Petersen's Hunting November 2021

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the nonresident dilemma

SOCIAL MEDIA. The lockdown. Expanded recruitment efforts. The field-to-table movement. Food shortage and supply-chain problems. All of these things came together in a unique time in our history to create a groundswell of interest in hunting. Just a few years ago we were lamenting the loss of hunters on a mass scale. Now we’re cussing all the out-of-state trucks parked at the trailhead. The increased interest in hunting—and especially the exponential increase of hunters willing to travel to other states—has been both a blessing and a curse. And the government agencies tasked with wildlife management are starting to show their true colors. For a dozen years, I worked in a corporate environment. And for much of that time, I thought the Human Resources department was there for me, the employee. Then…

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motv my outdoor tv

As much as we wish we could hunt all the time, sometimes we have to stay home. But that doesn’t mean missing the hunt altogether. MyOutdoorTV (MOTV) offers hunters their favorite Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel programs, streaming from one easy-to-access location. Search from a library of more than 20,000 episodes, including eight seasons of Petersen’s Hunting Adventures TV and five seasons of Border to Border. Plus, get access to MOTV HuntStream, a new streaming channel featuring the best of MOTV. Petersen’s Hunting subscribers will enjoy 25% off an MOTV annual subscription. Visit Promo code: PETERSENS21 Or scan the QR code.…

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out there

The rut is long awaited by deer hunters across the U.S. We talk about it, think about it and dream about it, hoping this might be the season that unseen giant might let his guard down long enough for us to get a lethal shot. Unfortunately, the rut doesn’t always deliver the long-dreamed-about buck that haunts our minds throughout the rest of the year. Don’t be discouraged. Right now, during the rut, big bucks are lurking in the timber, cruising for hot does to breed. Be there at the right time and you may see the stiff-legged walk and swollen neck of a buck that seems to appear out of the ether. In that moment, steady your nerves, stay calm, and shoot straight. Your patience and persistence has paid off.…

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never left behind

No matter the hunt, season, or scenario, there is one piece of gear I never leave behind: my Alaska Guide Creations Kodiak Cub bino harness. For nearly a decade—from the brutal coast of Alaska to the acacia groves of Africa—it has never failed me or the optics it protects. The Kodiak Cub is durable, comfortable, and quiet, and it’s loaded with features. These include a hidden zipper pocket, which is ideal for stashing licenses; an optimally sized rangefinder pouch with a retractable cable; and two small pockets for essential items, such as a wind checker and an optics cleaning cloth. Did I mention its made proudly in the USA? My Kodiak Cub harness wears the stains and abuse of 1,000+ days in the field like a battle-ridden tank: battered and bruised…

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how to stay temperature regulated

You don’t need to stay warm only when hunting in cold, remote areas. It’s all about finding the perfect balance that will keep your core temperature above hypothermic levels, yet cool enough—specifically when moving—to keep you from sweating. When you stop moving and your body is saturated with sweat, you will experience a bone-chilling cold that will be impossible to escape. 1 BRING LAYERS—AND USE THEM PROPERLY Layers are designed with specific purposes in mind. Base layers are usually made to retain heat and wick moisture to prevent sweat buildup against your skin. Mid layers help with heat retention but also can function as an outer layer in mild conditions. Puffy jackets are great for times when you are sitting and glassing or sitting on a stand. Outer layers or shells stop…

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bullet board

BULLET BASICS As the original refinement of Barnes’s smooth-shanked X-Bullet, the Triple Shock X was the first extremely accurate monometal bullet that didn’t quickly foul up barrels. Three grooves around the shank provide a place for copper displaced by the rifling to flow into, keeping pressures low and aiding accuracy. A deep hollow nose skived with four grooves inside opens on impact, peeling back in the classic X-shaped mushroom that provided its name. Real-world use proved the TSX deadly on game. Known for deep, straight-line penetration, even when heavy bone is impacted, the design quickly became a favorite of dangerous-game hunters around the world. It’s also a wonderful choice for“stepping up”with a moderate cartridge—for example, when hunting elk with a .25-06. TESTING GROUND The .25-caliber, 100-grain version shown was recovered from a mature…