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NZ Today No 78 Feb-Mar 2018

NZ TODAY is unique in New Zealand. It features real stories, captured off the beaten track, set in amazing locations, coupled with human elements stories, supported by incredible photographs that capture the real spirit & core elements of the writers’ experiences at the time.

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relaxing start to 2018

It has been a low-key start to the year for us here in Martinborough. All our travel plans went right out the window before Christmas with our motorhome needing more unexpected work, stopping us from taking our planned Whakatane and Kaikoura trips. So after one big trip to Auckland and Northland for repairs and Christmas day, we have only enjoyed a few local overnight trips. A couple of nights out on the South Wairarapa coast at Ngawi is always great during a hot spell. We a lso stayed over in Wellington doing some city exploring, taking advantage of a motorhome park 100 metres from Cuba Street, perfect for going to one of the great eateries in this area without worrying about driving at all, or a hotel for that matter.…

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Please send your feedback, letters and suggestions to robyn@nztoday.co.nz or post to PO Box 220 Martinborough 5711 Hello NZToday My name is Veronica and I wanted to submit an article I wrote. I am originally from Colombia but married a New Zealander. We lived in New Zealand for a while, but then moved to Colombia and are now returning to settle permanently in NZ, which is the reason I wrote this love letter. I look forward to hearing back from you! Best regards Veronica Franco Sierra ED: Thanks for your email Veronica, we love New Zealand as well and enjoyed your words. Oh New Zealand… I doubt there will ever be a more meaningful place on this Earth for me. I have to admit that I didn’t exactly love you from the start, when I first landed here…

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pave paradise, put up a parking lot

AUCKLAND PUKEKOHE -37.200624° S, 174.903639° E Many of us enjoy nostalgic memories of a time when the land close to our homes was a productive market garden, but not many of us appreciate how creeping urban development is swallowing up prime land, creating a dire situation for our food production. Left unchecked, New Zealand faces a food shortage. Since 1975 almost 10 per cent of our growing land has been lost to urban encroachment, and the situation is now becoming critical. Horticulture New Zealand’s chief executive, Mike Chapman, says the perfect storm is brewing. If we fail to address the issues currently facing our growers, food supplies will be affected. He says it’s time we all took a closer look at the challenge of ensuring New Zealand’s food security. “It’s time to take…

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kawatiri river trail – variety all in one

WESTCOAST WESTPORT 41.7545° S, 171.6059° E The Kawatiri River Trail was the brainchild of the Buller Cycling Club who mustered together up to 100 local volunteers to transform river and seaside swamps and gorse-ridden land into 8km of stunning (and easy) cycling and walking trails beside the lower Buller River. Taking six years to complete, the last of the board walks and bridges were installed in early 2017. The track starts off on the south side of Westport and after going through a variety of terrain and surroundings (including part of the town), ends up at the Buller River mouth and North Beach. So much variety in such a relatively short distance is very refreshing and a joy to experience. Another factor which I found rather pleasing is that the whole trail…

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eels and banana plants

WEST COAST BULLER WESTPORT 41.7545° S, 171.6059° E Unless you’ve been there, you probably think of Westport as being wet and cold, and the victim of 10 rounds with that heavyweight champion of misery, Economic Downturn. Not a lot of good things have happened to Westport in the past quarter of a century: a forced stop to native logging hit the place hard and the fortunes of coal have come and mostly gone, with the latest blow being the end of cement production. Over a thousand good paying jobs wiped out in a town of about 4000 people. There’s about 9700 people in the whole Buller District, of which Westport is the capital and seat of power. Amazingly banana plants grow in Westport, giving the lie to the place being cold and miserable,…

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wellington on a good day

NORTH ISLAND WELLINGTON 41.2865° S, 174.7762° E There’s an indescribable pleasure in revisiting one’s old hometown and bringing to mind youthful memories triggered by familiar landmarks and scenes. Our capital city at the centre of Middle Earth still manages to surprise me. I love the fact that when the weather is ‘trying’ in the sense of rain, hail or gales, the locals will say, “she’ll be right, it’s OK, you can’t beat Wellington on a good day.” Well, there are 2000 hours of sunshine each year – a little more than Auckland and 30 per cent more than London. I grew up in Kilbirnie on the low-lying isthmus between Lyall and Evans bays where historians believe Captain Cook sailed through the channel to enter the harbour of Te Whanganui-a-Tara. The area around the…