounces and is incredibly durable. The weight management system holds your binoculars to allow you to focus on glassing. You can lock the monopod in place or leave it free-floating to allow for easy scanning while glassing far-off hillsides. $99; A great option for hunts that could leave you cold and wet. Stuffed with 3DEFX+ synthetic insulation, the Kuiu KENAI ULTRA HOODED JACKET will keep you warm when the mercury levels keep dropping. The jacket’s outer shell is 51G Stunner Stretch Nylon that is breathable, lightweight, and silent and is finished with…