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NZ Today No 79 Apr-May 18

NZ TODAY is unique in New Zealand. It features real stories, captured off the beaten track, set in amazing locations, coupled with human elements stories, supported by incredible photographs that capture the real spirit & core elements of the writers’ experiences at the time.

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a summer like no other

Autumn is with us now, and here in Martinborough the pickers will be moving into the vineyards to pick the grapes any day now. It will be interesting to see what the season produces this year; with super-hot weather and drenching regular rain there have been mould issues already for some. Temperatures all over the country have been the hottest on record, and highest rainfalls as well in some regions. It has been hot and humid, but wonderful compared to the summer of 2016/2017 though, so I’m not complaining. We live in a small village that is utterly dependent on our volunteer fire brigade. With a population of around 1640 residents, knowing your neighbours and community is pretty easy; we all shop in the same small streets, get gas at the…

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Please send your feedback, letters and suggestions to robyn@nztoday.co.nz or post to PO Box 220 Martinborough 5711 mail Email Facebook Dear Robyn I was interested to read Tom Clarke’s article regarding John Campbell and the award that the Association for International Broadcasting awarded him in November 2017 (Reflections January 2018). John Campbell was nominated by Radio New Zealand, a long-standing Member of the AIB, whose editorial standards we admire as they are amongst the highest of any public service media internationally. The broadcaster provided a selection of Campbell’s work in the 12 months to July 2017 – the same rule that applies to entries for all the categories in our international competition. Our judges – who are drawn from the media industry across all continents – assess the finalists on the work that is submitted. The…

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wwii battle monte cassino

My father, born in 1911, battered by the depression and by war service, didn’t say much about either when I was growing up. One of the few times I got him talking about his war experiences was after I came home from a Contiki tour of Europe which had included a visit to Monte Cassino, the Italian town which was the scene of a famous, but ultimately futile, battle on the Allied advance up Italy in 1944. My father was a trooper (‘drooper’, he said) in the 20th Battalion and Armoured Regiment – part of the Second NZEF. He drove a tank, initially in Egypt and North Africa; it was a British-made Crusader with a 37mm gun. Useless, he said. Kept breaking down. Couldn’t handle the sand. Engine overheated, and 37mm was…

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a place to remember

Driving around the ever-changing one-way system of Christchurch’s inner city you pass empty building sites full of rubble, bounded by link fences, and littered with signs: Keep Out. Building Site. Wrong Way. Dead End. It’s confusing and – yes – it is confronting. Knowing this, I’d set out early for my afternoon interview with David Bolam-Smith at the Transitional Cathedral. The route had been carefully mapped out, yet I was still diverted like a dodgem car down ever-changing one-way streets dotted with road cones. All too soon I was apparently lost. It was hot. I lamented the lack of familiar landmarks in a city that had been all but razed and was tempted to flag it away. Yet just at that instant I arrived at my destination and glided into an…

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idyllic lake kaniere

WEST COAST LAKE KANIERE 42°50S 171°09E Lake Kaniere has been described as one of the most beautiful lakes in New Zealand. Situated only a short 19km inland from Hokitika, the lake is surrounded on three sides by mountains that are capped in snow during winter, and provides a variety of activities including water sports, fishing, bird watching, tramping, waterfalls and beautiful scenic drives. The Lake Kaniere walkway is a trail that traverses native bush along the western shore of the lake, and can also be mountain biked by the more adventurous. The West Coast can be reached in as little as a couple of hours from Christchurch making it an ideal destination for holiday trips. Small West Coast ‘lake towns’ and settlements are becoming increasingly popular, and people numbers swell over the summer months…

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the siberia valley

MT ASPIRING NATIONAL PARK THE SIBERIAN VALLEY 44.2320° S, 168.8340° E You don’t have to fly through Moscow or Vladivostok to get there. There are definitely no salt mines. But it is Siberia and it’s part of our own wilderness. The Siberia Valley is in Mt Aspiring National Park, part of Te Whipounamu UNESCO World Heritage Site at the southern end of the Southern Alps. It is remote, beautiful, peaceful and exhilarating. With air and jet-boat support, it’s also accessible for a day trip that rates as one of the most enjoyable days out this correspondent has enjoyed for many a year. In short, you take off in a single-engine Cessna from Makarora Township, at the northern end of Lake Wanaka, for a sightseeing trip to the north and west before landing at what your pilot…