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Post 2021-07-28

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there is a strong trust in online sources

Kiara Sunder SPREADING fake news is generally acknowledged as being disruptive and potentially harmful. So much so that our president has on several occasions cautioned the public against sharing false information, with particular reference to the Covid-19 pandemic. So, what drives people to create and circulate fake news? Firstly, many individuals are naively unaware that they are sharing misinformation. There are also those who do it knowingly as a means of satisfying underlying social needs or political agendas. These motives are multi-layered and can be quite complex to unpack. However, there is a common factor that leads to fake news doing harm and that is a strong societal trust in online sources. Misplaced trust Historically, news was received in print or broadcast format via official news channels, which the public…

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the media, freedom of expression and fake news

Anand Singh Dev Tewari THE recent looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Joburg has resurrected the latent mistrust and ethnic divisions that are prevalent in South Africa. What began as a protest against the incarceration of ex-president Jacob Zuma, accompanied by his and the EFF’s war cry against white monopoly capitalism, rapidly descended into modern history’s largest orgy of looting against organised business. In a manner akin to a religious pilgrimage, thousands descended upon major chain stores and their storehouses to take what they could in as a casual a manner as people on pilgrimage. They went on…

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each one of us needs to be an agent of change

WE, South Africans, need to be gentle with one another, given what we have endured in the past weeks. We know there was a plan to cause chaos. Writing in his weekly column, President Cyril Ramaphosa described the unrest as “deliberate, planned and co-ordinated”. The attacks were not directed at one particular race group. Businesses owned by Africans, Indians, coloureds and whites were all affected. The focus was also clearly on businesses rather than homes. As the looting intensified, people of all race groups joined in. They were wrong. So too were those who went out to defend their loved ones and property but ended up attacking innocent people. There is ample evidence to show that effort was put into stoking racial tension, particularly in Phoenix. As Ramaphosa said: “Just…

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and baby makes four

ACTRESS Neha Dhupia took to social media to announce her second pregnancy. She uploaded a picture with actor-husband Angad Bedi and daughter Mehr. Holding her baby bump in the picture, the actress captioned the image as: "Took us 2 days to come with a caption. The best one we could think of was, Thank you, God. #wahegurumehrkare." Angad also posted the same picture on Instagram and captioned it as: "New Home production coming soon. Waheguru mehr kare." Angad and Neha are parents to 2-year-old Mehr. The couple got married in 2018 in Delhi. |…

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evelyn lakshmi is pregnant

ACTRESS Evelyn Lakshmi Sharma took to social media recently to share a photograph flaunting her baby bump. She joked that this was the first time that people were applauding a bigger belly in her photos. Sharma, who featured in Main Tera Hero and Yaariyan among other movies, shared a photo of her wearing a blue dress and pink sweater placing her left hand on the baby bump. "First time people are applauding a bigger belly in my photos! #pregnant #evelynsharma #tummypride #bellypride #pregnancyannouncement #babyontheway #mommylife," she wrote on Instagram. The actress announced that she was expecting her first child with husband Tushaan Bhindi. She shared another picture lying down with her left hand over her baby bump and had posted: “Can't wait to hold you in my arms.” |…

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cele has done more harm than healing

IT’S time we examine the role of Police Minister Bheki Cele in the racial tension in Phoenix and elsewhere. He was the first to mention racial profiling at barricades. At his Phoenix roadshow, he presented a victim, Zandile Mthembu, to the media. I’m not sure how ethical that was. He chided the Indian community for what they did to her. She is alive because an Indian family rescued her. He portrayed all 20 deaths as being Africans killed by Indians. There were Indians among those dead. The death toll in Phoenix represents 10% of the total in the riots. The race of the perpetrators of the other 90% deaths has not been raised. No commission has been tasked to research them. This was crime like any other and must…