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Practical Sportsbikes January 2021

Practical Sportsbikes magazine is about buying, fixing, restoring and riding sportsbikes from the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s. Every issue of PS – the magazine home of new-wave Japanese and Italian classics – is packed with: - The most inspiring and ingenious reader restorations - The most in-depth road tests and buyers’ guides - Unmissable workshop tips and how-to features Practical Sportsbikes gets under the skin of the bikes that really matter to our readers and explains how best to maintain, rebuild and enjoy them. So if you’re in to sportsbikes from the 1970-1990s, PS is essential reading.

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I’d wager most of you have owned a 600 at some point. The FireBlade, the R1 and the 916 might have been the pin-ups of the 1990s, but the roads and racetracks buzzed to the sound of more affordable supersport bikes. They picked up just where two-stroke race reps left off: they were cheap, thrashable, and fast. So it’s with a twinge of sadness we report that the class will disappear in 2021 (see PS World, page 10). But they were popular for a good 20 years, so there are plenty out there. We picked three from across the ages - the GPZ, from the beginning, the CBR steelie, as the defining bike as the 1990s, and Britain’s first (successful) entry, the Daytona 600. And we test them (page 23). Obsolete or…

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the pspb-team

Damian Smith Art Editor Damo loves his ancient 600: although the Thundercat in question is maybe less enamoured with his ‘care’ regime. damian.smith@pspb.co.uk Mark Graham Production Editor MG is neither super nor sporty, but no one screams their head off at a computer quite like this cranky old fool. mark.graham@pspb.co.uk Alan Seeley Technical Editor Alan was given a GSX-R600 by PB once, and it was either parked or doing 150mph. Animal. alan.seeley@pspb.co.uk Gary Hurd Workshop Consultant Gary reckons he wouldn’t get out of bed for anything less than 1000cc. But we know he secretly covets a Jellymould CBR600F trike. editorial@pspb.co.uk John McAvoy Road Tester John McAvoy has a funny hip, courtesy of an ex-PB CBR695F, and a car bonnet. Met his future wife in hospital, though. editorial@pspb.co.uk Michael Rutter Track Tester His two (petrol-powered) TT wins have been on 600s (CBR and Paton) and yet he…

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600s bow out

The 600 supersport is officially dead in the UK, as the R6 no longer meets regs and will only be sold as a track bike, the ZX- 6R isn’t updated either, and the CBR is only available in Japan. MV Agusta’s 675cc F3 also hasn’t been updated to Euro 5 compliance, so it’s likely that when the remaining stocks of those are gone, that’ll be it. Meanwhile, Dorna/MSV are piloting new balancing rules in the 2021 British SS series, to allow a new influx of teams using Triumph 765s (including a factory team) and the 955cc Panigale V2 to run alongside 600s while their racing homologation is still valid - power, weight and technical limits will aim to balance them out. The reasons are pretty clear. First, the 600 class got super-focused…

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bikes reunited

Our grubby, oily-fingered version of Lonely Hearts has had its second success: last month, Ben Borthwick lamented separating himself from not one, but two CBR600F-Xs. Fellow PS reader Findlay Cumming and his brother Andy got in touch to say that the first of his Hondas is alive and well, having crossed the border from Northumberland to Scotland. Findlay told The PS: “After a break from bikes I bought this in early 2010 from a guy in Irvine, Scotland who apparently didn’t know it was a write-off. When I did the HPI check it gave me a good bargaining tool. “In 2016 I bought a FireBlade and sold the bike to my brother Andrew who still has it. The bike has been pretty reliable during the last 10 years with the only real…

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specials we like

AC SANCTUARY Z-RACER 3 Japanese aftermarket gods AC Sanctuary have been developing their Zed-based racer since 2004, and this is its third and latest incarnation. Its bespoke chassis is understandably more radical than a stock Zed, featuring a 25° rake, 10mm lower swingarm pivot, modern superbike-spec headstock bearings, a 4mm wider swingarm spindle, 43mm Öhlins FGRT200 forks modified to offer 10mm extra length, magnesium OZ wheels and full-on radial Brembos. The motor, said to be good for a reliable 130bhp, runs a lightened and balanced GPz1100 crank, modified GPz rods and 77mm 12:1 Wössner pistons in GPz barrels on tweaked Z1000J ’cases. Fuelling is via 43mm throttle bodies (ZX-10R). Hiromichi Kunikawa took it to the Taste of Tsukuba Monster Evo class title in 2019 - the most recent running of the event. SUZUKI SV650 Could…

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in your shed

To: editorial@pspb.co.uk. Please include clear, high-resolution pictures as well some info on bike, as you see below. Our top pick wins a £75 Fowlers voucher. READY TO RIDE Kawasaki GPZ600R Triumph Daytona 600 Builder: Gary Pilcher Owned for: 32/15 years So far: bought them… kept them What’s next: reading your test I see you are road testing the GPZ600R, CBR600F and Daytona 600 (see p23). I wanted the red/gunmetal GPZ600A5 featured, but they didn’t import many. Kawasaki Paddock Wood (Paul Smart) gave me a test ride on a used previous year model in the nice blue colour and on a GPX600 demo. I hated the revvy GPX and thought it pig ugly. Paul said he could get hold of the later black/ grey model, but I didn’t like that either. In the end he swapped some Rizla green…